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Lemon & sugar Lemon & sugar Presentation Transcript

  • Lemons and sugar Probably you should put this near your mirror, where everyone can read it every day. Maybe you don’t notice, but this is 100% true.
  • 1. There are at least two people in this world whom you’ll be ready to die for.
  • 2. At least 15 persons from this world loves you in different ways.
  • 3.The only reason for someone to hate you, is that they wish to be like you.
  • 4. Your smile can make someone happy, even those who doesn’t like you.
  • 5. Every evening someone is thinking about you before you sleep.
  • 6. You mean everything for someone.
  • 7. You are special and unique.
  • 8. Someone you don’t even know is existing, loves you from all his(her) hearth.
  • 9. When you are doing the biggest mistake, something good will come out of it.
  • 10. When you think this world turn its’ back on you, just look one more time behind.
  • 11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the bad remarks.
  • So… Don’t forget…when life gives you some lemons take some sugar, make a lemonade and … call me!
  • Best Friends are same like the stars… You don’t see them all the time, but you know they are always there.
  • Whenever GOD is closing a door, always another door will open, even when you think that hell is on earth.
  • I wish to received a rose and a good advise from a friend… when I am still alive.
  • “ Stop and smell some beautiful flowers! “
  • Happiness makes you sweet
  • Hard work makes you stronger
  • Sadness makes you more human
  • Mistakes makes you smarter
  • Success keeps you in shape
  • But only GOD gives you the power to go on!
  • Live your life as you like
  • And spend more time with your friends
  • Life is Beautiful!