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Merck facts and figures - Merck company profile 2012
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Merck facts and figures - Merck company profile 2012


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Merck facts and figures. This document provides key information on the pharmaceutical player Merck. It covers financials, strategic aspects and other KPI's as well as information on corporate …

Merck facts and figures. This document provides key information on the pharmaceutical player Merck. It covers financials, strategic aspects and other KPI's as well as information on corporate responsibility topics.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. The MERCK GRoup AN OVERVIEW 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 1 13.03.13 15:0
  • 2. OUR FIELDS: PHARMACEUTICALS. CHEMICALS. LIFE SCIENCE. At Merck, around 39,000 people in 66 countries develop pharmaceutical, chemical and life science innovations. We operate our businesses in four divisions: Merck Serono, Consumer Health, Performance Materials and Merck Millipore. PHARMACEUTICALS: We discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize innovative prescription drugs and therapies for high unmet medical needs. Through their targeted effect, these help patients to live a longer and better life (Merck Serono). In addition, for the consumer health care market, we offer a wide range of over-the-counter products that help prevent illness and relieve minor complaints (Consumer Health). 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 2 13.03.13 15:0
  • 3. CE. CHEMICALS: Our broad range of specialty chemicals are used in t ­echnologically sophisticated applications ranging from liquid crystal mixtures for flat-panel displays, to effect pigments and cosmetic ­ingredients (Performance Materials). LIFE SCIENCE: As a leading global partner to this future-oriented industry, we offer products, applications and solutions for protein research and cell biology as well as for the manufacture of chemical and biopharmaceutical drugs. Our products and services range from laboratory chemir cals, ­ eagents and consumables to analytical methods and laboratory p water ­ urification systems (Merck Millipore). 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 3 13.03.13 15:0
  • 4. OUR STRATEGY: PROFITABLE GROWTH. 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 4 13.03.13 15:0
  • 5. We are convinced that in our core pharmaceutical, chemical and life science businesses, the market will reward successful research and technological a ­ dvances with attractive margins. Our focus is on innovative specialty products. Competing on price alone and operating in commodity markets is not what we do. We have a clear objective: profitable growth. This is based on a distinct, fundamental strategy that can be summed up in three words: Sustain. Change. Grow. It’s a strategy based on the right balance between the old and the new, between tradition and innovation. It gives us the best possible preconditions for future growth and makes it possible to fully unleash our entrepreneurial potential. Our strategy and our ethical company values give our employees clear o ­ rientation for their daily work. We enable them to share in the company’s success and, thus, also in the execution risk. This way, we will remain c ­ urious and courageous – and continue to seize many new opportunities in the future. 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 5 13.03.13 15:0
  • 6. KEY ProDUCTs: Multiple Sclerosis: Rebif® Oncology: Erbitux® (solid tumors) Fertility: Gonal-f®, Pergoveris™, Luveris®, Ovidrel®/Ovitrelle®, Crinone®, Cetrotide® (infertility treatment) 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 6 13.03.13 15:0
  • 7. MERCK SERONO: EFFECTIVE MEDICINES TO FIGHT DAUNTING OPPONENTS. Merck Serono is the largest division of Merck and focuses on specialist t ­herapeutic areas such as oncology, multiple sclerosis, growth disorders, and infertility. The division offers innovative prescription drugs of chemical and biological origin. We are proud of our innovative products – and we invest around € 1 billion in R&D every year in our core therapeutic areas Oncology, Multiple Sclerosis and Immunology. Endocrinology: General Medicine: 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 7 Saizen® (growth hormone disorders), Serostim® (HIV-associated wasting), Kuvan® (metabolic disorder hyperphenylalaninemia), Egrifta™ (HIV-associated lipodystrophy) Glucophage® franchise (type 2 diabetes), Concor® franchise (cardiovascular diseases), Euthyrox® (thyroid disorders) 13.03.13 15:0
  • 8. KEY ProDUCTS: Mobility: Products to strengthen the joints and relieve pain, including the brands Seven Seas® and Kytta® Cough and cold: Cold treatment Nasivin® (Iliadin®); Sedalmerck® for pain relief 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 8 13.03.13 15:0
  • 9. CONSUMER HEALTH: PREVENTING MINOR AILMENTS AND PROTECTING HEALTH. Many consumers around the world trust a wide range of well-known brands with scientifically based mechanisms of action that Merck develops, manufactures and markets for the OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceutical sector. Our focus in the Consumer Health division is on eight strategic brands, specializing in key aspects of health care, such as mobility, everyday health protection, women’s health, cough and cold, and allergies. Our scientifically based product portfolio is aligned to the needs of consumers worldwide.The main distribution channels are pharmacies, as well as retail chains, drugstores and mail order in some countries. Everyday health protection: Probiotic multivitamin products from the Bion® and Multibionta® ranges Vitamins and minerals sold under brand names such as Cebion® and Diabion® Women’s and children’s health: Femibion®, products with folic acid and Metafolin® for pregnant and nursing women; Kidabion® (Haliborange®), a vitamin product range for c ­ hildren; Sangobion® for iron deficiency 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 9 13.03.13 15:0
  • 10. KEY ProDUCTS: licristal® Liquid crystal mixtures for displays Isiphor® Lighting materials for energy-efficient, high-quality LED lighting livilux®  Materials for OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) isishape®  Efficient, eco-friendly materials for structuring solar cells and touchscreens 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 10 13.03.13 15:0
  • 11. PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: LCDs, EFFECT PIGMENTS AND MORE. Merck is the global leader in the liquid crystals market. Liquid crystals are used throughout the world, in LCD TVs, monitors, tablet computers, notebooks, and mobile phones. In addition, the Performance Materials division focuses on materials for energy-saving lighting using LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and OLEDs (organic LEDs) as well as for OLED smartphone displays. Pigments for the coatings, plastics and printing industries as well as for c ­ osmetic applications are an important part of the Performance Materials portfolio. Moreover, the division is the market leader for pearl luster effect p ­ igments – a highly specialized niche within the pigment market. Iriodin®, Xirallic ®, Colorstream ® Effect pigments for use in coatings, packaging and product design Timiron®, Colorona®, Ronaflair ®, Xirona® Effect and functional pigments for cosmetic formulations Ronacare® Cosmetic active ingredients for skin care 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 11 13.03.13 15:0
  • 12. KEY ProDUCTS: Products for life science research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries Products for protein research and cell biology including consumables, reagents and services to help customers better understand diseases and biological functions 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 12 13.03.13 15:0
  • 13. MERCK MILLIPORE: PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH AND BIOTECHNOLOGY. With the Merck Millipore division, Merck is a leading life science tools c ­ ompany. The portfolio comprises products and services for the life science industry such as assays, biomarkers and target solutions, as well as bioprocessing, lab water purification and filtration. These are used by customers working in research and analytical laboratories as well as in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Additionally, the division supplies specialty chemicals mainly to regulated markets, for example the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. Analytical and scientific laboratories use the reagents and test kits supplied by the division. The Merck Millipore portfolio comprises more than 60,000 products and processes. Laboratory chemicals and materials for research, science and industry Products and services for sampling and assay platforms for the pharmaceutical, food and diagnostics industries Products, consumables and services for ultrapure laboratory water in science and industry Products that help to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drugs safely and efficiently 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 13 13.03.13 15:0
  • 14. OUR INNOVATIONS: GOOD NEWS. 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 14 13.03.13 15:0
  • 15. • Extended indication of the multiple sclerosis drug Rebif® was approved in Europe in 2012 for use in patients who have experienced a single demyelinating event, an early sign of the disease. • The targeted oncology drug Erbitux® is currently approved for use in colorectal cancer in 92 countries and in head and neck cancer in 90 countries. • Merck Serono researchers are currently working on 16 projects in drug development. • With innovative liquid crystal mixtures for polymer-stabilized vertical alignment (PS-VA) applications, we further expanded our technology leadership. PS-VA technology opens up new possibilities for LCD producers to achieve previously unattained screen properties. • Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) convert electricity most efficiently into light and can be produced as thin, flexible films. Application possibilities include displays, for example in mobile phones or small televisions. • With Scepter™, the Merck Millipore division launched the world’s first automated handheld cell counter. • For photovoltaics, Merck supplies materials for the cost-efficient production of solar cells and develops new materials, e.g. for flexible, organic solar cells. • Merck is working on innovative lighting materials, such as those for p ­ ower-saving white LEDs, which may represent an alternative to conventional incandescent light bulbs and energy-saving lamps. 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 15 13.03.13 15:0
  • 16. MERCK MANAGEMENT: THE MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD. 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 16 Karl-Ludwig Kley, Chairman Born in 1951, lawyer  Member of the Merck Supervisory Board and Board of Partners from March 2004 to June 2006; on the Merck Executive Board since September 2006. Responsible for Group functions: Group Strategy, Group Communications, Group Legal and Compliance, Group Internal Auditing Kai Beckmann, Head of Human Resources / Chief Administration Officer Born in 1965, university degree in computer science Joined Merck in 1989; on the Merck Executive Board since April 2011. Responsible for Group functions: Group Human Resources, Group Information Services, Site Operations, Inhouse Consulting Stefan Oschmann, responsible for the Merck Serono and Consumer Health divisions Born in 1957, veterinarian On the Merck Executive Board since January 2011. Responsible for Group functions: Patents & Scientific Services 13.03.13 15:0
  • 17. 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 17 Bernd Reckmann, responsible for the Performance Materials and Merck Millipore divisions Born in 1955, biochemist Joined Merck in 1986; on the Merck Executive Board since January 2007. Responsible for Group functions: Environment, Health, Safety, Security, Quality Matthias Zachert, Chief Financial Officer Born in 1967, university degree in business On the Merck Executive Board since June 2011. Responsible for Group functions: Group Accounting & Subsidiaries, Group Controlling & Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Group Tax, Group Insurance, Group Procurement, Investor Relations 13.03.13 15:0
  • 18. MERCK AT A GLANCE: KEY FIGURES FOR 2012. In 2012, the Merck Group generated total revenues of € 11.2 billion. The Merck Serono division accounted for € 6.4 billion, the Consumer Health division for € 475 million, the Performance Materials division for € 1.7 billion and the Merck Millipore division for € 2.6 billion of that total. EBITDA pre, with which the earning power of operating activities is measured, climbed to € 3 billion. Research and development spending amounted to € 1.5 billion. The operating result totaled € 964 million and free cash flow was € 2 billion. MERCK ONLINE: SERVICE & LINKS. Important and current information on the company can be found on the Web at The following websites offer information on special topics:,,,, Up-to-date articles and reports on Merck, its fields of activity and products can be found at: Brochures and audiovisual media on Merck’s activities can be ordered from Group Communications or downloaded from 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 18 13.03.13 15:0
  • 19. m m Se r ch pm Total revenues by division (in € million) Merck Serono 6,405 M  erck Millipore 2,617 Performance Materials 1,676 Consumer Health 475 Operating result by division* (in € million) Merck Serono mm 508 M  erck Millipore 233 pm ch Ser Performance Materials 599 Consumer Health 4 *excluding Corporate and Other Sales by region (in € million) N  orth America 2,128 Emerging Markets 3,712 EU NA Emerg Ma 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 19 Rest Europe 3,943 Rest of World 958 13.03.13 15:0
  • 20. The Merck Group. An overview. Published in March 2013 by Merck KGaA, Group Communications, Frankfurter Strasse 250, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 6151-72 0 Fax: +49 (0) 6151-72 5577 E-mail: Website: Photos: Robert Wilson, Torben Conrad Concept and design: Nissen Carstensen GmbH Lithography: data-graphis GmbH Printing: Frotscher Druck GmbH, Darmstadt W 840 103 3_013_FACTS+FIGURES_EN.indd 20 13.03.13 15:0