Mobile Solutions for Publishers & Authors


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Mobile solutions offered by AppKites for Publishers

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Mobile Solutions for Publishers & Authors

  1. 1. App Kites Mobile Strategy for Publishers & Authors
  2. 2. Publishers & Authors Here is what you want!
  3. 3. Your Target Audience • • • • • Existing Readers Prospective Readers Local Media Your Peers Book Stores
  4. 4. The Solution? Join MOBILE Revolution at App Kites
  5. 5. App Kites Reach readers with Mobile Solutions 1. Mobile Website 2. Android Apps 3. iPhone / iPAD Apps
  6. 6. Highlights Pay Less Affordable mobile solution Excite Use Augmented Reality to enliven book images Content Access Video interviews, illustrations & audio books Access content online and on mobile 24X7 Promote Monetize A new channel to promote your brand Sell Ad-slots and use Google Adsense for revenue
  7. 7. Works on Any Mobile
  8. 8. QR Code to get infoScan of the book Code on any section Scan QR
  9. 9. Augmented with AR Features Reality Bring published images to life
  10. 10. Benefits for Publishers & Authors Rich Content – – – – – – – – Make secure and private interaction with readers Add multimedia elements like audio books, video interviews, illustrations Publish TOC and excerpt of the book Giveaway goodies such as e-books Scan QR codes on your book Use Augmented reality images for your book images Detail display of Author & Co-Authors Portfolio of Completed and related books Promotion – Social Media & Viral promotional tools – Free SEO as part of the Mobile Web – Analytics Reports on Visitors / Readers Monetization – Sell other products or services within the App – Integrate with Amazon Checkout – Monetize with Mobile Advertisements
  11. 11. Why Us?
  12. 12. About us Our Mission Provide extensive reach and profitability for our clients with our mobile solutions. 15
  13. 13. The Founder Seshu Karthick Founder & CEO A 2005 graduate from University of Texas at Dallas with M.S in Computers Returned to India in 2009 with plans to venture in online and offline businesses. Heads the operations at Dimensions Co. Our Services at Dimensions Co. Websites & Cloud Apps Mobile Apps for Publishers 16
  14. 14. Some of our clients We offer them Cloud / Mobile Solutions 17
  15. 15. Our Solutions Features-rich, Standards-based, Rock-Solid Mobile Apps Real Time, Social, CRM, and Consumer Apps
  16. 16. Our Team App Developers UI Designers Competent Engineers with extraordinary talent and passion for developing mobile solutions. From iPhone and iPAD to Android and Windows, we have developed impressive apps with that generates high user loyalty. Our artistic team produces finely polished user interfaces to build a lasting experience for the users. We bring the apps to live with lovely colors, graphics and use of touch & flick. Strategy Advisors App Marketers We work closely with our advisors and consultants who provide valuable feedback and services on business execution, value creation, social media strategy, technology enhancements, etc. Our experienced mobile-app promotion team understands the successful launch strategy and user engagement methodologies using mobile apps.
  17. 17. Development Cycle Iterative Approach We develop the solutions in multiple iterations so that we are in line with client’s expectations and needs. Extensive Testing Before we launch the app to the app-store, we do rigorous testing on real devices. Continuous Support After publishing the app, we will continue to support you in developing new features and making upgrades to your app.
  18. 18. Our Process Concept Strategy UI Design Bring your basic concept to use, and we will help you hone your vision. You will start with a simple questionnaire to express your idea. Our consultants will brainstorm features and strategies around your basic idea. We investigate the concept, research the market, and explore opportunities After finalizing the features of your app, our UI design team will build mockups of the app with exceptional beauty and functionality Architecture Development Testing Once the design is final, our program architects design the flow of logic, database structure, APIs, etc… This will lay the foundation for the app. Our Engineers take the architecture plan and develop a mobile solution that resembles the mocked prototype. Testers are involved at every stage of development. Each feature is tested on a unit level, and every iteration is tested holistically.
  19. 19. What it means to you! This opens up a new channel for your business 1 Promote Brand 2 Integrate with your Web 3 Sell Products / Services 4 Engage Readers 5 Build loyal fan-base
  20. 20. Who’s Doing it right!
  21. 21. Next Step Visit us at
  22. 22. Contact us We love to network with you! Address 83/14 Arcot Road Vadapalani Chennai, INDIA (Opp AVM Studios) Phone (91) 9962257775 (91) 44 64550681 Website Email 25