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This PowerPoint have been presented to the Board of Sport Wales on 29/11/2011 in Plas Menai by Jamie Turley (Platinum YA and Member of Welsh Steering Group) and Maciej Szukala (Platinum YA and Member …

This PowerPoint have been presented to the Board of Sport Wales on 29/11/2011 in Plas Menai by Jamie Turley (Platinum YA and Member of Welsh Steering Group) and Maciej Szukala (Platinum YA and Member of Welsh & Steering Group)

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  • Maciej:
  • Maciej:
  • Jamie: I would like to run now with you through the structure of our programmePlease Note: Detailed structure of the hierarchy for year 2011/2012 is available on request !!!.
  • Maciej: Within this section I would like to highlight to you main points the positive examples that Young Ambassadors across Wales undertake every day, week or month. This 2 slides present to you how powerful are young people in achieving positive effect on the local community. This are just few of the examples: Bronze Young YA’s launched in a number of LA’s across Wales including a Conference in Carmarthenshire, Conwy, Merthyr and Neath Port Talbot (the one in Neath Port Talbot is taking place tomorrow)Ceredigion Gold YA Carwen Richards co-presented a session with the ‘Be a Champion’ Ambassador at Lampeter University to primary school childrenRhondda CynonTaff Gold YA Rhys Jones won the Aviva/Daily Telegraph ‘Excellence in Disabled Sport’ AwardWrexham YA have hosted visit of Wenlock to there local primary school in which they have undertaken various promotional activities towards the Olympics
  • Jamie: Continuing with our list of achievement ….Blaenau Gwent’s Gold YA’s were part of the interview panel for their vacant Active Young People Community Officer posts  The Vale of Glamorgan YA’s and Sports Leaders have been on CPD courses and have saved the council around £3k in coaching fees be delivering sessions for young people in schools and the communityAnglesey Gold YA Leon Jones attended a Heads of PE meeting to promote YA’s and London 2012Selected ambassadors have taken place in work experience placement as LOCOG headquarter in Canary WharfLastly I would like to highlight that there are loads more positive stories like this occurred across Wales but this should give you a flavour of some of the things YA’s have been up to in the last 12 months.
  • Jamie:Before becoming a YAPrestatyn High School student studying A level PE/IT/PUBLIC SERVICES/PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY/ BIOLOGYI was a keen sportsman, playing for the local rugby club and swimming up to national level until injury. In the off time I wanted some way to channel my passion for sport, so began to participate in some local coaching and so the journey began..Began helping out at 5x60 clubs in school, then a sports leaderBecame a silver ambassador (Adi star) – Golds were already by this point instated in my countyYA TimelineSet up a school sports councilSports nutrition action groupOlympic day course Sports presentationsPrimary and secondary school coachingChampioned the schools bid for new facilities and attended council meetings and voteDenbighshire YA steering groupOlympic day – 1700 pupils and teachers – workshops, local clubs, Paralympic athletes, World champion and Olympic athletes, future stars, professional singerOlympic transition day – transition schools, one afternoon series of Olympic style events tied in with my sky sports living for sport event, - athlete visit – inspirational storySky sports living for sport project – developing sports leaders through sports council, YA’s and sports leader coursesInstated to the Welsh steering group and elected vice chairMoved to Bangor UniversityFinalist in Sport Wales coach of the yearNominated for sky sports living for sport student of the yearOlympic torch bearer selection with LOCOGWorking with Bangor University and Gwynedd council on the overnight stop of the Olympic flame, in charge of a team of volunteers The Young ambassador scheme has changed not only my life but those around me. It has been the basis for the development and channelling of my passion. Allowing me to enhance myself and really show the world what I want to do. But more than any of these thing is has inspired me to inspire those around me.Who knows what the future holds....This is me and what I do, what I do, I love. I’m only one ambassador from over 300 in Wales; we all share the common goal of getting ‘every child hooked on sport for life’.
  • Maciej:
  • Both:
  • Question from Steve: I'd like to ask them what there expectations are of us as young ambassadors going forwardWhat role we can play in helping them achieve their aims and priorities as outlined is their 'vision for sport' document.
  • Maciej:


  • 1. 1
  • 2. Young Ambassador Movement Wales The Story So Far
  • 3. Sport Wales VisionUnite Proud Sporting Nation‘’Get every child hooked on sport’’
  • 4. Young Ambassadors Wales - Aim To recognise and Using the high profile impact that the London reward 2012 Olympics and committed sports Paralympics will bring, the leaders in our Young Ambassadors will act schools and as role models and inspire communities with other young people to further training participate in sport in their schools and communities and opportunities. 4
  • 5. Young Ambassador Outcomes To develop and support young people asrole models and Ambassadors Inspired bythe 2012 Games for the other young people To promote and advocate the ethos and values of the Olympic and Paralympic movement amongst young people For Young People to champion PE and School Sport within schools and local communities and increase participation 5
  • 6. Background InformationNo.1 No. 2Idea born No. 3 Initiated in out of England in No. 4 Key – YoungSingapor 2006 People 14-19 creating Now a UKe Promise including 3 opportunity, en wide main gagement & movement outcomes change for other young people to impact on Olympic legacy
  • 7. Generic YA rolesBring the inspiration Increaseand magic of London participation and 2012 to school and promote healthy community active lifestyles Live out and promote Leading and Olympic and Paralympic values – Respect, Friendship,empowering other Personal Excellence, young people Courage, Determination, Inspiration, Equality
  • 8. Who benefits the programme? • Young Ambassadors themselves – training and resources to be a YAYoungPeople • Other young people • Champions of PE & School Sport, 2012 values, healthy lifestylesSchools • Ambassadors for school • Network of trained Young People to attend events, Local promote PE & Sport, volunteerAuthority
  • 9. 9
  • 10. The Story So Far ….2 National Conferences – 120 Gold YA’s from every LA YA steering group – 12 Platinum YA’s from around WalesadiStar YA’s in most secondary schools across Wales – approx. 400
  • 11. Bronze YA’s piloted and launched in a number of LA’s – Merthyr, Carmarthenshire, Conwy, Denbighshire Amazing opportunities for YA’s Impacting on the Vision for Sport in Wales Providing a workforce to help school, LA’s and clubs to get more people active 11
  • 12. Cardiff 2010 2011 Conference – for new Gold YA’s 2 per 57 Gold YA’s Secondary school Gold YA conference Anglesey, Cardiff, Carms, Ceredigion, Set up a Welsh Flintshire, In the Steering Group of adiStars induction NPT, dayspipeline Platinum YA’s Pembs, Current Powys Structure RCT, Swansea, Wrexham Key that Schools registered Some LA’s looking schools and signed up to to Launch Bronze Bronze YA’s Sign up to Get Set Network YA’s in Primary and NSSW these Schools
  • 13. YA’s moving forward What Levels of How are YA’sFollowing Question responsibility could rewarded/recognised? we give them? • Dragon Den style • YA of the• How we can opportunity develop (budget) Year, profiles Young • Lobbying on SMT’s/MP’s about internet, in Ambassador the importance of s so that role sport schools, press • Chair of London releases etc. is meanigful 2012 Sport Council’s ? • Any other • Key Roles at LA events – ready made suggestions volunteering team
  • 14. Young Ambassadors and 5x60How can YoungAmbassadors help How can YA’s andyou as 5x60 officers? London 2012 be used• Think about roles, levels to inspire/re- of responsibility, promoting 5x60, energise 5x60? engaging Young People
  • 15. Examples of positive work of YA’s Bronze YA’s launched in a number of LA’s across Wlaes including Conference in Carmarthenshir …. Ceredigion Gold YA Carwen Richards co- presented a session with the ‘Be a Champion’ Ambassador Gold YA Rhys Jones won the Aviva/Daily Telegraph ‘Excellence in Disabled Sport’ Award Wrexham have hosted visit of the Wenlock mascot to there local primary school 15
  • 16. Sport is foreveryone, no matter their ability
  • 17. Blaenau Gwent’s Gold YA’s were part ofthe interview panel for their vacant Active Young People Community Officer postsThe Vale of Glamorgan YA’s and SportsLeaders have been on CPD courses and have saved the council around £3kAnglesey Gold YA Leon Jones attended a Heads of PE meeting to promote YA’s and London 2012 Selected Young Ambassador from South Wales have attended 3 days work experience at LOCOG headquarter 17
  • 18. Jamie Turley – YA Experience Studying at Member andPrestatyn High Vice-chair of School Wales Steering Group 18
  • 19. Maciej Szukala – YA Experience Member of In process of both Welsh setting up and UK internationalSteering Group links :D 19
  • 22. Further Information E-mail:!/groups/281467348533522/ Telephone: 0290 338375 Richard Dando – PPD Senior Officer Hyperlink:www.youngambassador Twitter: @YACymru 22
  • 23. 23
  • 24. Who were the youngest Olympic and athletes ThankGB in Beijing?to compete for you for Listening The Future of Sport Is In our Hands