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We are your creative team.
Contact us: 866-981-6847

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Rocksauce Introdeck

  1. 1. Let’s do the numbers321.7MILLIONmobile subscriptions5.7MOBILE DEVICESper household41INDIVIDUAL APPSper smartphone30MILLIONmobile tv watchers76%OF REVENUEhappens throughin-app purchases45+BILLIONapps have beendownloaded$9BILLIONpaid to appdevelopers
  2. 2. Everything is mobile.Communications, friends, family & business.Rocksauce Studios has over 200 years ofcombined mobile experience.That’s older than a giant tortoise!But I have a prettier shell!
  3. 3. Our team has been making apps aslong as apps have been a thing.We don’t have to put ourselves into theuser’s shoes, because we are the users.Our apps rock because we only like usinggreat apps.
  4. 4. The Rocksauce Process works like areally creative relay race.You hand off your mobile needs, brandextension, or awesome idea and we carryyour app through to the finish line.FINISH
  5. 5. We treat your project as if it were oneof our own.Your idea is brought to a whiteboardsession, where we break down the good,the bad, & the monetization.
  6. 6. Our custom UX/IA process starts withcompetitive analysis.Then we delve into detailed logic mappingto define the user-story inspired feature-set.Next, we build the full UX Tapthrough,mapping out all facets of user interaction.
  7. 7. Our UI/ Design team grabs the baton.Be prepared to have us shatter all yourexpectations.We create a detailed style moodboard toshowcase our creative direction, then designvisuals so beautiful you’ll be blushing.
  8. 8. Our rockstar Development teamexecutes with precision.We combine jaw-dropping animations withscalable backends to create a memorablemobile experience.Our apps keep your users coming back.
  9. 9. Our tailored Outreach program takesgorgeous art assets & put them to use.Custom, dynamic landing pagesbuilt with HTML5, jQuery & CSS3 andsocial media set-up.Outreach is what leads to users.
  10. 10. Enough with all the words.Rocksauce Studios is known as the Leaderin App Design. It’s time to show you howwe earned that title.Get ready & buckle up!PUSH
  11. 11. Rocksauce specializes in providinggreat work for our clients.For internal business, we createpowerful Enterprise tools whichspeed communication & aidefficiency.For customer-facing companies,our creative Brand Extenders buildaffinity & loyalty for your business.
  12. 12. Our UX/IA & UI/Design teamsoffer white-label team extension,providing expertise that fits yourneeds.Our branding abilities helps yourbusiness start with an identity thatinspires user loyalty.For agencies or appreneurs, just think ofRocksauce Studios as your creative team.
  13. 13. Ready to reach Rocksauce Studios?Give us a call, shoot us an email or swing byfor a chat. It’s time to rock your project.7703 North Lamar Blvd, Suite 505Austin, Texas