The Life Lives


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Presentacion en ingles de las reflexiones de Nosce Te Ipsum IV, con nuevas imágenes y música

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  • Very nice presentation, beautiful pictures !!! Thanks for sharing..
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  • Nice Work :-)
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  • bonita presentación y música
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  • ...un mensaje muy claro de que hay que vivir cada día de nuestras vidas como si fuera el último...tiernas imágenes.Gracias por compartirlo y gracias por tus comentarios en mis presentaciones. Saludos desde Puerto Rico
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  • Beautiful music, beautiful images!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Of course, it is the first meeting with you now and I hope that my Congratulations will come with each new show of you!
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The Life Lives

  1. 1. "Spend five minutes of your life for this reading”
  2. 2. "Every day we live is a special occasion”
  3. 3. “Therefore less time to spend some problemsoverwhelm you, open a window and admire the landscape "
  4. 4. "Do not look if there are weeds in the garden. "
  5. 5. "Spend more time with your family and friends and less time working for strangers"
  6. 6. "I realized that life is a set of experiences to be appreciated and will not survive"
  7. 7. "Now I do not save all that much, try to enjoy this and live as much life experience"
  8. 8. "Having new clothes just to go groceryshopping if I have wanted to dress them up"
  9. 9. "I do not keep the best perfume for specialparties, use them when I feel your fragrance”
  10. 10. "The phrase “one day“ or "one of these days”, are disappearing from my vocabulary”
  11. 11. "Do whatever you want to do today"
  12. 12. "I just think I did not write the letters because the intention of writing was ..." one of these days "
  13. 13. I am sorry and even more sad knowing I will stoptelling my family and children "how much I love"
  14. 14. “Now try not to slow, forget or keep anything elsethat might enhance smiles of happiness to my life”
  15. 15. "Every day that goes by I say to myself, this is a veryspecial day. Every day, every hour, every minute, are special "
  16. 16. "This reading contains food for the soul "
  17. 17. "Give others more than they expect and do this in good faith "
  18. 18. "Do not let a small slip miscarry a great friendship"
  19. 19. "Memorize your favorite poem or music you like"
  20. 20. Say "I love you only when your love is true"
  21. 21. "If you say" so sorry "looks straight in the eyes of the person”
  22. 22. "If you do not believe in love at" first sight ", do not mock the dreams of others”
  23. 23. “ Love deeply and passionately "
  24. 24. "Maybe you can get hurt but its the only way to live life fully"
  25. 25. "If you do not agree is at least fair, speak slowly but think quickly”
  26. 26. "No offense, do not judge people by " what I hear about this "
  27. 27. "If someone asks you a question you do not want to answer, smile and ask, - why you want to know?
  28. 28. "Remember that great love and a great event involves a great risk"
  29. 29. "Make friends with someone you love to talk"
  30. 30. "When you get older, the ability to talk is more important than anything else"
  31. 31. "But remember that silence is sometimes the best answer"
  32. 32. "Read more books, watch less TV, live a good life and honest”
  33. 33. "Do everything that is within your power to create an atmosphere of harmony"
  34. 34. "Never interrupt someone who is showing affection"
  35. 35. "Remember that the best relationship is one wherelove between two people is greater than the need to have for each other"
  36. 36. "Do not listen to this reading if you do not agree with what is written and if you like it enjoy it and read it with sincerity"
  37. 37. "Maybe get a nice surprise and discover how important you are to many people"
  38. 38. … And you have a good life. "Autor: José Pedro López García