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Movie synopses
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Movie synopses


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Synopses of movies

Synopses of movies

Published in: Education
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  • 1. A synopsis is a brief summary of a written work or a movie. Read the moviesynopses below and try to guess the title of the movie.Movie 1: ________________ Movie 2: ________________ Movie 3: ________________This is a comedy starring This is a sci-fi thriller This action/adventure film isJim Carrey. When a light starring Keanu Reeves. His a remake of a 1933 classic.falls from the sky, Carrey’s character, Neo, is a Jack Black plays a moviecharacter Truman begins to computer hacker who director who captures asuspect that something is discovers that life on earth giant ape from a lost islandwrong with the world. He is a façade created by and brings the ape back togoes on to discover that his intelligent machines that use New York. In the end, thewhole life is being filmed as humans to generate energy. ape escapes captivity anda show for others to watch. causes destruction in New York.Movie 8: ________________In this romance, Kate Movie 4: ________________Winslet plays an upper class This is a suspense dramawoman who falls in love with starring Bruce Willis. Hea poor artist. The story plays a doctor who helpstakes place aboard a ship children with psychologicalthat is struck by an iceberg problems. He tries to help aand sunk. In the end, Kate troubled child who seesWinslet’s character, Rose, ghosts. In the end, he helpssurvives but the poor artist, the boy find peace, but hewho is played by Leonardo discovers that he is a ghostDiCaprio, dies. himself.Movie 7: ________________ Movie 5: ________________In this sci-fi action film, This is an action filmWill Smith plays a cop who is Movie 6: ________________ starring Tobey Maguire. Herecruited into the When a criminal maniac, plays a superhero who has togovernment’s most secret Sirius Black, escapes from stop the evil genius He has to find ‘illegal prison, Harry Potter, who is Octopus. Unfortunately, hisaliens’ that are hiding in New played by Daniel Radcliffe, real life problems as collegeYork, including an insect-like has to be careful. It turns student Peter Parker causealien that is trying to take out that Sirius is not who he him to temporarily give upover the world. seems. being the superhero.