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My Gay Zine Magazine Christmas Issue

  1. 1. Its all about Christmas, Christmas, Christmas in this month’s issue and we’ve got plenty oftreats inside to help you celebrate. This month seen the formation of our first Christmasthemed issue and our third and final publication of 2012.2013 brings with it a brand new and improved magazine with a fantastic line up of specialguests, celebrities and new writers reinforcing our position as the best lesbian, gay, bisexualand transgender magazine in the land.Read on and delve into our Ultimate Christmas Guide - covering Christmas food, fashion,gifts and more. A huge thank you to our usual selection of writers for their outstandingcontributions this month (Chris McMurray, Stephen Donnan, Peter Fahy, Ryan Dior, MistyFalls and Maurice Dickson). We would also like to thank last year’s winner of Mr Gay NI,Daniel Hegarty and this year’s winner Conor O’Kane for their support putting this month’sissue together.Other thank yous include the ever helpful Father Joseph Ryan for his contribution in thefeatures section, Mister Underground for his insightful interview which can be found in theEntertainment rundown, Gemma Hawthorne and the Positive Life Volunteers for their workin the News section and Gemma Hutton from Rainbow Botanic, Belfast for inviting us for thismonths food and entertainment review.December also sees our Launch issue cover star Jeza Belle make her return, back by populardemand and sharing more of her stories. MyGayZine would also like to congratulate Jeza onjoining the SoSoGay UK Team. Regular feature writer Peter Fahy also did himself proud lastmonth coming third place in The All Ireland Performance Poetry Tournament and ifthat wasn’t enough our Misty Falls is through to the next rounds of Lurgan’s NextTop Drag Act. We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Get tucked in. Team MyGayZine
  2. 2. CONTENTS NEWS ENTERTAINMENT PA MagLochlainn - Pages 6&7 Showbiz Positive Life - Pages 14&15 - Pages 8&9 Mister Underground UCLA Study - Pages 16-19 - Pages 10&11 Christmas Crossword News in Brief - Pages 20&21 - Pages 12&13 What’s Hot in Entertainment - Page 22 WHAT’S ON NIGHTLIFE Editor’s Choice Venue Review - Rainbow - Page 24 Belfast - Page 30&31 Who, Where, When, What - Pages 25-27 READERS LIFESTYLE Reader’s Rant - Page 44 Fitness - Page 32 Shout Out Zone - Page 45 Cooking - Pages 34&35 Holidays - Pages 36-39 Fashion - Pages 40&41 Gift Ideas - Pages 42&43 FEATURES Peter Fahy - Pages 46-48 What’s the T? - Page 56&57 Ryan Dior - Page 50 Mr Gay NI 2011/12 - Page 58 Poetry - Page 51 Jeza Belle - Page 59 Father Joe Ryan - Pages 52&53 Conor O’Kane - Mr Gay NI Kosmic Karen - Pages 54&55 2012/13 - Pages 60&614
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  4. 4. PA MagLochlainn Gone But Not Forgotten Earlier in November the Northern Ireland LGBT community mourned the loss of veteran gay rights campaigner and local hero PA MagLochlainn. Mr MagLochlainn had been receiving treatment for a long-term illness but died unexpectedly in hospital on November 14th. Tributes poured in from across the world to honour his inspirational work and the changes he helped bring about here in Northern Ireland. Mr MagLochlainn, who was from Dungiven but lived in south Belfast had been president of the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association (NIGRA) for twenty years. NIGRA treasurer Jeffrey Dudgeon, who fought to have homosexuality decriminalised in Northern Ireland 30 years ago, said his friend will be sorely missed. “PA was the person who put his head above the parapet for longer than anyone else,” Mr Dudgeon said. “He had immense courage in that respect. He was a very caring, amazing and formative individual and it was good to be in his company. He dedicated himself to gay rights.” PA was also one of around 100 people to take part in the first Belfast Pride parade in 1991 and was recognized for his contribution to the Pride movement last year. From those initial one hundred individuals who participated in the first pride event, the audience and support has grown phenomenally year on year, with 2012’s 22nd Belfast Pride attracting an audience of 15,000+. Graduating from Queens with a degree in French Mr MagLochlainn spent almost two decades of his earlier years as a secondary school teacher of French and his former pupils remember him fondly as an6
  5. 5. approachable and NEWS FROM NOVEMBERsupportive man. In lateryears he put this teaching ALL the LATEST, in the NEWS THAT MATTERSknowledge to good use;educating and informingthe RUC on how best To all those fortunate enough to haveto deal with the gay known him, PA was a leader, role model,community in Northern activist, friend and gentleman. To allIreland. those who didn’t it is clear to see how he touched the lives of so many, anFurthermore, as a inspiration to us all.member of the SDLP, PAbecame the first openlygay representative to siton a NI political party’sexecutive in the nineties.SDLP Leader AlasdairMcDonnell said “the lossof such a fondly held partystalwart will be heavily feltacross the SDLP”Less publicly PAMagLochlainn touchedthe lives of many morepeople through his roleas a counsellor, bothformally and informally.John Dogherty from theRainbow Project said “PAwas a leader in the LGBTcommunity for decades.His contribution, whilesorely missed, will neverbe forgotten. He wasinvolved with every aspectof LGBT life at some pointin his life.”Share your thoughts Online at 7
  6. 6. Positive Life Brian Kennedy and Positive Life volunteers “A positive diagnosis Brian said “it is a live full, positive lives. does not necessarily privilege to see the work “Being a gay man, I’d mean a negative that Positive Life does always known about to support people in HIV. I remember the outcome” Northern Ireland who are tombstone campaign from living with or affected by the 1980s. For a while I The HIV Support HIV. I am delighted to be had been feeling unwell, Centre has rebranded able to launch their new not knowing the cause as Positive Life as part branding and help dispel but being aware that HIV of their World AIDS myths that exist about could be a reason, I still Day programme, HIV.” did nothing. Until one day encapsulating the belief I got a life changing call…” that people can live and Living with HIV is not This client was aware of live well with HIV. the death sentence it HIV but also the stigmas was in the 1980s. With associated with HIV but Brian Kennedy launched medical advancements and has come a long way from the new branding which the success rate of anti- his diagnosis to realising includes a new logo, retroviral treatment (ART), that life does not end with website and social media people living with HIV can a positive diagnosis. functioning.8
  7. 7. The HIV Support Centre has rebranded as Positive Life as part of their World AIDS Day programme, encapsulating the belief that people Brian Kennedy and can live and live Positive Life staff well with HIV. Danny McQuillan, Services Director of Positive Life said “the clients Positive Life provides a range of services for those living with and affected by HIV in Northern Ireland including: of Positive Life come from all walks of life. One to one support, Counselling, Confidential helpline, Any of the stereotypes Advocacy services, Yoga, Art therapy, Support groups- about HIV do not including a men’s, women’s and a parent and toddler apply to the clients of group, Advice clinics, Campaigning, Fundraising and Positive Life. HIV is Volunteering. not the death sentence If you want more information about Positive Life or HIV it was in the 1980s and please do not hesitate to contact us on: with the developments of medication, people Phone: 028 9024 9268living with HIV can live Free Confidential HIV and Sexual as long as people who Health Helpline: 0800 137 437 are not HIV positive”. Twitter: @PositiveLife_NI Photography by Adrian McQuillan 9
  8. 8. UCLA Study finds “there is no scientific basis to discriminate against gay and lesbian parents” Research carried out by psychologists at UCLA has shown that high-risk children adopted from foster care do equally well when placed with gay, lesbian or heterosexual parents. Last month Stephen Donnan covered New research being carried out by the adoption issue in our news psychologists at UCLA has shown that section following a ruling that a ban high-risk children adopted from foster on same sex and unmarried couples care do equally well when placed with gay, lesbian or heterosexual parents. adopting breached their human rights. Following the ruling we were In their first multi-year study of 82 presented with the usual barrage children adopted from foster care by of threats from politicians and the these three groups of parents – 60 Presbyterian Church who now seek to children were placed with heterosexual overturn Mr. Justice Treacy’s decision parents and 22 were placed with despite there being around 2,500 gay or lesbian parents (15 with gay children there in State care. male parents and seven with lesbian parents). Our health Mr Poot’s argued that the decision “wasn’t in the best interests The psychologists studied the children of the vulnerable people concerned” at two months, one year and two years after they were placed with a family. and Jim Allister of the TUV worried The children underwent a cognitive that there was insufficient evidence assessment by a clinical psychologist showing that children could benefit three times during the course of the from “the unnatural setting of a same- study, and the parents completed sex relationship”. standard questionnaires about the children’s behaviour at each of the three We have good news Mr Allister!! assessment periods.10
  9. 9. NEWS FROM NOVEMBER ALL the LATEST, in the NEWS THAT MATTERSThe psychologists found very few The children adopted by gay anddifferences among the children at any lesbian families had more risk factorsof the assessments over the two-year at the time of their placement; out ofperiod following placement. On nine risk factors, they averaged oneaverage, children in heterosexual, additional risk factor, compared withgay and lesbian households achieved the children adopted by heterosexualsignificant gains in their cognitive parents.development, and their levels ofbehaviour problems remained stable. “The children adopted by gay andTheir IQ scores increased by an lesbian parents had more challengesaverage of 10 points, from about 85 before they were adopted and yetto 95 — a large increase, from low- they end up in the same place, whichaverage to average functioning. is impressive,” said Letitia Anne Peplau, a distinguished research“The children showed meaningful professor of psychology at UCLAgains in heterosexual, gay and lesbian and co-author of the study. “Therefamilies,” said Justin Lavner, a UCLA is no scientific basis to discriminatedoctoral candidate in psychology against gay and lesbian parents,”and lead author of the study. “Their Peplau said.cognitive development improvedsubstantially, while their behaviour The study is published in theproblems and social development October issue of the Americanwere stable.” Journal of Orthopsychiatry. “The children adopted by gay and lesbian parents had more challenges before they were adopted and yet they end up in the same place, which is impressive,” said Letitia Anne Peplau, a distinguished research professor of psychology at UCLA and co-author of the study. “There is no scientific basis to discriminate against gay and lesbian parents,” Peplau said. 11
  10. 10. The News in Brief... Northern Ireland born leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland - Cardinal Keith O’Brien has been named Bigot of the Year at this years Stonewall Awards in London. The Cardinal who grew up in Ballycastle, County Antrim topped the shortlist of five because of his comments attacking same-sex relationships and describing them as “harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing” before comparing them to slavery. The Public Health Agency has released a report revealing a startling 10% increase in the number of people living with HIV here in Northern Ireland in the last 2 years. The findings highlighted a continuing rise in new HIV diagnoses, up by 3%, from 80 in 2010 to 82 in 2011. There are now 522 people living with HIV infection, up 10% on 2010. Of the 82 new HIV diagnoses 48 of these occurred in men who have sex with men, the report said. A teacher at a school in Florida has said her career has been ruined after being accused of helping to turn a student into a lesbian. Juliet Hibbs , who is straight, was investigated last year for ‘misconduct’ when the student’s parents complained to the school principal that she should have notified them of their daughter’s orientation, and may have even contributed to her homosexuality. Hibbs, who was a teacher at Florida’s Deerfield Beach High School, has filed charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the district as well as the school’s principal and the assistant principal. The teen dismissed her parent’s allegations about Hibb’s influence, arguing that a straight woman couldn’t turn someone into a lesbian. LGBT organisations have called the charges laughable. She said: “My career has been ruined. Before Deerfield, I had an impeccable record.” Hibbs, who has 10 years experience as a teacher, is now on medical leave and says stress over the prolonged investigation has caused her several health problems that will probably prevent her from teaching again. - Chris McMurray. BNP leader Nick Griffin will not face any further action after being investigated for tweeting the address of a gay couple. MEP for the North West, he encouraged his twitter followers to demonstrate outside the home of Michael Black and John Morgan following the announcement the pair were being awarded £1,800 at Reading County Court after suing the Christian owner of a B&B for denying them the right to share a room.12
  11. 11. NEWS FROM NOVEMBER ALL the LATEST, in the NEWS THAT MATTERS Same-sex couples are to be within primary legislation.” prevented from suing churches Miller’s statement is an attempt to allay fears that refuse to marry them, the of church leaders who believe that once the Government has confirmed. Government introduces equal marriage in Maria Miller, the equalities England and Wales (expected by 2015), they minister and culture secretary (left pic) would be forced to marry same sex couples told the Sunday Times yesterday that new against their wishes.safeguards would prevent couples from using the European Convention on Human Right’s The Coalition for Marriage, a group that protection for freedom of religion to force a opposes equal marriage questioned Miller’s particular church to marry them. statement. “The Government’s solution of primary legislation, a lock, as the minister “To make sure there is no element of doubt, describes it, is a cheque that will bounce,” it we would be legislating to protect the rights said. of religious institutions to continue to have freedom on this matter. “No minister can make this pledge because of European legislation and the European courts, “We would achieve that through some very unless the minister is planning to come out of clear and absolute locks on that freedom the [convention].”Chris McMurray - British Olympic boxing continues to be a great year for me so thanks gold medal winner Nicola to everyone for their continued support.” Adams has become a Clare Balding, the openly lesbian sports champion for the second presenter, who has become known as time this year, this time a ‘national treasure’ since her prolific topping the Pink List 2012. contribution to Olympics TV coverage, was listed at number two. The annual list, published Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was ranked by ‘The Independent on at number three, and Paralympian and Sunday’, aims to celebrate Olympic equestrians Lee Pearson and Carl the LGBT heroes and heroines of the year, Hestor came in at numbers four and five.whether they are in the public eye or unsung John Mullin, editor of the Independent on champions campaigning for progress and Sunday said: ‘I am proud to announce the equality. 13th annual Pink List, celebrating influential Reflecting the many achievements of LGBT and high-profile lesbian, gay, bisexual and athletes at the 2012 Game this summer, the transgender people in the UK. The top ten Pink List features several Olympic athletes reflects those who have helped truly inspire and prominent figures in sport in high- Britain over the past year. ranking positions. Chris McMurray - Nicola Adams, who is openly bisexual, said: “It’s amazing to be on the list of such Got News? Submit a press release at an inspiring and influential people, 2012 13
  12. 12. Channel 4 has admitted it was wrong to edit out the word “gay” from an episode of The Simpsons, which was shown by the UK television channel on Sunday. The Independent reports that the word was cut from a 1994 episode, called ‘Homer Loves Flanders’, which was aired at 12.55pm on November 4. In the episode, Homer is on the way in to an American football game and is embarrassed to be seen with his neighbour, but softens after Ned pays for food and introduces him to the star quarterback. As they drive away, passing workmates Lenny and Carl in the car park, Homer proudly yells out of the window: “I want everyone to know that this is Ned Flanders … my friend!’ Lenny turns to Carl and says: “What’d he say?” Carl replies: “I dunno, somethin’ about being gay.” The scene plays on the perceived sexual chemistry of Lenny and Carl’s relationship, a long-running Simpsons gag. In Channel 4’s version on Sunday, the episode cut to an ad break before the word “gay” was broadcast. In a statement, Channel 4 admitted its mistake: “We always carefully consider the context in which language is used in our programming. However in this instance the episode was edited in error as neither the word nor the context was unsuitable.” - Chris McMurray Last month finally seen the end of X Factor entertainer and all round nice guy Rylan. Sometimes camp, sometimes cheesy and sometimes a little too over the top but do you think X Factor would have been even remotely as watchable if he hadn’t been there to cause so much drama? He is ofcourse back on our screens again soon filling in for Richard Arnold on the ITV1 breakfast show Daybreak from December 3-7 as the former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star takes a well-earned rest after leaving the BBC One dancing show earlier this month. Other X Factor related news saw Union J star Jaymi Hensley came out of the closet claiming X Factor mentor Louis Walsh was his inspiration to come out.14
  13. 13. Veteran British actors Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi are teaming up to play a bickering gay couple in a new ITV1 sitcom. Vicious has been created by Will and Grace writer Gary Janetti and award-winning playwright Mark Ravenhill. The show, to air next year, will also feature Rising Damp actress Frances De La Tour as their feisty best friend. Sir Ian will play ageing actor Freddie who haslived in a cramped flat with Sir Dereks Stuart for nearly 50 years. Their worlds are turned upsidedown when a young man called Ash moves in upstairs. Writer and co-producer Janetti, who has also worked on award-winning US comedy Family Guy, said he was "incredibly excited" to be working with "this unbelievable cast". ITVs comedy commissioning editor, Myfanwy Moore, said the broadcaster was "thrilled this exciting and bold sitcom, with stellar performers and writing talent is to join the increasing slate of new look comedy shows on the channel". This month Sir Ian will be seen reprising the role of wizard Gandalf in Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The film, which co-stars Martin Freeman, Elijah Wood and Benedict Cumberbatch, is due in UK cinemas on 14 December. - Chris McMurray Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster is to then, Foster has appeared in over 40 movies, receive the Cecil B DeMille Award for winning best actress Oscars for her role as alifetime achievement at the Golden Globes rape victim in 1988 film The Accused and asnext year. The actress is being honoured for the FBI agent Clarice Starling in 1991s The her 40-year career as an actress, director Silence of The Lambs. and film producer. The actress has also produced and directed A statement from the organisers read: "Her a number of TV shows and films, includingambition, exuberance and grace have helped Little Man Tate in 1991 and The Beaver pave the way for budding artists in this starring Mel Gibson (see left) last year. business". "Jodie is a multifaceted woman Jodie Foster has over the years attracted a that has achieved immeasurable amounts large lesbian fan-base. Although she has of success and will continue to do so in her never officially ‘come out’, in 2007 during an career. Shes truly one of a kind." acceptance speech she thanked film producer Starting her career in TV ads at the age of Cydney Bernard referring to her as "my three, by the time she was ten Foster had beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through appeared in numerous TV shows in North the rotten and the bliss." Bernard is believed America. However, she found international to have been Fosters girlfriend since the two fame in 1976 for her Oscar-nominated met in 1993 during the filming of Sommersby. performance as teenage prostitute Iris in The two women have reportedly raised Fosters Taxi Driver, and roles as Tallulah in Bugsy two children together, however there were Malone and the lead in Freaky Friday. Since several reports in 2008 that the couple had separated. Chris McMurray 15
  14. 14. Mister Underground Mister Underground Manning. The debut venues I dream of playing an electro/pop/dub- single from the album at but one would definitely step musician from “Medicine ft. Lucky Date” be the o2 Arena, London. Belfast, Northern was broadcast on BBC All of my favorite artists Ireland. Earlier this year Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 have performed on that stage and it would be an he finished his third Xtra, BBC ATL, BBC incredible experience, The studio album entitled Radio Ulster and was also atmosphere always seems “Trainwreck” It was used as an advertisement mind blowing. released on 10th August on Radio 1 for BBC 2012 He performed Introducing. The second You have a few really tracks from the album at single “Be A Star” entered catchy videos on YouTube this year’s Gay Pride at Akon’s top 100 unsigned at the moment, have you Custom House Square. chart peaking at #32. any more planned or due Performing in front There have also been for release? of an estimated 7,000 several tracks played at people, screaming and catwalks throughout the Thank you, I am a pop enjoying themselves.” UK and Ireland and “Live song writer and I aim to make my tracks as catchy as It was definitely a Your Life” was featured possible. I have been busy highlight of my career, on The Box Dance Chart writing my fourth studio I had fans singing lyrics peaking at #73.He has album “Blitz Kidd” and this back to me at the same started work on the 4th record is full of catchy hits time supporting the album “Blitz Kidd”. This and collaborations from LGBT community” is a double disc album artists all around the globe. full of collaborations. I have many more tracks “Trainwreck” went on to be released and put out to sell many copies on Belfast’s Custom House there. I am getting ready to iTunes and was sold out Square is a brilliant venue, release the second single in Head music store. where would you most like from “Blitz Kidd” entitled to perform? “No Houses” this single also The album included features Glenn Rosborough collaborations from Custom House Square from (Intermission). The Rebecca Creighton (Belle was an amazing venue to track will accompanied by Amie), Trey LaTrash perform at. It has been the a 7 minute video which (American DJ, Producer, biggest stage and audience will be shot at Islandmagee, Fashion Designer) and I have performed in front Larne. Set to be released in Singer/Songwriter Sarah of to date. There are many early January 2013.16
  15. 15. Have you got any musicalhero’s or heroine’s that you feelare an inspiration to your styleof music?I am more of a fan of “Artists”not “Musicians”, the differenceis an “Artist” takes into accountperformance, creativity, fashionand stage presence, a “Musician”focuses solely on the music.To me my biggest inspirationis Marilyn Manson, he is an“Artist” without his inspirationwe wouldn’t have many otherartists in the world such as LadyGaga and Lana Del Rey. Mansonis an incredible song writer andhis music touches me. He hasevolved as an artist and must sayhe has inspired me to be who Iam today, Mister Underground. artist. There will always be haters no matterAs you have really started up how popular you are. Don’t dream it, BE IT!from scratch, do you have anyadvice to give young people We are aware you have worked with some bigwho are trying to make a name names in music already including Williamfor themselves in the music Control (Aiden), Kimberly, Silhouette,industry. Wyldling, Intermission, Freezepop, Amy Rose and Platnum. Who in music dead orThe first thing to do is find alive would you most like to perform with onyourself, this can take time. stage and why?Experiment with different soundand find the style that suits you I have worked with people on this recordbest. The next thing to do is that I used to go to gigs/concerts to see thembelieve in yourself because if perform. To have them collaborate with me onyou don’t believe in yourself no my track, singing my lyrics and on my recordone will. Think of yourself as a is just such a surreal feeling. I have alwaysbubble and all negative vibes/ wanted to perform or collaborate with Petecomments will reflect of you Burns. his voice is incredible and he knowsbecause if you take them on how to write a hit. To perform on stage withboard you start to have doubts him would be incredible he is a unbelievableand question yourself as an performer. 17
  16. 16. We know you used to enjoy playing sport, is this still the case or have you any other passions that you enjoy other than music? I was very sporty when I was younger but again I feel it was all part of growing up and finding myself. I enjoyed playing football and gold but music has always been the main thing I have been focused on. After making music for a while when I hit around the age of eighteen and started writing music and producing it I knew then it’s what I love doing and want to make my full time career. I do enjoy writing and drawing but again it connects with my music. What was the first song you remember singing? Has it always been clear you were going to make a career in the music industry? One of the first tracks I remember recording myself singing to was My Chemical Romance - I’m Not Okay. This song just connected with me as to what I was going through at that time in my life in school. From this I began writing a lot of poetry and music and I just knew that music is my escape, I can write about personal things and connect with people that are going through the same thing as me. I feel free when I write and feel I can talk about anything. Have you got any secret celebrity crush? YES, we all have our celeb crushes. Mine would have to be Dappy from N-Dubs, I know everyone says he is not my type but honestly in my eyes opposites attract!18
  17. 17. With up and coming mainstreamartists ‘coming out’ do you thinkthat it is easier to be an openly gayperformer now and did you everconsider not mentioning it?I do think it’s easier now than it waswhen I started out a few years back.Programs like the X Factor have startedto encourage people to come out andI think this is great because the publicshould never judge anyone’s talent ontheir sexuality. I was always going tobe open and talk about my sexualitythrough my music because my biggestaudience I connect with would be thegay scene. I want to connect with themand say just be yourself and be proudof who you are, sexuality is not a choiceand I think the world should cometogether and see that we are not all What do you like to do over the festivehere for a long time and that we are all period?different but nobody anywhere shouldbe judged because of who they are. Let’s Over the festive period I enjoy cominghope people keep it up and continue together with my family. It’s nice toto be more open about their sexuality catch up with everyone and have a fewand maybe one day everyone can live in glasses of wine ha-ha. I think everyonepeace. loves a few festive parties over the Christmas period.Are you the only performer in yourfamily or are you all musical / artistic? But no relaxing for me this year as I will be shooting my new musicMy uncle is musically driven, he video and getting set to release theactually teaches in the School of Music much anticipated fourth albumin England. His orchestra actually “Blitz Kidd” along with my debutfeatured in a movie called “Brassed Off ”. fragrance “Velvet Diablo”, 2013Apart from this I am the only other is going to be a very busy year formusically talented person to come outof the family. Most of my family would Mister interested in sport, football, tennis,poker etc. 19
  18. 18. Fun Zone Have a go at our brand new monthly crossword puzzle. It’s great fun. Let us know how you get on through our website We’ll publish the answers online on our facebook page which can be found at This ones not too tricky! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Email: for helpful hints and tips.20
  19. 19. Crossword Clues DownAcross • 1) Best international female• 1) Small seasonal singing bird artist at this years BRIT (5) Awards (7)• 3) Dutch spirit distilled from • 2) Lead character of the potatoes (8) Matrix films (3)• 5) I wana - for christmas - • 3) 1982 Christmas film based Famous song by Gayla Peevy on a Hamish Hamilton book, (12) The ------- (7)• 9) Elongated, rectangular, • 4) Attempt to communicate facial bone (5) with spirits (6)• 10) Tiny leafy-stemmed • 6) Name of the rebranded flowerless plants (4) HIV Support Centre in• 11) Sweet made from sugar Belfast (8,4) or treacle boiled with butter, • 7) Old World parasitic shrub, nuts, etc. (6) branching greenish stems• 13) Religious rites are with leathery leaves and waxy performed on one of these (5) white glutinous berries (9)• 16) Period extending from • 8) A shade of yellow tinged Dec. 24 to Jan. 6 (4) with orange (7)• 17) Tropical or sub tropical • 12) Dutch cheese (4) ecosystem (7) • 15) Shooting location (5)• 18) Two-wheeled carriage (6) • 20) Ceased Moving• 19) Full time christmas Immediately (5) workers (5) • 21) Representation of a• 20) At no cost (8) person (5)• 24) Strengthen with new • 22) Sound practical judgment evidence or facts (6) (5)• 26) Leave Undone (4) • 23) Any piece of work that is• 28) Marked by a narrow focus undertaken or attempted (4) on or display of learning • 25) Unaccounted for especially its trivial aspects (8) combatant (1,1,1) • 27) Habitual convulsive motion of certain muscles (3) 21
  20. 20. What’s HOT? @The Cinema, Out on DVD, Singles, Albums and Games There is plenty of the very finest forms of entertainment around every Christmas and there are certainly no shortages of stocking filler releases this December in the run up. We’ve sifted through those boring, tedious lists and charts to present you with a selection of the best releases and entertainment puchases available this month. @ The Cinema Out on DVD Batman: The Dark Knight The Hobbit Rises I Anna The Bourne Legacy Seven Psychopaths Step Up 4 : Miami Heat Parental Guidance Lady Ga Ga: The Secret World Life of Pi Of... Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution Boxset This Months Singles ...and Albums Leona Lewis ‘Lovebird’ Bruno Mars ‘Unorthodox P!nk ‘Try’ Jukebox’ Girls Aloud ‘Beautiful Cause MIA ‘Matangi’ You Love Me’ Ke$ha ‘Warrior’ Paloma Faith ‘Just Be’ Green Day ‘¡TRÉ! The Killers ‘Here With Me’ The Prodigy ‘Fat Of The Land: Expanded Edition’ Games GTA V Far Cry 3 Dead Space 3 Gears of War: Judgment Resident Evil 622
  21. 21. Fun Zone
  22. 22. December Edition Hansel and Grettel Paul Boyd’s musical of Hansel + Grettel has been staged in eight professional productions since it premiered in 1997 and has consistently been one of his most successful productions. The Lyric Theatre’s 1999 version broke box office records and remains the most commercially successful musical production ever staged in the Lyric’s long history, achieving 98% ticket sales over an extended nine week run. Hansel + Grettel is a full-length musical that tells the story of two clever children, two desperate parents, and an ill-advised trip into the woods where the children meet a bird, a frog and a witch with a most unusual taste in home décor. The show is performed by a multi-role- playing cast of six and features the songs “A World Without Children” and “The Wish Song” as well as Hansel + Grettel’s ballad “Lost and Alone”, Fats the Frog’s “The Greens”, and the Witch’s hysterical show- stopper “Children’s Portions” – all rounded off with Paul Boyd’s most popular and exciting mega-mix finale! Review of previous productions: “A most enchanting production… Boyd’s appealing musical is easily the best piece of entertaining theatre I have seen all year” The Irish News “Paul Boyd knows how to strike a chord… a superb production… you really can’t afford to miss this” Belfast Telegraph Running Time: 90 minutes approximately including interval24
  23. 23. December Edition WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT? THE MYGAYZINE GUIDE TO WHAT’S HOT AND WHAT’S NOTWHO? Lisburn Christmas Festival WHO? Mrs Brown Rides AgainWHERE? Lisburn (Various Locations) WHERE? Belfast Odyssey ArenaWHEN? 04 - 08 Dec WHEN? 04 - 09 DecWHAT? This year Lisburn City WHAT? Brendan O Carroll and Mrs Centre is getting into the Brown’s Boys completed festive spirit with a brand a staggering run of 6 new Christmas Festival, sold-out shows at the in association with The Odyssey Arena in 2011. Little Green Allotments. The This year, they return Festival will feature lots of with a brand new show, activities and events with Mrs Brown Rides Again. a focus on food, music, Earlier this year the BBC culture and arts across and RTE Television show, a number of City Centre Mrs Brown’s Boys was venues. nominated for a prestigious BAFTA Award, in the category of Best Situation Comedy.WHO? St. Georges Xmas Craft Fair WHO? Paranormal Gaol TourWHERE? St Georges Market, Belfast WHERE? Crumlin Road Gaol, BelfastWHEN? 07 - 09 Dec WHEN? 15 DecWHAT? St George’s Christmas Craft WHAT? On 31 March, 1996 the Fair takes place from Friday Governor of Belfast’s 7 - Sunday 9 December. Crumlin Road Gaol walked Pick up stunning Christmas out of the fortified prison presents or get arty making and the heavy air-lock your own personalised gates slammed shut for Christmas cards. Products the final time. The closure on sale include delicious ended a 150-year history chocolates, homemade of imprisonment, conflict jams and chutneys, and executions. The tour crafts, toys, glitzy home takes you on a paranormal decorations, scented journey through the prison. candles, Christmas In the gaol’s lifetime 17 hampers and jewellery. men were executed 25
  24. 24. December Edition WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT? THE MYGAYZINE GUIDE TO WHAT’S HOT AND WHAT’S NOT WHO? Mumford & Sons WHO? Katherine Jenkins WHERE? Belfast Odyssey Arena WHERE? Belfast Odyssey Arena WHEN? 15th December WHEN? 17th December WHAT? The Tour of Two Halves- WHAT? Katherine Jenkins, the Mumford & Sons are very Welsh mezzo soprano star pleased to announce will perform in concert with details of a forthcoming orchestra and choir. In the tour of the UK and Ireland. two years since Katherine The band, who have now released Believe, she has released their second performed around the album ‘Babel’ will perform globe, turned 30, made her live at Odyssey Arena on acting debut in Dr Who and December 15th in a live become a mentor and judge music spectacular that’s on Popstar To Operastar. No simply not to be missed, wonder she calls her new Marcus Mumford’s vocals album Daydream. One thing remains constant through all never fail to impress. of it - her voice... WHO? Christmas Market Final Day WHO? Xmas Market Derry WHERE? Belfast City Hall WHERE? The Guildhall, Derry WHEN? 20th December WHEN? 21 - 23 December WHAT? Last day of this years WHAT? The fabulous Lady Boys popular Christmas market of Bangkok are back in so make sure if you spectacular style with the have not been yet to get new 2011 production yourself down there before of the country’s favourite it goes to Derry for a few cabaret party show. Don’t days. With over 80 traders, miss the opportunity to the Christmas market offers encounter 16 of the world’s shoppers a Gastronomic most beautiful show-girls journey around the globe. who just happen to be But for the rest of us who men. An irresistible mixture would just like to chill in the of comedy, cabaret and beer tent with a strawberry raunchy capers. beer - This is your last chance. Got an event that you’d like to feature? Get in touch -
  25. 25. December Edition WHO? WHERE? WHEN? WHAT? THE MYGAYZINE GUIDE TO WHAT’S HOT AND WHAT’S NOTWHO? NYE Casino Royale WHO? Yuletide MarketWHERE? Titanic, Belfast WHERE? Rowallane Garden, D’patrickWHEN? 31st December WHEN? 08-09th DecemberWHAT? Say farewell to 2012 WHAT? Soak up the Christmas and hello to 2013 in atmosphere with craft style! Titanic Belfast will and food stalls, in one host a New Year’s Eve of the most gorgeous Casino Royale bash in garden settings in Northern the spectacular Titanic Ireland, Rowallane Suite. Play your cards right Gardens, Saintfield, Co. and book now for a night Down. Christmas trees full of entertainment, with and wreaths made by the superb James Peake the Rowallane gardening Experience with a DJ and team. Lots of family festive Casino (No cash taken). fun, face painting and The event also includes you might even bump into welcome drinks, canapés Santa! and party favours.WHO? Boxing Day Race Meeting WHO? Skate OdysseyWHERE? Down Royal Racecourse WHERE? Belfast Odyssey ArenaWHEN? 26th December WHEN? 18th December - 6th JanWHAT? Christmas’ other great WHAT? From the 18 December - tradition? Boxing Day Race 6 January as part of the Meeting at Down Royal Winterfest programme of Racecourse - Wednesday events, Odyssey Arena 26th December 2012. will be transformed into the Entrance is £12 or coolest place in town. This Premium Entrance is £16 is your chance to skate at (includes entrance to the the home of the fantastic Beef or Salmon Suite). Belfast Giants! Get the Children under 16 go free party started this Christmas to the racecourse and only and experience the thrills £5 for Beef or Salmon Suite and spills of skating. Plan admission. What better the perfect day out for way to spend the day with Christmas or New Year for family and friends? all your friends &family.Check back each month for a nosey at what’s going on around Northern Ireland 27
  26. 26. Drop us an email today at info@mygayzine to have us pay a visit and get featured in our next issue. Check back each month and see some of Northern Irelands BEST LGBT Venues.102824
  27. 27. 11
  28. 28. Venue Review Rainbow had been a location high on our list of places to review after we first featured their Grand Launch Party in the MyGayZine Launch issue. Reading re- views and visitor testimonials had only served to wet our appetite for the cuisine on offer at Rainbow. My friend and I were excited to finally put the food to the test and sample some of the dishes I had earmarked some time ago whilst scanning their colourful menu online. Upon our arrival we were welcomed by several helpful mem- bers of staff enquiring about our reservation and were prompt- ly guided to our seats by one of the Rainbow team.30
  29. 29. One thing I can confidently say about triple cooked chips. Credit to the chefthe venue is that the service provided on this as it was sumptuous. Mouthat Rainbow is beyond exceptional. watering salmon, perfect goujons,From the moment we arrived and tasty, fresh salad and two emptythroughout the evening there was an plates.attentive, friendly and knowledge-able member of staff at close hand. There was a great selection of dessertsThe name of the waiter at our table on offer afterwards. Choosing the Icehas somehow slipped my mind but he Cream Fudge Sundae was inevita-certainly demonstrated a very thor- ble and a real cherry on the top of aough understanding of the food and lovely meal. The entire dining experi-speciality cocktails, fine wines, beers ence was brilliant from start to finishand bubbles available. and just as we were tidying off Debbie Bradley was beginning her Lady GagaThere is a nice selection of dishes on Tribute Act on the first floor and thethe large, beautifully designed, colour entertainment teased from menu that wouldn’tlook out of place in an issue of My- The lively bustle of the three floorGayZine. The only problem I had complex combined later in the even-with the menu was squeezing it onto ing, adding a new dimension to themy table. Prices are more than rea- atmosphere on the second floor. Isonable for the high standard of food have to admit I had imagined theon offer. entertainment portion of the review would consist of a typically poorOpting for something simple and looky likey, lip syncing and disco jiv-light, I chose the Soup of the Day to ing her way through to a barrage ofstart. I had warm vegetable soup with GaGa number 1 hits but it turns outpossibly the most delicious crusty I was pleasantly surprised. This ladybread I have ever sampled. My guest can sing and has her own disco stickchose the King Prawn Pil Pil to start for little monsters. It was great andand we both agreed it was something I’d recommend it to anyone who’s aelse. A must try. fan of GaGa, I hear there are quite a few.After our starters we moved ontoour main courses with heightened All in all Rainbow proved to be aexpectations of what was to come great night out with a twist. The col-next. Dishes of choice were the Herb ourful menu was very well presentedEncrusted Salmon with French beans, and hides some pleasant potatoes and prawn veloute as This supper dining experience is awell as the Thai Chicken Goujons must.with Asian salad, sweet chilli jam and
  30. 30. l i f e st y l e Enjoy those Christmas dinners thatfitness little bit more by working for them! Shape up for Christmas Interval training is the best way to burn fat. You may not lose a stone before Christmas but you will be left Battling the Bulge? feeling great! Want to look and feel great for The concept of interval training can Christmas… make some room be used for a wide variety of workouts. for that extra piece of stuffing…. or be the one that has lost some * If you normally walk 2 miles per day, add short bursts of jogging into your weight? daily walk. Likewise, if you already jog, add short sprints. As days grow shorter and tem- peratures plummet, you might be * In the pool, alternate several laps of tempted to turn to comfort food gentle swimming with one or two laps to brighten up the day… of fast swimming. But why not be the one at the * When youre on the exercise bike, Christmas party receiving those alternate three-minute sessions of gentle cycling with one-minute compliments and believing them! sessions of intense cycling at an increased resistance or incline. Enjoy those Christmas dinners that little bit more by working for * If you really want to work hard and them! get rid of that fat, I would recommend running on the treadmill or in the Interval training park for 20 minutes. You should look to do 1 minute sprint and 1 minute Interval training is built upon jog throughout the 20 minute run. alternating short, high intensity That along with some resistance bursts of speed with slower, recovery training, and a balanced diet is phases throughout a single workout. guaranteed to get you fit for the festive season!32 ask for advice - emaiil
  31. 31. TIPS AND ADVICE ON HOW TO STAY TRIM AND SLIM WHILST ENJOYING YOUR FESTIVE FEASTS... “Although you’re exercising, you’re going to be using up more calories than usual. While some people welcome a little weight loss, you’ll have to fuel up eventually. Therefore it’s important that you maintain a healthy diet!“Healthy dieting this Christmas Perhaps it will be more an issue ofis all about eating the right the quantities consumed rather thanproportions of the right foods. quality this Christmas. Check back for our January issue where we will be outlining how to start burning offThe key to a healthy diet is to those extra pounds and tips on stick-eat the correct proportions ing to your New Years Resolutionsof the right kinds of foods,simplified below. 31
  32. 32. l i f e st y l e Submit your recipes to:cooking We publish the best each month.Carrot and ginger soup Ingredients Ingredients 1 ½ lbs/700g carrots, peeled and chopped, 2 medium onions, peeled and roughly chopped, 1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed, 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp pow- dered ginger, 1 tsp medium curry powder, 3 pints /1.6 litres chicken method or vegetable stock, Sea salt Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and add the onions and car- and black pep- rots, cook for several minutes, stirring from time to time. Do per, Rind of 1 not brown the vegetables. Then add the garlic, ginger and lemon, finely curry powder and cook for a further minute. Add the stock shredded, 7 and lemon strips to the pan, half cover the pan with its lid, and oz/200g crème simmer gently for 20 minutes until the carrots are tender. Cool fraiche and 2 slightly, then liquidize the soup until smooth. Taste and season tsp fresh pars- with sea salt and black pepper. Take the Creme Fraiche and ley, chopped place a nice dollop or squiggle in each bowl and sprinkle with the Parsley. Then serve and Enjoy!!34
  33. 33. cook up a winter storm or enjoy a warm glass of mulled wine. It’s our 2012 festive food guide beef stew Festive food ideasIngredients Ingredients 12 Shallots Olive oil 2 Carrots 567g/1lb 4oz Braising steak, all visible fat removed 1 Level tbsp tomato puree 1 Bouquet garni method 170g/6oz Peel the shallots. Heat a large pan with some olive oil, add the mushrooms shallots and fry for 5 minutes until browned. Transfer to a 2 Level tsp onion plate and set aside. Slice the carrots, place in the pan with the gravy granules steak, tomato puree, bouquet garni and 852ml/1½ pints water. Salt and freshly Cover and simmer for 1½ hours. Halve the mushrooms, add ground black to the pan with the shallots and simmer for a further 20 min- pepper utes. Sprinkle over the gravy granules and stir until thickened. Freshly chopped Season to taste, sprinkle with parsley and serve with mashed parsley, to garnish. potato or dumplings. Then serve and Enjoy!! MULLED WINE Ingredients750ml of red wine, 250ml of orange juice, 100ml of water, 50ml of peach method schnapps, 1/2 orange, For the mulled wine, combine the red wine, orange juice, peach pare the zest, 5g of star schnapps and water in a saucepan. Add the bay leaf, cardamom anise, 3g of cloves, pod, cinnamon stick, cloves, orange zest, juniper berries, thyme 1g of juniper berries, and star anise and bring to the boil. Simmer gently for 15-20 1 cinnamon stick, 1 minutes. Carefully pass the mulled wine through a fine sievecardamom pod, 1 bay leaf and into a jug. It is now ready to serve. 35
  34. 34. l i f e st y l eholidays - barcelona Whether it is a long weekend away, by maurice dickson day trip from Sitges or cruise stop www.gayaway2travel .com over visit - Barcelona has long had a reputation as a city with a vibrant and integrated gay scene. Whilst there are some areas that are frequented more by the gay community, everywhere in the city is welcoming and open-minded, making Barcelona a gay friendly popular destination for members of the gay community. The main gay area in Barcelona is called L’Eixample or Gayxample, but let’s starts at the beginning. The beginning being the street everyone first heads for in Barcelona - Las Ramblas. It runs from the port, to the centre of town, stopping just a few blocks short of the gay village and is famous for Barcelona’s best street performers. It’s a constant highway of people walking up and down it to see its many visual delights. A word of warning though, it is a favourite spot for professional pick pockets, never put your wallet in your back pocket and don’t leave anything unattended, even for a second. Online viewers can click here to36 visit the gayaway2travel website
  35. 35. When the sun sets is when Barcelona Metro from either the Universitat orreally comes to life. After a hot day, Urgell stations. If you get off at Urgellthe boys come out to play! Barcelona’s take the Villarroel exit. The gay scenegay scene is lively and stylish but is lively and there’s plenty of variety.remember in Spain you don’t go out Everything you’d expect from a majorto eat until 10pm, the bars don’t get city’s gay scene but with the addedgoing until midnight and the discos bonus of bronzed Spanish boys all overdon’t even open until 3am, a far cry the place. Eixample is pronounced “eye-from back home when clubs here sham-play”.are closing in Barcelona they are justbeginning!, so get some sleep in before One of the most popular gay Barcelonayou go out because you will be out all cruising spots on the beachfront isnight drooling over those gorgeous Chernobyl gay Beach. This is reallyCatalonian boys. a summer cruising spot (April to October) and is busy mostly during theThe first thing that is going to hit you day, although during the hot summerwhen you arrive in Barcelona is the months of July and August it can bebeautiful architecture all around you. busy up until 8pm.Then as you start cruising around, thenext thing that is going to knock you off Barcelona is one of the few citiesyour feet is that those amazing Gaudi in the world that combines thecreations you’ve seen so much of in attractions of urban tourism with thephotos are standing.......actually I’m possibility of laying on a gay beachnot going to tell you where they stand to sunbathe during the day or tobecause it will spoil the surprise, but enjoy the animation of the seafrontyou will be surprised where they are. in the evening or at night. Barcelona’sYou’ll know what I’m babbling on about beaches, 4.2 kilometres long andwhen you see for yourself. just a few minutes from the city, are a unique case in Europe of theNext you’ll be pleasantly surprised at integration of a large metropolis withjust how helpful and friendly the people the sea.are for a city of its size. Whatever yourpreconceptions are of the Catalonians, A city obsessed with the latest stylesthey’ll soon melt away as they do their and fashions, today’s Gay Barcelonabest to make you welcome in their hot-spot can become tomorrow’s after-stunningly beautiful city. thought. The battle for the Pink Euro is fiercely fought. The result - you willThe gay area is called L’Eixample or nick find some of the most contemporarynamed Gayxample and is north-west “fashion-conscious” designer gayof the centre of town within walking bars tucked right next to the oldestdistance but can also be reached by 37
  36. 36. Barcelona – an opposite way of life where your night is only starting a 3am! t traditional tapas bars in Hop on Hop off Bus hostels and even flats Barcelona. (Bus Turistic) from and apartments that are Beyond the bars and Plaza Catalunya in the gay friendly. There are clubs, there’s much center of Barcelona. It’s over 1,200 Barcelona to get you steaming just 24€ for 1 day or hotels available to our in Barcelona. Saunas 31€ for 2 consecutive customers. We have are very popular in days. There are 44 selected numerous Barcelona. And not stops along the route, hotels in Barcelona just late at night... they and you can get off based on our own are a 24 hour affair. wherever you like, experience and reviews. The biggest company is and then hop on one They offer excellent Grupo Pases who have of the next buses that service and amenities 4 Saunas in Barcelona. come along. There are and are located either Sauna Casanova is 3 distinct routes, and in the heart of the the most popular and your ticket covers you Barcelona gay district youthful “men’s health” for all of them. or within close walking complex, bang in the distance. centre with a brilliant The north route, south red neon sign behind route and Fórum route. Pride and Other Events frosted glass luring in Each stop is announced off the streets punters in English, and you’ll This year Circuit of all ages. find info about each Barcelona the main one in the guide they LGBT event is being To top it all off, you give you. The entire held 8th to 18th have Sitges just down tour of all 3 routes, if August with hundreds the road which you you don’t stay at any of thousands of gay must check out as well. location, lasts 5 hours. people from round the It’s an easy 35 minute Barcelona Gay world attending this train ride away from Accommodation year in its 6th year. So Sants train station, or if you’re looking for better yet, from Passeig Barcelona offers a the best summer party de Gracia station near good selection of -Barcelona Circuit is the gay village. accommodation the place to be with specifically suitable for nonstop partying and The best way to see all the Gay and Lesbian not to mention the of the major sites in community, everything biggest gay water park Barcelona is to take the from Gay hotels, Gay party at Illa Fantasia38
  37. 37. exclusive travel deals!Water park which is well worth going to! Depart BFS 12th Feb x 7 nights self catering staying at Sidorme Barcelona-Granollers 2* Central Hotel, flights, baggage and hotel included (transfers extra but local transport more cost effective) ---- FROM ONLY £325 per person (based 3 sharing), other hotels and apartments available at supplement. Also if you missed issue 2 then check out ourlast feature about Sitges, if you call us we will be more than happy to offer a combined deal. By Maurice Dickson 39
  38. 38. l i f e st y l e New Lookfashion for him Navy/White Arctic Print Onesie USC - Datsun Price £24.99 Long sleeved t-shirt Price £48 Armani Exchange River Island Men’s Smart Watch White stud collar shirt Price £112 Price £35Republic - Converse Patch cuff Joggers Price £35 - Kilgore Urban gray Onion stitch quilted zip jacket Price £95 Topman Insight “skin deep” cardigan H&M Price £100 Leather shoes Price £149.99 Next Burgundy Christmas House of Fraser reindeer jumper Hugo Boss Maine jeans Price £25 Price £99.9940
  39. 39. cool fashion for herLadies Filamento TopshopMulticore watch Caprice block heelPrice £57 H&M hi-leg boot Jumper Price £100 Price £29.99 Next Open back House of Fraser studded top Diesel Grupee jeans Price £36 Price £80 Republic White reindeer knitted jumper Price £35 New Look River Island Navy check shoulder Denim cut out stud flannel shirt sleeveless shirt dress Price £19.99 Price £75 USC - G Star Hiroko hoodie Miss Selfridge Price £47.40 Chocolate aviator jacket Price £65 41
  40. 40. l i f e st y l e get somegift guide inspiration Retro Candy Floss Retro Slush Maker - Funky Tetris Light - Ambigram Door Mat Maker - £45.00 £80.00 £27.49 - £17.50 The Hard & Sugar SMART Retro Slush Powered by 7 Beautifully designed Free Cotton Candy Maker is from the Tetriminos - Plug in this unique ambi- MakerTM transforms licenced Nostaliga the blue Tetrimino gram doormat wel- your favourite hard range creates the feel and once illuminated, comes visitors. Read candies into fluffy, and look of a 1950’s the other Tetriminos upside down when melt-in-your-mouth kitchen or diner. can be added in leaving the mat reads cotton candy. endless combinations. “go away”. Sling Media Solo - Jabra SOLEMATE ION Piano Kitsound Muff £89.95 Speaker - £114.67 Apprentice - £69.95 headphones- £17.69 Now you can The go-anywhere, The ultimate piano These super-warm watch and control do-anything portable teaching tool for iPad, earmuffs have a trick your favourite HD speaker with massive iPod and iPhone. up their sleeves - you TV source, from sound that lets you Built-in Speakers and can connect them anywhere in the take your music light-up keys make to anything with a world via your laptop everywhere. Portable learning super simple (3.5mm) headphone or mobile phone Size. Massive Sound. and fun. jack.42
  41. 41. all of this and more available through the christmas store on our website. prices were correct a time of tgift guide publication. Some products may be subject to postage costs.Wemo Automation Magic Sakura Tree - Choc Bath Gift Set - Thortons Toffee Switch - £38.50 £7.00 £6.99 Hamper - £22.00 The WeMo Switch Unfold the paper Powered by 7 Filled to the brim uses your existing tree, sprinkle on Tetriminos - Plug in with sweet and gooeyhome Wi-Fi network some of the included the blue Tetrimino toffee - from original to provide wire- ‘magic water’ and and once illuminated, special toffee to ex- less control of TVs, wait for the beautiful the other Tetriminos otic flavours such as lamps, stereos, and pink foliage to can be added in treacle, banana and more. emerge. endless combinations. liquorice toffee.iHelicopter for iOS/ Cream Chocolate Christmas Me to You Retro Sweet Hamper- Android - £26.99 Fountain - £17.99 Cushion - £9.99 £19.95 Set to be the best 1/2 the size of a The ultimate piano Straight from the 70’s selling toy for standard home choc teaching tool for iPad, & 80’s and includes Christmas 2012 (As fountain and serving iPod and iPhone. all your favs- spacerecom. on the Gadget 4-6 people the new Built-in Speakers and dust, dip dabs, wham Show!) Hours of fun Mini Party Chocolate light-up keys make bars and drumsticks. controlling the helo Fountain is the only learning super simple Also includes a free from your devices. product you need. and fun. message. 43
  42. 42. Jingle Hells... Jingle Hells... Jingle Hells... WELCOME to Readers Rant, a place to let your mouth go wild about the things that matter to you. Wether your feeling passionate about something, annoyed by someone or just wanting somewhere to express your feelings, we would like to hear from you. Get in touch with your rant and it could be published in the next issue of MYGAYZINE. Email your rant to We look forward to hearing from you - heres our Christmas rant... When is the correct time to put up your Christmas tree and decorations? 1st Dec?, 6Dec?, 25 Nov? certainly not 01 Nov? The day after Halloween? All Saints Day? C’mon lads and ladies mental much? I don’t think that these people are the only ones forcing an ever extending Christmas period upon us each year. No, its every single big brand in Europe. I seen the infamous Coca Cola Christmas Holidays are coming advert before Halloween this year, and not on youtube! Now surely this is taking the proverbial? I am certainly not a scrooge at all, in fact I am the contrary, I am Christmas’s biggest and most loyal follower. Growing up in my house at Christmas was magical thanks to an overactive Mother and an up for anything Dad. We put our tree up in and around the 10th of December. Not that this meant we could not start to get excited by Father Christmas coming, definitely not. Looking back I can say that the excitement of it even getting near time to put up your tree was such an amazing feeling as a child. These little, but in my mind important things are for me the fibre and pure essence of Christmas. I struggle to think of how a child living in a house that has their very best Christmas lights on full display at Halloween can enjoy the build up and excitement of every layer of the most wonderful time of the year. M. Michaels Lisburn44
  43. 43. TEXT us on 07564877618 Texts are respect to charged at gona try a everyone merry xmas marathon standard this trans - peter, yipee - message remem day strabane michelle rates. Please - viv do not send any inappro- priate con- seen Jeza santa bring tent to this on GoGoGay me a big hey from business line. News hunk down liverpool, ali By sending Website, O, my chimney - &ben images and Westport Rob, Coleraine text you are consenting and giving permission happy bday for those ma- john mcC loved issue 2 terials to be 14.12.12 published. I LOVE this mag, keep me a print copyyyyy any LGBT sports stuff? happy anniversary mr and - James, mr hall, Fiona belfast Text us you photos and comments, we will publish a selection of the best and most memorable ones in every months issue. We will also feature your shout outs, congratulatory messages and birthday messages. Get TEXTING...Got a message for someone that you’d like to see here? Text us today at your standard network message rate. 41
  44. 44. FEATURES Sir Walter Raleigh even joked in public about ‘King Elizabeth’ being succeeded by ‘Queen James.’ PETER FAHY Queen James, commander of the British empire, was the most powerful poof in the 17th Century, Queen of the World possibly the most powerful poof in the world, and he could have any man he wanted. Lucky bastard. What would you do if you were king of the world? Would the power go But the question remains - how did to your head? Would you reinstate his majesty Queen James change public executions? I know I would. the world? This probably all sounds fantastical or hypothetical, but I’m actually As I said before, James’ sexuality trying to be philosophical. It’s an was widely known and, age-old question: can one man understandably, it caused quite a change the world? stir. Homosexuality wasn’t exactly celebrated back in the Renaissance Or, more specifically, can one gay centuries. Even though art, man change the world? culture, social structures and science were being reviewed and Don’t be a doubting Thomas, reconstructed, homosexuality because the answer is yes. Here’s continued to be seen as sick and a history lesson about one prolific sinful. poof who inadvertently altered the course of human history - the So you can imagine how vexed mincing monarch King James I. and vociferous the rulers of the royal court must have been when It’s a historical fact that James, who they seen their lecherous, lusty reigned supreme in England from king oozing over the objects of his 1603 to 1625, was a rip-roaring affection, showering his male lovers homosexual who didn’t disguise with precious jewels, fertile tracts his love and lust for men. James of lands, and prestigious offices. didn’t just dabble in the deviant sex: he reveled in it. Historians James’ generosity to his toyboys have found a wealth of evidence in (notably to the drop dead the king’s letters and other official gorgeous George Villiers, who was court documents confirming his anointed the Earl of Buckingham) preferences, and his royal subjects engendered some ill feelings among knew full well about his sexuality. the upper echelons of England.46
  45. 45. The country neededa strong and resoluteleader, especially inthis exciting time ofgeographic discoveriesto the west of the He commissioned the In fact, much of theAtlantic, and increased creation of the King lyrical language youtrading with Europe James Bible. That’s find in the Bible wasand the East. Could right, that big book approved by the queera queer really lead sitting on your dusty king who adored art andthe country? And shelf was drafted and literature.England was already in designed by a queer.a turbulent state. Civil James was thewar was just around the Bear in mind that mastermind behindcorner, and thanks to the during the 17th Century, there was not one the book, and at theProtestant Reformationnew religious factions definitive Bible. Priests, risk of sounding(like those pain in Bishops and Ministers melodramatic, hethe ass, holier-than- read from various texts, was the editor-thou Puritans ) were in various languages: in-chief of a bookemerging and butting the Latin Vulgate, the New Testament in Greek destined to changeheads with the rest ofthe social classes. In and the Old Testament the world, a booktimes of turbulence, it’s in Hebrew. The Bishop’s that spurred thenot unusual for thrones Bible of 1568 and the social, political, andto be usurped. Great Bible of 1539 were cultural evolution of written in English, but only the church and mankind, not leastKing James, alreadyunpopular for his clergy could read and the evolution ofsexual preferences but interpret these sacred religious belief.determined to hold texts. James, wilyon to his divine right old poof that he was, James capitalized onof kingship, decided decided to destabilize new developmentsto do something that that monopoly. in printing presswould cement his role technology and soonas the righteous ruler The king, himself a after the compilationof England, a decision poet and avid fan of the theatre, commissioned and composition ofthat would resonate a talented team of the KJB (or shouldthroughout the world, writers to translate all I say gay-JB), hisan act that could becalled nothing less than the Biblical books into definitive versionthe most magnificent PR English, preferably in of Biblical exegesismove in the history of all a style as sonorous and went out for massmankind. melodious as possible. production. 47
  46. 46. PETER FAHY was a monumental export, and irrefutably, it helped English become a global language. The King James Bible was the book that the hell-fearing Puritans carried with them to New England, and as the centuries rolled by, the KJB influenced major American figures. According to some historians, it inspired Abraham Lincoln to write the Emancipation Proclamation, and rhythms and meters of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech have been compared with This was the birth of the King the rhythmic language in certain James Bible. Now the common sections of the KJB. man could read the good book from the comfort of his own To this day, the King James home, and didn’t have to worry Bible remains a pivotal text about the message being lost in for Presbyterians, Baptists, translation. There was no need and Evangelicals, and funny to learn Greek, Latin, or Hebrew enough, it’s those self-righteous - the entire breadth of the Bible sycophants who lambast was now in the king’s English. homosexuals, blatantly Thanks to King James I. blathering on about how godless and immoral we are. You can imagine how this new Bible became a powerful Don’t they realize that if wasn’t catalyst for Christianity. The for a homosexual, they might KJB was a germinal text not have such an intimate during the development of understanding of the scriptures? Protestant Christianity, and as It was a queer who gave the word the British empire expanded, of God to them in a language they to the Americas, to Africa, to could understand. the east and west of the world, the King James Bible went God really does work in along for the ride. The book mysterious ways, doesn’t He?48