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  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for letting me read your presentation.

    I like the case and company you have chosen. The Nike company profile on slide 2 seems very to the point and it gives a good overview over the company - that short, informative slide gave med information that as was not aware of, eg. that they own both Umbro and Converse.

    The rest of the presentation is very informative and to the point, my only comment is that from a presentation point of view some of the slides are not all that readable due to a lot of words in a limited space. Maybe you could have divided it a little more or shortened it down a little?

    Mona G. Haugen
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  • + good case, interesting facts
    - elaborate on other marketing initiatives besides endorsement, marketing challenges, competitors?, add references
    ... fastcompany had an interesting case on the new NIKE CEO
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Nike pw presentation

  1. 1. Nike Paul Vella Assignment 2
  2. 2. Nike Company Profile • American multinational manufacturing Co. • Core products include footwear & apparel • Unwavering commitment to advertising • Key Marketing Initiative – Use of high profile athletic endorsements • Nike’s brand portfolio – Nike, Cole Haan, Converse, Hurley, Nike Golf and Umbro. – 75% of the growth is expected from the Nike brand.
  3. 3. Marketing Campaign • Advertisements – Focus on individuals, not products – Ads focus on grit, determination, human spirit, courage & greatness • Co-founders’ vision – Bill Bowerman’s observation many years ago “endless possibility of human potential in sports” – Phil Knight “when we help athletes reach their potential, that process helps Nike & consumers reach their” – Set the tone for Nike and its core marketing initiative
  4. 4. High Profile Athletes • Signed Michael Jordan in 1985 – First elite athlete signed – Jordan endorsed a version of Nike’s Air Shoe, otherwise know as “Air Jordans”. – From 1985 Nike continued to sign top athletes • Other Key Signings – Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James
  5. 5. LeBron “The Rise” • Nike continues to maintain Bowerman’s legacy • Nike most recent campaign featuring Basketball superstar LeBron James called “The Rise”. • According to David Grasso, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, the campaign celebrates LeBron’s courage to forge his own journey even when other may have disagreed with his decision. • It’s this Just Do It spirit that defines LeBron and Nike as we strive to inspire all young athletes.
  6. 6. Core Marketing Initiative • Despite, the rising athlete endorsement cost and turbulent economic conditions, Nike remains committed to use of high profile athletes • Phil Knight said that “athletes at their best, represent some of our most noble characteristics- passion, commitment, competitive fire, being part of team, the ability to overcome adversity”
  7. 7. Financial Success • Marketing Initiative Translated to Unprecedented Revenue Growth – Revenues expanded to over $19B in fye2010 as compared to $0.946MM in fye1985 (signing of Jordan) – Net income increased from $0.01MM in fye1985 to $1.9B in fye2010
  8. 8. Brand Equity Model • Nike strong brand equity position • Brand Asset Valuator (5 Pillars) – Differentiation, Nike product line is well established (swoosh design trademarked in > 150 countries & easily distinguishes product from competitors, even without NIKE name) – Energy, Nike sales have expanded exponentially (<$1MM in 1985 to $19B in 2010)
  9. 9. Brand Equity Model (cont) – Relevance, significant global coverage (over 170 countries worldwide) – Esteem, Nike’s significant yoy earning growth is a reflection of how well the brand is regarded & respected. – Knowledge, Nike is the largest seller of athletic footwear & athletic apparel in the world, which demonstrates worldwide appeal & intimacy
  10. 10. Brand Asset Valuator • Nike Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) Results – Nike demonstrates Energized Brand Strength – Nike demonstrates Brand Stature – BAV reflects Nike as a Market Leader
  11. 11. Conclusion • Based on BAV Nike is a market leader • Nike continued use of high profile athletes to endorse its product has directly contributed to their financial success