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Presentation of the Italian Print Power and TwoSides projects theirs activities and communication and marketing plan ...

Presentation of the Italian Print Power and TwoSides projects theirs activities and communication and marketing plan
The projects aim at promoting effectiveness and sustainability of printed paper and paper in general



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    Wan ifra 2012_berlino_maria_moroni Wan ifra 2012_berlino_maria_moroni Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing the effectiveness of printed communication: Print Power Italy WAN-IFRA Berlin, 22nd March 2012
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI357PwUpAQ - PU
    • 1. Mission and goals 2. Activities and results 2010 / 2011 3. Goals and activities 2012 / 2013 PRINT POWER ITALY
    • MISSION Print Power Italy is the italian branch of a Pan-European organization called Print Power Europe (13 countries) born … … to promote printed communication with a double focus on its effectiveness and sustainability
    • THE ITALIAN CHAIN OF PRINTED COMMUNICATION SUPPORTS PRINT POWER ITALY General Assembly, Executive Committee, Marketing Team, Marketing Consultant
    • O One organization for two brands effectiveness sustainabilty advertising investors, media centre and communication agencies general public, young generations, women B2B B2C GOALS
    • Print Power Italy: the goals - PU PHYSICAL - Repeated contacts - Long term contact with the message LONG LASTING PERMANENCE - Credibility as the writer is more involved in terms of responsibility TACTILE EXPERIENCE - More involvement of the reader at the imaginery and attention level VALUES OF PAPER RENEWABILITY - Wood is renewable RECYCLABILITY - Paper is recyclable
    • Visibilità sul 250 pages published for free in newspapers, magazines and specialized press for an estimated value of 1.5 million € PRINT POWER ADV CAMPAIGN
    • www.printpower.eu/it PRESS COVERAGE
    • 2.200 addresses (90% of the Italian advertising budget) Mondadori Pubblicità and Assocomunicazione www.printpower.eu/it DIRECT MAILING
    • News / Events Case histories More efforts needed for updating WEB SITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA
    • Convegno «Quanto comunica la carta?» 11/2010 Studio Nova press conference (Evento annuale, Tavola rotonda della filiera) 03/2011 MEDPRINT 03/2011 Officina della Comunicazione (Print Power «Premium Partner») 05/2011 Assemblea della Federazione della filiera della carta e della grafica 06/2011 Largo Consumo roundtable 06/2011 www.printpower.eu/it EVENTS
    • RESULTS INDuring 2011 the intention to use paper tools increased by 1,6% .
    • www.twosides.info/it TWOSIDES ADV CAMPAIGN xxx Since May 17, 2011 128 published for free in newspapers (national and regional), magazines and specialized press. Estimated value of more than 500.000 €
    • Co-branding 320.000 copies MYTHS AND FACTS European forests are growing Source: FAO figures
    • Archive for documents giving credibility to the campaign News and events More efforts needed for updating WEB SITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA
    • Tavola rotonda della filiera carta/stampa, presentazione studio Nova 03/2011 Seminario Paper & People 04/2011 Seminario Altaeco 04/2011 Aticelca Congress 05/2011 «La carta unisce gli italiani» PalaComieco 05/2011 Assocarta Assembly 06/2011 MIAC 10/2011 CERSAIE 09/2011 EVENTS
    • IPSOS Survey: CONSUMER’S ENVIRONMENTAL PERCEPTION OF PRINT AND PAPER Which topics do you find most worrying in the world? • 69% Unemployment • 4% Deforestation However the deforestation influences and addresses consumer’s behaviour RESULTS
    • ¾ of european consumers think there is a connection between the loss of tropical forest and the manufacture of paper RENEWABILITY Paper is renewable but … most of the people are convinced that forests have reduced in size over the last 50 years Electronic support is by far preferred to paper as more environmentally friendly way RESULTS
    • RECYCLABILITY • Consumers want recyclable products but may be do not connect this with paper • 97% see recyclability as the sign of an environmental friendly product • People mainly think that 20% to 40% of paper is recycled RESULTS
    • Goals to be reached within 2013 in terms of people perception of sustainability of paper 2011 2013 Paper recycling rate in Europe is less than 40% 66% 53% Worrying about the effect of paper production and print on forests 85% 68% Preference to read on paper instead of screen 79% 79% Reading newspapers on paper is sustainable 16% 19% Reading books on paper is sustainable 38% 46% Reading magazines on paper is sustainable 24% 29% Paper DM is sustainable 10% 12%15/03/2012 TWO SIDES GOALS
    • • Co-branding and diffusion of the booklet “Myths and Reality” as an insert in magazines for the general public • Speaking platforms on sustainability • Co-branding and supporting activities in the schools • Anti-greenwashing activities • New adv campaign in newspapers and magazines • Activities of press office, web and social networks www.twosides.info/it TWO SIDES ACTIVITIES
    • OBJECTIVE OF PRINT POWER ITALY IS TO MODIFY/INFLUENCE THE CHOICE OF INVESTMENT OF MARKETING AND MEDIA MANAGER Contrast the progressive push of advertising towards other media, in particular digital, increase or at least keep the investment percentage devoted to paper. PRINT POWER GOALS
    • Lorien, agency specialized in Knowledge & Insights, is realizing a study on the current setting of investments in advertising - Detailed mapping and involvement of the multiple primary subjects when it comes to communication and choosing the media mix - Market sizing and mapping of investments in communications in terms of markets, media used, key players - Gathering and analysis of communication’s key players’ opinions and perception in terms of choice of media used and main distinctive elements and strengths - Identification and valorization of 5 successful case histories in reference to multi-channel campaigns, giving value to the significant specific advantages that each medium included in the media mix contributed to the overall campaign AUDIT &DESK ANALYSIS STAKEHOLDER STUDY PRIMARIO OUTPUTCONSUMER STUDY - Gathering and analysis of consumer perceptions and opinions, users of the paper medium, in relation to each specific communication vehicle and the interactions amongst them. A NEW SURVEY FOR PRINT POWER
    • KNOW THE TARGET AREAS EXPLORED FINAL OUTPUT • Company details: size, market, turnover • Internal profiles responsible for communication decisions: how many people, which figures • Current media & comms investments: investment budget, more frequently used medias, future outlook in terms of media used and budget. TARGET MAPPING: clear picture of what are investors like – size of company, market, who decides, allocated budget, specific medias better suited for specific markets. Needs and desires in communications. Estimate of 500 companies involved in the process PROPRIETARY DB: construction & development of a proprietary database of investors and influencers with specific info who have agreed to be contacted in the future and become an active consultant ESTIMATED DB SIZE: based on previous experiences. • Specific personnel information: name, role, direct point of contact (e-mail/phone number), willingness to actively participate in the future
    • CREATE CONTENTS THE STUDY WILL ALLOW TO GENERATE CONTENTS IN FAVOR OF ANY COMMUNICATION ACTIVITY ON PAPER, WHICH WILL BE RELAYED TO THE MARKET / POTENTIAL INVESTORS DISTINCTIVE VALUE: What can paper add that no other medium can? SYNERGY/INTERACTIONS: How does paper relate to other media and amplify a campaign’s effectiveness? CHOICE DRIVERS: What are investors looking for when judging a medium, and how does paper relate to these needs/wants? STRENGTHS/PREJUDICES: What are paper’s aspects most valued by the market that need to be emphasized, and what are unjustified prejudices that need to be clarified? ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS: Based on what elements do investors judge a campaign as successful? Are these past examples of paper’s success in those regards?
    • Print Power - progetti On the basis of the survey’s results we will develop: • New DM to be sent to 2000 investors • New case studies on the use of paper in the media mix • Adv campaign with new body copies • Speaking platforms and events • Press office, web and social media www.printpower.eu/it PRINT POWER ACTIVITIES
    • THANKS! maria.moroni@assocarta.it