10 Tips To Choose A Domain Name


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10 Tips To Choose A Domain Name. Email to makemysite.sg@gmail.com . Contact Us at 97652271.

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10 Tips To Choose A Domain Name

  1. 1. 10 Quick Tips for Choosing Domain Names by MakeMySite.sg1. Brief Works Best – The shorter and more concise your domain name is, the easier it willbe for your first-time visitors to remember it, type it, and refer it to their friends andcolleagues. (EX: www.DogCareSingapore.com is better thanwww.DogSittingServiceAndCareInSingapore.com)2. Include Keyword(s) - Use at least one keyword relevant to your niche. (EX: If your niche isarowanafishes, try www.arowanafishesToday.com; if your niche is raw foods, you can trywww.NewRawFoods.com; if your niche is about longevity, try www.YourLongevityNow.com)3. Avoid Hyphens – Website visitors often forget to type-in hyphens which result in losingtraffic to other websites (often your competitors) that don’t have hyphens in their domainnames. (Ex: www.bird-nest-breeding-for-you.com or www.copyright-consultation-today.com or www.Keeping-It-Simple.com)4. Use “.com” – Do your best to only use the “.com” extension because it’s the mostuniversally recognized extension. (Other extensions are “.com.sg" or ".net.sg” or “.tv” or“.biz” or “.info” or “.us”)5. Avoid Trademarks - If you include a Copyright or trademarked name in your domain, it ishighly likely you’ll receive a “cease and desist” letter from the company. visit copyright.govand search before you buy.(EX: www.ILoveGoogles.com, www.EarnfromEbay.com, www.SingingForDummies.com,www.buyingonlineAtWalmart.com)6. Singular vs. Plural – When you face the decision of getting the singular or plural versionfor your domain name, choose whichever tense makes most sense. If you’re unsure, getboth and redirect traffic from one to the other (EX: www.Constructionmentor.com vs.www.Constructionmentors.com)7. Avoid Number Substitutions – Numbers in a domain name used to substitute commonwords can confuse and frustrate visitors (EX: www.CatFood4Less.com vs.www.catFoodForLess.com or www.Back2SchoolTips.com vs. www.BackToSchoolTips.com ).An exception to this rule is when the number is obviously not a word. (EX: “123” is used inwww.123Cookingrecipes.com )8. Combining Words – Beware of combining words in your domain name that end and startwith the same letter because it often leads to mistyped domains. (EX:www.MySuccessSecrets.com, www.CashPoorRich.com, www.BollywoodStarsSecrets.com,www.CoolDomainNames.com)
  2. 2. 9. Local Businesses – If you have a local business, consider including the geographickeyword in the domain name. (EX: www.MalaysiaWeddingPhotos.com,www.DoorRepairspain.com)10. Make it Easy to Remember - Remember that word-of-mouth and Search Engine ResultsPage(SERPs) dominance marketing (where your domain consistently comes up for industry-related searches) both rely on the ease with which the domain can be called to mind. Youdont want to be the company with the terrific website that no one can ever remember totell their friends about because they cant remember the domain name. *The 3 Golden Rules: (1.) Easy to spell (2.) Easy to pronounce (3.) Easy to remember Use an Domain Selection Tool You can find a name you like thats available, then go to your registrar of choice. To determine the availability of a domain name, go to www.namecheap.com or http://www.exabytes.sg CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION: Tim Tan YA +65.97652271 Email : makemysite.sg@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/timtanya http://www.facebook.com/timothytanya http://www.twitter.com/makemysitesg