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The Message Box is the most effective technique I've found for crafting customer-ready messaging for B2B marketing campaigns. It's about story telling and engaging prospects in a relevant dialog. Successful marketing requires making a personal connection with the prospect and inviting them into a dialog with meaningful messages that align with their buying process. This presentation, based on the mini-guidebook entitled The Message Box, introduces you to the concept, technique, and template. This technique is covered in detail in my book, The Marketing High Ground.

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  • Good story telling follows a simple formula. And this formula has worked for thousands of years. You can find it at work in Greek mythology, within the Bible, and in today’s popular fiction.
  • Nobody likes to be sold toTell the story of the customer use caseEngage the persona with a problem or opportunity they care aboutOffer some thought leadership on how the hero can restore balanceTell how and why your solution will help them prevail and winHighlight the value and rewards they’ll receive from using your products or servicesEntice the customer to respond, “Tell me more!” Then, proceed with product use case details
  • The Message Box

    1. 1. How to tell your story with customer-ready messaging Introducing the Message Box technique Mike Gospe KickStart AllianceMay 22, 2012
    2. 2. The most effective messaging . . . Is not about you! It’s about the customer and the problem they are trying to solve. 2 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    3. 3. What’s our story? Because nobody likes to be sold to, messaging must have relevance. Messaging must tell a story to engage the prospect so they respond: Tell me more! 3 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    4. 4. What do all of these books have in common? 4 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    5. 5. What makes a good story? 1. Something happens to upset the status quo, creating dramatic tension and provoking an emotional response 2. Our hero works to restore balance 3. Ultimately he or she prevails 4. Life returns to normal or better than normal 5 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    6. 6. What makes a good business story? 1. Engage the persona with a problem or opportunity they care about 2. Offer a solution criteria (thought leadership) on how the hero can restore balance 3. Tell how and why your product/service will help them prevail. Reinforce these points Tell the customer 4. Highlight the value and rewards they’ll receive from use-case story using your products or services 6 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    7. 7. The Message Box is …  A tool used to tell our story in 1 minute or less; It’s the conversation starter • Core values The • Strategic elements that must be reinforced consistently in the execution of tactics customer  The framework from which more detailed is the hero messaging will flow of the The Message Box is not … story, not  A creative brief the  Ad copy product!  Tag lines  PR headlines 7 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    8. 8. The Message Box: a tool for telling your story 8 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    9. 9. 9 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    10. 10. For more information . . . For more details on the Message Box technique, template, and examples, please refer to . . . The Message Box: a guidebook on how to tell your story with customer-ready messaging * Techniques * Templates *Examples ( See other titles on personas, positioning statements, and the role of the campaign manager at 10 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    11. 11. Table of Contents  The Marketing High Ground  Mapping Customer Perception  Introducing the Message Box  How and Why the Message Box Works  The Message Box in Action  Hierarchy of Messaging  Message Killers  Tips for Leading the Message Box Exercise 11 2012 © KickStart Alliance
    12. 12. Thank you! Mike Gospe KickStart Alliance Positioning Lead Generation Sales Readiness Join me on LinkedIn: mikegospe Follow me on Twitter: mikegospe 12 2012 © KickStart Alliance