Pure Beach Resort and Spa


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When completed, Pure Beach Resort and Spa will be one of the most enviable master planned five-star beach front residence and hotel development on one of the most beautiful paradises on earth - Barbados...

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Pure Beach Resort and Spa

  2. 2. PICTURE IT... Pure luxury, Pure indulgence, Pure white sand, Pure sunshine simply put... PURE BEACH RESORT & SPA• View from the site of Pure Beach
  3. 3. MESSAGEWhen completed, Pure Beach Resort & Spa will be one of the mostenviable master planned five-star beach front residence & hoteldevelopments located on one of the most beautiful paradises onearth - Barbados.We have been responsible for many major construction projects inand out of Canada, but of all that we have been involved withPure Beach Resort & Spa is the one that gives us the most excitement.An excitement that is shared by the Government and people ofBarbados.Barbados, located in the Eastern Caribbean, is well known to worldtravelers for its pure beauty and appealing year around climate.Pure Beach will be set among lush tropical landscaping overlookingan expensive beachfront stretching over 1km on Foul Bay, in theSouth East parish of St. PhilipThe Resort has been quickly recognized as one of the last greatbeachfront development opportunities in Barbados.
  4. 4. WELCOME TO BARBADOS Pure Beach Resort & Spa will be located less than 10 minutes drive from the Grantley Adams International Airport, St. Lucy adjacent to The Crane Resort & Residences - one of the other fractional ownership developments in the Caribbean. Pure Beach Resort & Spa’s expansive pink and white beachfront sands, tranquil palms and irresistible turquoise waters are recognized as the most attractive on the island, and contribute to a lifestyle of relaxation and luxury in its St. Peter purest form. St. Andrew St. James St. Joseph St. Thomas St. John BARBADOS St. George St. Philip St. Michael Foul BayBridgetown Christ Church
  5. 5. • Harbour in Bridgetown• Re-newable Energy Source • Downtown, Bridgetown
  6. 6. INFRASTRUCTURE & ACCESSPure Beach Resort & Spa will be accessible by existing roads on two sides of the property.Each road is connected to Barbados’ road networks, which is considered to be the best among all theCaribbean islands. Electricity for the resort will be supplied by solar and wind energy supplemented byenergy from the Barbados Light & Power. The property will feature full communication connectivity andother premium amenities.
  7. 7. SITE PLAN
  8. 8. Market Place Restaurant Lobby Beach Bar Walking PathARTIST RENDERINGMichael McCann, winner of both the “Hugh Ferriss Award” from the American Society of ArchitecturalIllustrators, and the “Arthur Ross Award” from The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical Americais considered to be one of the world’s foremost architectural watercolorists. His work has won numerouscommissions for a clientele that include some of the most notable architects from around the globe.Major developers, institutions and governments have all sought out his visionary expertise.Among McCann’s credits are Michael Bloomberg’s Vision for New York City, and the National Capitol PlanningCommission’s 100 year Master Plan Framework for Washington, D.C. which was presented to the presidentof the United States. Michael McCann is considered by his clients to be more than just a renderer. His designtalents help to clarify and stimulate the design process for all involved
  9. 9. Sunset view from HotelLiving Room
  10. 10. 3D RENDERING
  11. 11. TYPES OF UNITSPure Beach Resort & Spa will consist of five distinct clusters of buildings including a boutique hotel.The property will include 300 condo suites consisting of 1, 2 and 3- bedroom and penthouse suites.Amenities include 7 main swimming pools, multiple fine dining restaurants representing various cuisines,boutique shops, conference facilities, beach bar, entertainment venues and a gourmet store.
  12. 12. ONE BEDROOM PLAN Interior: 918 sq.ft. Veranda: 267 sq.ft. Total Living: 1,183 sq.ft. PATIO Block 1, 2 & 3 Residence: 107LIVING / DINING MASTER BEDROOM W/D ENSUITEKITCHEN POWDER ROOM LIVING / DINING PATIO KITCHEN W/D POWDER MASTER ROOM BEDROOM BATH TWO BEDROOM PLAN BEDROOM 2 Interior: 1,289 sq.ft. Veranda: 207 ENSUITE sq.ft. Total Living: 1,496 sq.ft. FOYER W.I.C Block 1, 2 & 3 Residence: 208
  13. 13. FACILITIES / AMENITIESResidents of Pure Beach will have an impressive choice of leisure facilities, fine diningrestaurants, outdoor sports, a luxurious spa, boutique shops, underwater activities, andaccess to a vibrant night life.The Resort will also cater to weddings, conferences and tours of the spectacularcountryside.
  14. 14. BEACHESBarbados is home to some of the best beaches in the world. The land at Pure Beach - all 17.9 acres -gently slopes towards a bluff overlooking Foul Bay. The bluff drops to the beach and the bay, where theproperty extends into the beach for about 7 acres.The beach is accessible down the bluff via stairs and walking path. In the development, there is a lift for easyaccess to the beach, as well as gradient walking paths.The beach can also be accessed by the public road adjacent to the property.
  15. 15. Beaches
  16. 16. • Port St. Charles in St. Peter
  17. 17. SURROUNDINGCOMMUNITYTHE VILLAGE of Foul Bay, in St. Philip, home of Pure Beach, is astunning and very picturesque area.The beach closest to the Resort is about half a mile long and the wateris the most fantastic blue. While the sea at Foul Bay can be rough, it isexcellent for body boarding and generally safe for swimming.The surrounding community is dotted with chattel houses, which arewooden dwellings and distinctively Barbadian.
  18. 18. NIGHT LIFEAFTER THE SUN SETS IN BARBADOS... THE PARTY BEGINS.The night life in Barbados is as vibrant as its people, varying from elegant and romantic, to wild andrambunctious. There is something happening everyday for every taste and every pocket, anytime of theyear. From spectacular dinner shows, to the corner rum shop, Barbados offers the best entertainment inthe Caribbean.Friday nights are as sizzling as the fish being fried on any grill in our fishing communities, where on FridaysBajans appear with frying pans, freshly caught fish and a wicked homemade seasoning. The fish is cookedup in various styles and served with breadfruit, sweet potato, macaroni pie or peas and rice.But for those who prefer to party all night, then the Gap in Christ Church, is the place to be. A brick-pavedstreet, lighted by antique street lamps and lined by pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels, the Gapsleeps in the day and awakes with a roar at night.If that’s not your choice, then check out the theatre, drive-in or live karaoke bars, floor shows, wine bars,sports bars, beach bars, jazz clubs, reggae bars or a romantic sunset cruise on a catamaran.All night life.No more than 15 minutes from PURE BEACH RESORT & SPA
  19. 19. BARBADOS’ UNIQUE FEATURESThe generally warm and sunny all year weather, along with several unique features, makes Barbados one ofthe most sought after real estate markets in the world. The weather is consistently warm throughout the yearbetween 25°C to 30°C, with warm waters of the south Caribbean making it ideal for tropical resorts.It has the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean, and has been ranked #1 in the Caribbean on 2010 UN HumanDevelopment Index. Its standard of living rates first in the Caribbean and third in the Western Hemisphere.The island enjoys an investment grade rating as a result of its political stability and stable institutions.The island is culturally rich and Barbadians are known worldwide for their friendliness, sophistication andhospitality. The island enjoys the highest percentage of repeat visitors among the various tourist destinationsin the world.
  20. 20. ATTRACTIONS ONTHE ISLANDThere is a wide choice of sightseeing on this paradiseFor those who choose Pure Beach in St. Philip, the places of interest on that parish, include: Sunbury Plantation House St. Martin’s Church Four Square Rum Distillery and Heritage Park St. Philip’s Church Daphne’s Sea Shell Studio St. Catherine’s Church Ragged point Bushy Park RacetrackOther places of interest around the island and worth seeing are: Animal Flower Cave Barbados Museum Chalky Mount Farley Hill National Park Cattlewash Gun Hill Signal Station Morgan Lewis Windmill Harrison’s Cave Springvale Museum Orchid World Andromeda gardens St. Nicolas Abbey Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum
  21. 21. • Harrison’s Cave in St. Thomas
  22. 22. • BathshebaCOUNTRY OVERVIEW ECONOMIC STABILITY Barbados is a beacon of stability in the Caribbean. It has a robust and mature economy and enjoys one of the highest per capita incomes in the region. It has set itself apart from other small countries as solid international business centre with investor-friendly features. “Sound” is how Wall Street bankers have described the island’s economy. The economy went into a deep recession in 1990 after three years of steady decline brought on by fundamental macroeco- nomic imbalances. After a painful readjustment process, the economy began to grow again in 1993. Tourism drives the economy, but offshore banking and financial services have become an increasingly important source of foreign exchange and economic growth. The sugar industry, once dominant, now makes up less than 1% of GDP. The tourism industry has shown steady growth over the last 50 years despite periods of relative instability in the world, as a result of economic and geopolitical issues. POLITICAL STABILITY Barbados enjoys an enviable international reputation for its outstanding record of social, economic and political stability. Its parliamentary system has been in existence since 1639, making it the 3rd oldest parliament in the British Commonwealth. Its political stability has been the envy of the Caribbean since independence in 1966. As a former British colony, the country parallels the British electoral and parliamentary systems, which has ensured regular and fair elections and the orderly transfer of power between political parties. Despite lively exchanges of views in parliament, Barbados’ political system is based more on consensus than confrontation.
  23. 23. THE LEGAL SYSTEMIt is no accident that Barbados’ legal system bears a striking resemblance to the practices andprinciples of the courts in at least 50 nations around the world.They are all the fruits of the same tree - English Common Law. So anyone from big cities such asLondon, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, Kingston, New York, New Delhi, for example, wouldn’t becaught off-guard by the legal concepts found in Barbados.The conceptual legal foundations are similar. But that’s not all. As a constitutional democracy with afirm commitment to the rule of law, the fundamental rights and freedoms, especially procedural rights- arrests, court appearances and fairness - are enshrined in a written constitution. The court is fiercelyindependent and transparent as it interprets the laws and safeguards people’s rights.As essential arm of the legal system is the Bar, the attorneys who practice before the courts andotherwise represents clients.MEDICAL FACILITIESMedical Facilities in Barbados are among the best in the Caribbean. There are two main hospitals -one public, one private - and eight polyclinics throughout the island.There are also eight government polyclinics providing free medical attention for minor ailments, anddental treatment in some cases; five Geriatric hospitals for care and treatment of the elderly; anetwork of Child Care facilities operated by the Child Care Board; and a National Nutrition Centre.The public hospital - The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is located in Bridgetown, and hasapproximately 600 beds and operates a 24 hour A&E department.The Bay View Hospital is private and also located in St. Michael, but does not have an A&Edepartment.There are two private emergency medical clinics, FMH Emergency Medical Clinic, in St. Michaeland Sandy Crest in St. Peter, which both offer speedy service. Pharmacies are scatteredthroughout the island and will be able to refill prescriptions written overseas.
  24. 24. EDUCATION / LITERACYBarbados has one of the highest literacy rates in the world - an estimated 98%. And no wonder,since there is a strong emphasis on education in every household and at the Government level.Barbadian students, whatever the level, go to school free of cost. The government pays the cost ofeducation of students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and this includes textbooks. Primary education begins at age 4 and continues until age 11. Secondary education is provided for children aged 11 to 18 years.At about age 18, those students who continued at school can sit the Caribbean AdvancedProficiency Certificate (A-Level) also set by CXC. Most Government secondary schools (of whichthere are 23) are co-educational. There are also several private secondary schools.FINANCIAL SECTOR / OFFSHOREBarbados’ banking system is “sound”.That is the word often used by Wall Street to describe Barbados’ banking system. Indeed, thedescription is also used to describe the island’s entire financial system, both domestic and foreign oroffshore.Standard & Poor’s, one of the world’s leading credit rating firms on Wall Street, stated recently thatthe “high level of foreign ownership and strong capitalization of the local banks bode well for thefinancial stability” of Barbados.The banks in Barbados are considered so sound that they were ranked 21st in the world and third inthe Western Hemisphere, ahead of such places as Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and Panama. OnlyCanada and Chile received a better Western Hemisphere bank rating than Barbados.Those assessments speak to the solid reputation the island has earned in the international financialarena and foreign ownership is central to the favorable report cards. That’s particularly true of theoffshore financial sectors, which, according to the International Monetary Fund “choose to establishan offshore subsidiary in Barbados, not only for its tax advantage but also for its reputation.”
  25. 25. • The Parliament Building, BridgetownTHE REAL ESTATE MARKETIt’s a very good time to go shopping for real estate in Barbados. For the first time in 30 yearsreal estate prices have actually fallen.Historically, Barbados’ real estate market has remained steady, despite what other markets wereexperiencing. This time however, as a result of the global economic decline, real estate prices havefallen as much as 25% in some cases.The reduction in prices appear to have affected all ends of the market, except the high end, thusfinancial experts are advising that this is good time to buy on the island. Some argue the real estatemarket in Barbados is expensive, but that’s quickly countered by those who say, “But it’s worth it.”WHATEVER THE SEASON, THE MARKET REMAINS BUOYANT“Barbados has in the past always performed well, as more established and international marketsdecline - and then Barbados again benefits as these more international markets bounce back.”That’s according to Cluttons Barbados, a property company.While property in Barbados is more expensive than in other less developed Caribbean islands,the island is still able to offer potential investors an attractive, safe and secure investment option.
  26. 26. BUYING PROPERTY IN BARBADOSLooking for a place where exotic island living blends with complete luxury? BARBADOS WINS HANDS DOWN It is an island of unspoilt charm and beauty that’s rich in culture and steeped in history. Real Estate opportunities range from simple apartments, town houses, bungalows to luxury villas and secluded mansions. And it’s easy - there are no restrictions on non-nationals purchasing land or property in Barbados. Requirements include a little time, a little patience, determination and of course financial resources. If you’re funding the purchase from your home country however, you’ll need to register your funds with the Central Bank of Barbados before the purchase takes place That is to ensure that you can take the money out of the country again if you decide to sell. As with any real estate purchase, you should outline your requirements, especially your budget and engage the services of an established real estate agency, and a reputable attorney-at-law who can guide you through the process.
  27. 27. GUIDELINES WHEN BUYING PROPERTY There is no property transfer tax for buyers. Vendors are liable for the property transfer tax of 2.5% and stamp duty of 1% of the purchase price. Legal fees for buyers are approximately 1.5% of the purcahse price (plus 15%VAT). Financing is available locally for non-Barbadians, but there are various regulations which apply. Mortgage down payment is usually a minimum of 10%, but can be as low as 0% Mortgage Interest Rate ranges from 6% to 9%. Mortgage commitment fee and negotiation fee - ranges from 0.5% to 3%If you’re so in love with the island and want to live the rest of your years here, then you must provideproof of adequate means of support to the Chief Immigration Officer.SAFETY / CRIMEOut of 35 industrialized and developing countries which took part in an international crime survey,Barbados ranked as one with the lowest crime rates. The three with the lowest crime rates wereBarbados, Japan and Northern Ireland.Statistics showed that Barbados has below average rates of vehicle theft, theft from vehicles, vehiclevandalism, robbery and assault. It also has well below average crime rates for personal theft, sexoffences, consumer fraud and corruption. The only crime where Barbados had a relatively high rate isburglary. That notwithstanding, both visitors and locals are encouraged to take responsibility for theirown safety. Visitors should always secure valuables in a hotel safe, and should always lock andsecure hotel room and rental home doors and windows.The local arm of the international crime organization crime stoppers, working in conjunction with theRoyal Barbados Police Force, plays a key role, in the fight against crime.
  28. 28. • Sandy Lane EstatesABOUT “PURE” DEVELOPERS As a developer of the PURE BEACH RESORT & SPA, we hold the fundamental values of inclusive- ness, respect for the environment and harmony with the surroundings. MARK PURAI, brings 17 years of en- NEIL SULLIVAN, MBA brings knowledge trepreneurial energy to the project. He has and experience in project, corporate and started and run successful Canadian com- financial management in a broad spectrum panies in the financial services industry. of industries and currently holds the position In addition, he brings a background in land of Financial Officer. syndication to the project. KRIS PARTHIBAN, M Eng, MBA brings SANG PARK, brings 23 years of experi- over 20 years of experience in project man- ence in international finance gained in Asia agement and corporate finance in real es- and North America to his position as Head of tate and energy companies to his position Capital Acquisition. His specific areas of ex- of Director of Development. pertise are investment banking and private equities in the real estate asset class. JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS, Greg Hilderman, Anwar Rabah, Shin Lee, LENNOX GIBBS, Bsc, (Eng), MBA has Don McKay, Garry Levy, Neil Silvert, been a senior corporate executive in the Peter Minott, Matthew Kim, Ted Jin banking, mining, insurance and enter- tainment industries. He has also managed his own consultancies in both film and real estate finance. He is currently the General Manager.
  29. 29. PEOPLE BEHIND THE PROJECTARCHITECTS CONSULTANTS Archis Design Group Inc. The project has already engaged the following Founded in 1998, Archis Design Group is one of companies as consultants to the project. Barbados’ leading architects and planners, com- pleting many commissions that dot the Island. SB Testing and Engineering Ltd. has complet- As Principals, Dr. Albert Best and Adrian Forde, ed its extensive geotechnical investigation and provide invaluable local insight and design cues analysis of the construction site. to the project. BCQS International Limited will provide quan- Global Design Inc. tity surveying services. Louis Dionne brings a wealth of international architectural design experience to the PURE DLN Consultants will provide civil and struc- BEACH project. He has executed major projects tural engineering consultancy services and also in Canada, the Arabian Gulf and China both as for sea calming coastal studies and designs. his own firm and with NORR, the international firm of Architects, Engineers and Planners. Leverage Consulting Engineers Inc. will pro- vide mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering consultancy services.LEAD SALES AGENT WEST COAST VILLAS / SOTHEBY’S INTER- Talma Mill Studios will provide landscape NATIONAL REALTY architecture consultancy services. The premier luxury real estate agents in Barba- dos, West Coast Villas are a full-service agency LEGAL COUNSEL offering island-wide real estate sales. Its’ affiliation Harridyal Sodha & Associates are lead Barbados with Sotheby’s provides an invaluable interna- counsel. David L. Hynes is counsel to the proj- tional presence to our project. The Sotheby’s ect in Canada. International Realty network connects the finest independent real estate companies to the most prestigious clients in the world. PUBLIC RELATIONS West Coast Villas is led by Richard Young, who PRMR Inc. brings his previous experience in the London Pamala Proverbs is Principle of PRMR, which advertising market to the marketing and sales of handles the PURE project’s Barbados public and Barbados luxury real estate. media relations.INTERIOR DESIGN AND FURNISHING The Lubner Group Dan Lubner is Principle of the Lubner Group, a company of seasoned design professionals with over 100 years of experience in hospitality, commercial and residential interior design. The Group is experienced in all aspects of design, sourcing, manufacture, import / export and installation.
  30. 30. PURE BEACH RESORT & SPACorporate Head Office The Beach House, Sunset Crest, St. James, Barbados, B.W.I. Phone: 246.421.9224 Fax: 246.417.0400Toronto Office 7030 Woodbine Ave, Suite 103, Markham, ON Canada, L3R 6G2 Phone: 416.488.0990 Fax: 416.640.1267 www.purebeachresort.com