Transforming a SharePoint Intranet in 5 days with customisations


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This presentation was given at ShareThePoint Conference in Sydney by Marcus Dervin, Director of WebVine. It’s not a technical session, and you don’t have to be a SharePoint developer to look at this. However it’s very likely to be of interest to a broad range of people, developers included. The title, to transform the LJ Hooker intranet in 5 days is a little inaccurate, what it should really say, if I could have fit it in, is transforming LJ Hooker’s Intranet by creating code-free applications that take only 5 days to build.

I believe, that the absolute gold in SharePoint, what will indeed tranform an organisation, is not the newly branded site (although that does help), it’s not the massive document management project, or enterprise search, it’s what I’m going to demonstrate to you in this presentation. It’s addressing the core needs of the business, at the coalface, at the department level. Where a lot of people’s time is spent doing daily grind tasks. Where you are sweating away and thinking – there must be a better way. There is a better way, and we are already a lot more efficient in our private lives. If we want to share information with our family and friends, there is a multitude of ways to do this – easily. Facebook, dropbox, pinterest, and many other options.

And then we come to work. And we work out of email and a share drive that were invented almost 40 years ago. (I wrote an article about this - )

This presentation is a showcase of what WebVine has delivered for Australia's leading Real Estate Franchise LJ Hooker. WebVine built specific code-free applications for many departments, just taking on average 5 days per build. These applications transformed how these teams worked, together, and with the rest of the business.

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  • Spent time with workshop to identify metadata

    No point having a random wiki. Has anyone seen it work?
  • So this was a simple thing to create however look at the benefits.

    Retaining knowledge in the organisation
    Sharing information.
    Having a single source of truth.
    Imagine the time saved and the reduction of the possibility of errors.
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  • Transforming a SharePoint Intranet in 5 days with customisations

    1. 1. CASE STUDY LJ HOOKER How to succeed with SharePoint through delivering business value How to grow the Intranet through delivering business value LJ Hooker Case Study with WebVine
    2. 2. About LJ Hooker • Operating since 1928 • 7,000 staff in 650 offices across Australasia • Sold over $15 billion in real estate in the last financial year • Manages $60 billion of property • LJ Hooker is the only real estate franchise to offer its own brand of home loan finance.
    3. 3. How SharePoint began.. • LJH invested in SharePoint 2010 • They hired a SharePoint developer • He built an extranet, an intranet & some custom applications • However, there was very little take-up • Staff were disillusioned with SharePoint • LJH then called WebVine
    4. 4. WebVine jumped in and: • Assessed the situation and made recommendations • Created a high-level intranet strategy • Solved major problems with the extranet (it was very slow for starters) • Redesigned the intranet
    5. 5. The Redesigned Intranet
    6. 6. What next? Typically SharePoint has served its purpose in most organisations right about now. But WebVine and LJ Hooker had different ideas...
    7. 7. We decided to: • Enable staff to work more quickly, efficiently, and productively than ever before • Reduce the daily grind tasks • Reduce the volume of emails that need to be sent • Automate tasks where possible
    8. 8. We wanted quick wins • Start with 1 problem • 10 days maximum effort • Get the win • Move to the next one
    9. 9. Win 1: Home Loans Team • Team managed 180+ Brokers across Australia • They had a folder for every broker in the share drive • They had lots of excel documents – compliance register, reports etc across all brokers • No system for recording what communication happened with the LJH broker network • Majority of Processes were manual • It was slow, tedious, repetitive work
    10. 10. Now they just search for a broker
    11. 11. Everything about the broker appears Personal Details data is from another database
    12. 12. Quickly add a comment so the team is kept informed Emails, attachments, files auto-appear here
    13. 13. Easily generate numerous reports as needed
    14. 14. Win 1: What did they think? “All of our broker specific information was captured throughout numerous spreadsheets which was both time consuming to manage and involved a lot of double data entry. SharePoint now enables us to capture all this in one place which is a much more efficient and secure process. In short – it rocks!” Michael Smith, Business & Compliance Manager
    15. 15. Win 2: IT Knowledge Base • 30 + team members in IT • Geographic spread across AUS & NZ • Wealth of knowledge across the team not documented • If someone left.... they took their knowledge with them
    16. 16. With just 2 days effort we ran a workshop and created a tailored knowledge base Tag an article so it can be easily found later
    17. 17. Once approved, posts can be Searched or accessed directly eg ‘Microsoft Outlook’ posts
    18. 18. Win 3: Vendors and Partner Program • There was no directory for Vendors or Partners • People called the contacts they knew, even if it was to a non-preferred vendor • LJ Hooker were unable to attract new partners • The Corporate Partners Team were feeling lost 
    19. 19. Now people search for a vendor or partner here Partners Program: Quick search partners
    20. 20. Having clicked on ‘A’, just click the vendor
    21. 21. Contacts are only displayed to people with permissions to see them
    22. 22. Didn’t like the vendor? Leave a comment for others to see Offers are displayed from Partners
    23. 23. Offers display on the Intranet
    24. 24. And on the extranet to 7000 Franchise Staff
    25. 25. The result  10 new partners signed up in the first month  Just 6 days to build this tool “The new LJ Hooker Partnership Register has allowed us to reignite a Partnership Portal that was lying dormant. This has allowed us to promote the offering which has resulted in more Partners coming on board. It has also enhanced our relationships with these partners, making them more dynamic and closer.” Rod Fitzgerald, Corporate Partnerships and Events Specialist
    26. 26. Win 4: Training Courses • The team run a course for new staff each month • Targets are set for each staff member eg 3 sales a week • The staff emailed in their results every week for 12 weeks • The team entered results in spreadsheets and created reports • This all took 2.5 days a week! And now.....
    27. 27. Now this attendee is about to enter their figures for week 12 They have entered figures for all previous weeks
    28. 28. How easy is that?
    29. 29. Performance Tracking: Visualise your performance And look what is produced
    30. 30. The result  Just 9 days to deliver this tool including consulting time.  The Training Team are now freed up to create Training Videos and more. “The new SharePoint training module is increasing efficiency, engaging our training attendees and making reporting easy. With a high volume of participants we have also reduced the time spent on managing the course as well as reducing errors caused by manual processes” Ayesha Paul, Network Sales, Awards & Recognition
    31. 31. Win 5: Signing up Franchises • Original process: Sending a 30-day word doc to the potential franchise owner to complete– not very inviting! • Several people were involved in the process meaning • People dropped the ball in the process and customers went elsewhere. • Confusion as to what the status was for each applicant • The board and CEO were frustrated with lack of visibility of the pipeline
    32. 32. We worked through the process of Franchise Renewal: The renewal process what happens
    33. 33. Now this is how it’s kicked off. On submit the appropriate person is notified by email and then they enter their information next
    34. 34. What the Board and CEO rely on now Franchise applications in process – determining revenue
    35. 35. • Absolute clarity over the number of applications in process • If anyone is holding up an application, it is easily spotted • Renewals and new applications are processed easily • Just 14 days to deliver this feature “WebVine have not only rescued the intranet and made it a success, but they are transforming the way we work together at LJ Hooker. Their expertise and professionalism has been outstanding and the results are just fantastic for this company. I highly recommend engaging WebVine for any SharePoint projects you wish to undertake.” Ryan Campbell, Head of Marketing & Technology The result
    36. 36. As SharePoint provides value • The CEOs number 1 project recently was Sitrion (Newsgator) for SharePoint • Plans to replace legacy systems • Redesigned the Extranet for 7,000 Franchise staff...
    37. 37. Social Enterprise (Sitrion/Newsga tor) for 7000 staff to collaborate
    38. 38. Communities where staff share knowledge and ideas
    39. 39. How to make SharePoint a Success! 1. Do not stop after you build main intranet 2. Get exec support if possible 3. Pick a department or team 4. Identify daily grind tasks 5. Start off with 1 project with a limited budget 6. Track the time and efficiency saved 7. Show off the results 8. Repeat, repeat, repeat! How to grow the Intranet through delivering business value LJ Hooker Case Study with WebVine
    40. 40. Receive further Information How to grow the Intranet through Report:‘10 mistakes most companies make with SharePoint’ Report:‘SharePoint online vs SharePoint on-premise’ Link to ‘Why going to work is like going back in time’ delivering business value LJ Hooker Case Study with WebVine E: W: M: 0433 069 389