Craigslist Changes for Real Estate Agents


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In November 2014, Craigslist made a number of dramatic changes to their posting rules in the real estate categories. For many real estate agents, these Craigslist posting rules made an immediate negative impact on their lead generation efforts.

These slides were part of the Market Leader webinar, "Changes to Craigslist for Real Estate Agents." You can watch the full video recording at

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Craigslist Changes for Real Estate Agents

  1. 1. Change to Craigslist: Now What? November 14, 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • Introductions • Review of the recent Craigslist Changes • Strategies for Craigslist Success • Diversify your Lead Generation • Hitting your 2014 goals
  3. 3. Review of the Recent Changes • Craigslist has removed all embedded images and links • All hyperlinks are turned into non-active links • All images must be hosted on Craigslist
  4. 4. Strategies for Craigslist Success • Posting Title (Headline) • Posting Description (Content) • Call to Action • Agent Contact Information • Image • Special considerations for posting listings
  5. 5. Posting Title (Headline) • Attention-grabbing – Consumers are in browsing mode • Short, sweet, very little content – Consumers need incentive to click the ad • Who is the target consumer? • Examples: – ~Perfect Single Family Home for the First Time Buyer!~ (Bothell) – ~Bothell Home Values Are Up 6% - Time to Sell!~ (Bothell)
  6. 6. Posting Description (Content) • Don’t post content that will disqualify consumers! • Content needs to be general, not specific • What do consumers want or need? – Relevant content
  7. 7. Call to Action • Content you’re driving consumers to must match your headline • All ads should contain two calls to action: – A link to content on your website – Your contact information • Calls to Action should include clear instructions to access content – “Copy and paste link below to View Full Details and Photos...”
  8. 8. Agent Contact Information • Very simple! Include: – – – – Agent Name Brand Cell phone number to call or text No email address! • After the contact information – link consumers back to the search feature on your website
  9. 9. Image • 1 Image – Keep it simple • Never use a picture of the real home – You don’t want the consumer to disqualify the ad based on the picture • Use some sort of image to drive consumers back to your site – Example: Skyline of your city – Map, data are good as well
  10. 10. Special Consideration for Listings • The ad headline is very specific to the list • Headline will still target a demographic – Example: First-time homebuyers • Content is much different – More content…not all the MLS info, but enough to pique consumers’ interest • Call to Action: Linking the consumer back to the exact listing or call/text you about the listing • Use an actual photo of the listing
  11. 11. General Best Practices • Consumer-focused website (Must-haves) – – – – • Direct IDX feed Integrated CRM Neighborhood content or stats Value proposition lead capture (Opt In) Post during peak hours – 6:30 – 8:30 pm…varies per market • Your call-to-action must match your posting title (headline) – Instant gratification for the consumer • Must have an image • Stand out with service and content not sales – Showcase your store (website)
  12. 12. Still works!!
  13. 13. Diversify your Lead Generation • “For everyone who was using Craigslist as a main source for website traffic, this hurts. For those of us who saw this coming, not so much. We have stood on a soapbox more than once and yelled, “Do other things besides Craigslist, it will change!” – Lori Ballen, The Ballen Group • Don’t rely on one source! You need leads from: – Craigslist – Other free online sources (Backpage, ebay Classifieds, Social Media) – Referrals – Paid online advertising