Top Tips for Financial Marketing Success


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Top Tips for Financial Marketing Success

  1. 1. Top Tips for Financial MarketingSuccessBrought to you by leadingLondon Marketing AgencyOnly Marketing
  2. 2. Financial marketers may not be flavour of the month at themoment. But that should not stop you from picking yourself(and your reputation) up off the floor.There is still business out there to be won and never has it beenmore competitive in the financial and investment markets.Everyone is looking for financial expertise and as a financialmarketer it is your job to make sure it is your expertise yourpotential clients turn to.So how exactly do you go about this? Here is a run-down of the 5most important factors to consider when marketing yourbusiness in the financial world.Financial Marketing
  3. 3. Whether you offer savvy online services to engage and interact with yourcustomer-base, or are more inclined to do the leg work necessary it isimportant you are noticed as the trailblazers for your financial industry.Firstly, whether you are either of these, it is important to evaluate yourwebsite and judge whether it is the kind of site that makes you stand out,shows off your knowledge and skills or quite simply makes you look likeprofessional and trustworthy.It is your digital business card. Avoid biased or inaccurately researchedcontent – you don’t know who you might offend.Between 80% and 90% of business CEO’s or decision-makers will research afinancial marketing firm online. A further 30% will research you – usingvarious social media platforms.Not having the right website or online presence might destroy yourmarketing practices before you even begin!Get the word-out.
  4. 4. If simply getting the word out is not gaining any meaningful leads consider theprospect of reaching out to them in a personal but formal manner.Visit seminars, attend fund-raisers, or become more engaged in community aspects –you never know who may be there.Public Relations, as already mentioned, are not exactly a financial marketer’s friend atthe moment.However, by showing you have the expertise, experience and skills in ‘how the worldsees you’ you can work on a controlled PR strategy to leave your client shining in anotherwise hostile industry.Engaging with your audience through various social media channels may have theadded bonus of showing your human side; your ability to interact with people at alllevels.Produce an e-newsletter to your clients and potential customers. Start blogging too.Customers and consumers love to read about industry and gain any tips they can tofuture projections.Engage with your audience
  5. 5. Start a concentrated and focused e-mail marketing campaign and offer tipsand industry insights.A consistent and newsworthy email campaign is the best.Compile a list of email content for a 6 month period and periodically release.Be sure to research your customer preferences, according to a recentsurvey, 32% of affluent investors prefer weekly emails and 37% prefer amonthly email.Also, the day of week and time of day is important too. Historically, morningemails have been the most popular and received the most click-throughrates.Get to know your customers preferences to avoid them switching off.Information free of charge keeps your audience engaged and looking toyour next release.Focus your email campaign
  6. 6. By becoming a recognised industry expert in your field you have the opportunity toreach thousands, if not millions of people.The most popular exposure medium is still and probably will always be television.People are more engaged by video and there is no better exposure than a TVappearance.Start by reaching out to local media in your region or country. If you have done yourhomework and researched your interview area well you will soon be contacted bynational media, or at least placed on their contacts list for a future date.Media training is well worth investing in for this. The way you come across and thethings you say could well keep your phone ringing off the hook in the near future, orleave you crawling for cover from the media spotlight.Make sure you tell the world about your exposure too, keeping it to yourself won’t doyou any favours.Look for any kind of exposureopportunities
  7. 7. Finally, it is important to keep your financial marketingstrategy small, concise and flexible.There is no point in constructing a plan with hundreds ofpages that offers no scope to adapting market conditions.This is especially true for financial marketing, the marketsare shifting constantly. Keep a rough but detailed plan tohand where at strategy meetings it can be reviewed in 10minutes and changed accordingly.Constantly measure results to have a basis for conductingyour next step. This is useful to evaluate whether somesteps should be repeated or changed in the future.Review your options