Introducing the Family Tree Fair Trade Store in Hua Hin Thailand - At LIKHA ASYA Philippines Art and Culture Festival 2013 dRH


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The Family Tree, located in Hua Hin, Thailand, proudly offers authentic, Thai arts and crafts, handmade by community groups and independent artists. We have traveled the country, searching for creative treasures, which include award-winning, natural dyed and hand-woven Thai silks, natural cosmetics, vibrant paintings of Thai life and inspiring recycled sculptures, jewelry, toys and accessories. We are committed to Fair Trade, sourcing our products from over 30 social and environmental initiatives, including crafts cooperatives, women’s groups, ethnic minorities and artisans with special needs. This presentation was made in Bohol, Philippines on the 28th February 2013, on invitation of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines. For more information, see

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Introducing the Family Tree Fair Trade Store in Hua Hin Thailand - At LIKHA ASYA Philippines Art and Culture Festival 2013 dRH

  1. 1. Our Roots
  2. 2. 2006 Tae Moh Hai: Started working with women in my village.Natural dying, cutting, stitching. Youth work with local Temple
  3. 3. The Family Tree is operated according to the principles of Fair Trade “Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. Fair Trade contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing 10 Principles the rights of, marginalized producers of Fair Trade and workers – especially in South." (WFTO, November 2009) Why Fair Trade? The Family Tree wants to benefit the artisans who make our products, our customers, our country, the environment and our family. The Family Tree are for Fair Trade because this movement respects and values producers and customers as people, working together towards a better life and a better world. This is a meaningful goal.
  4. 4. Thai government Inspired, independent, Great workGreen initiatives green hearted artisans By NGOs
  5. 5. Since 2006, we have worked withBuddhist monks and a network offriends to plant trees. We initiatedthe Greener Tomorrow project toplant 84,000 trees for HM the King ofThailand. 2011-13, our shop donated$3000 USD to tree planting. We alsocoordinate with friends to make surethat for every 1000 Baht spent in theshop, at least 1 tree is planted.
  6. 6. We Actively SupportHua Hin…Our Destination:Help to promote green and goodtourism in and around Hua Hin…Helping Hua Hin to attract more green and good tourists…
  7. 7. Women, Seniors, Families Some interest from:Retirees / Green Lifestylers Hong Kong, Japan,Educated, interesting people South Korea, ChineseScandinavia, Germany, We still want to attract Netherlands, UK more Thais na kha 
  8. 8. Thank-you sincerely to the national commission for cultureand arts of the Philippines, and the whole LIKHA ASYA teamfor the amazing opportunity to be here and share together.