Big Data Analytics at the Speed of Business


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Slides from a joint Spil Games/Tableau presentation + demo on using Tableau software to create analytical visualizations on big data in real time. Demo included building a full dashboard on top of >250M rows of data in under eight minutes.

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Big Data Analytics at the Speed of Business

  1. 1. Big Data Analytics at the Speed of Business Paul Lilford Global Director of Technology Partnerships, Tableau HP Vertica Big Data Conference – Boston August 5-7 2013 Rob Winters Director, Reporting and Analytics, Spil Games
  2. 2. Agenda • About Spil Games • AboutTableau • The challenge • The solution • The value • Demo • Questions
  3. 3. About Spil • Based in Hilversum, the Netherlands (Hillywood!) • 200 MillionVisitors, 2 billion page views, >1 Billion game plays per month • Local portals in 19 languages with traffic from 219 countries a month • Developer, Publisher, and Platform • Target audience: Girls, Boys,Adult females Titles Portals
  4. 4. About Tableau • Help people see and understand data • One of the fastest-growing technology companies in the world • Started at Stanford with a computer scientist, an Academy Award-winning professor and a business leader with passion for data • Headquartered in Seattle, WA • 12,000+ Customer Accounts, 9 Global Offices Products
  5. 5. Spil’s Challenge • Slowing growth in core markets plus increased competition impacted EBITDA growth • Focus on personalization and user-centricity (changing market expectations) • Change in revenue streams and products (Advertising to End User Monetization) Our Team’s Challenge • Roll out a data warehouse, reporting,business analytics, and predictive modeling as quickly as possible • Maximize user self-service to reduce support time • Support the entire company with only three reporting/BI developers plus one DBA (to start) The solution: “Be Data Driven!” “Now, how do we do that?”
  6. 6. The Solution Self-serve + Analytics ReportingData Platform Data Warehouse • >4TB • Largest tables load >50M records/day MapReduce • >800M events/day • Growing by >15%/month Tableau Server • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Push Reports • >130 workbooks and >300 views • 100+ sessions per day from 150 active users Tableau Desktop plus R • 15 desktop users of Tableau • Driving company forecast process and planning • Analysis forms backbone of new strategies Predictive Analytics • >20 models drive >500M calculations per day • Campaigns targeted at >20M users built based on predictions • More than 2k forecasts generated per month
  7. 7. WhyTableau • Speed of Development: Development time is trivial • We had 35 dashboards build within a month • 1.5 FTE currently support >130 reports including 15 change request per week • Flexibility + Performance: Data sources are not a limit • We easily mix data source (ex. Excel andVertica) in reports • The average table size to support a report is >70M rows and executes fast enough for the business • User Self-Service: Functionality allows our users to be highly self-sufficient • Easily create custom versions of reports and subscribe to that version • Highly flexible reports allow users to explore data … But it’s not perfect • The best features (like web editing) are new and not fully developed • Built “analytics-first” so some basic reporting pieces are missing • No Linux version (yet!)
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Q&A Tableau Customer Conference September 8-12, 2013 |Washington, D.C.