Introducing Puppet Enterprise’s Event Inspector


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You’re configuring your systems using Puppet, but where do you go to see if your changes worked? How do you troubleshoot failures? We’ve been talking to Puppet users like you to design a tool for Puppet Enterprise that solves these problems. Come learn about this new robust reporting application.

Joe Wagner
Senior User Experience Designer, Puppet Labs
Joe Wagner is lead User Experience Designer for Puppet Enterprise. He has 12 years experience reducing frustration and increasing satisfaction by designing tools that do what their users need them to do. He can be found Friday afternoons walking with his two daughters through the Portland office, sharing their excitement in finding the puppets painted on the office walls.

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Introducing Puppet Enterprise’s Event Inspector

  1. 1. Introducing Puppet Enterprise’s event inspector Joe Wagner Senior User Experience Designer | Puppet Labs @jcwag
  2. 2. #puppetconf What is event inspector?
  3. 3. #puppetconf What is event inspector?
  4. 4. #puppetconf What is event inspector?
  5. 5. #puppetconf What is event inspector?
  6. 6. #puppetconf What is event inspector?
  7. 7. #puppetconf event - Puppet’s attempt to modify an individual property of a given resource. What is event inspector?
  8. 8. #puppetconf Types of events Failure - Puppet was unsuccessful enforcing a configuration. Change - Puppet was successful enforcing a configuration and this resulted in a change to a resource’s property. Skip - Puppet was unable to enforce a configuration due to failed enforcement elsewhere. Noop - Puppet simulated enforcing a configuration.
  9. 9. #puppetconf July 1, 2012
  10. 10. #puppetconf July 1, 2012 (~ 1 year ago)
  11. 11. #puppetconf PE: Home screen reporting
  12. 12. #puppetconf PE: Node run reports
  13. 13. #puppetconf PE: Inventory search
  14. 14. #puppetconf PE: External node classifier
  15. 15. #puppetconf PE: Live Management
  16. 16. #puppetconf Understanding your needs
  17. 17. #puppetconf Our fabulous researchers Jenny Fei
  18. 18. #puppetconf Test Pilot Program Last year: 130 test pilots This year: 400 and counting
  19. 19. #puppetconf You are all snowflakes.
  20. 20. #puppetconf GUI / CLI Showdown • control • speed • scripting • display of information • manipulation of information CLI wins: GUI wins:
  21. 21. #puppetconf PE reporting
  22. 22. #puppetconf PE reporting
  23. 23. #puppetconf Early prototype testing
  24. 24. #puppetconf Focus on most recent events “To me, this is one of the important aspects to quickly see visually what has happened on the system.” -- test pilot “It would change drastically the way colleagues are applying manifests and would give better feedback loop for node state and execution time.” -- test pilot
  25. 25. #puppetconf Evolution of the prototype
  26. 26. #puppetconf Beyond nodes "You might expect an application to be made of certain components, like java, and a development container. Ideally you’d have a grouping with some meaning that would be functional." -- test pilot “When we’re getting into a couple hundred nodes, I’m not looking at individual nodes changed, I’m looking at changes to Apache.” -- test pilot
  27. 27. #puppetconf Node View
  28. 28. #puppetconf Class View
  29. 29. #puppetconf Resource View
  30. 30. #puppetconf Three views into your infrastructure class = what node = where resource = how
  31. 31. #puppetconf August 23, 2013
  32. 32. #puppetconf August 23, 2013 (Today)
  33. 33. #puppetconf Summary Pane
  34. 34. #puppetconf Node details
  35. 35. #puppetconf Event detail pane
  36. 36. #puppetconf What’s next.
  37. 37. #puppetconf Future improvements: robust filtering
  38. 38. #puppetconf Future improvements: comparing node events
  39. 39. #puppetconf Future improvements: running puppet
  40. 40. #puppetconf Future improvements: main screen redesign
  41. 41. #puppetconf Your questions.
  42. 42. Thank You Joe Wagner Senior User Experience Designer | Puppet Labs @jcwag Collaborate. Automate. Ship.