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Presentation at TransVision 2010 (October 2010)

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Trans vision 2010

  1. 1. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Disclaimers: – It's Sunday – The following presentation reflects my own opinion and is not related to any (non-transhumanist) European Institution – All project information being mentioned is publicly available on the Internet – I chose the colours before knowing about the Italian Futurist's colour code
  2. 2. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Transhumanism Contributions to Humanity
  3. 3. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Referring to Mike Treder’s Presentation: H+ Mainstream My Position
  4. 4. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Previous times: Humans had wishes, but not the technology....
  5. 5. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Now: Humans are begining to have the technology...
  6. 6. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Examples of technological developments: • Human Enhancement Technologies/Body modification, Cyborgs • Humanoid robots, advanced AI/(AGI), semantic technologies • Genetic research, tissue engineering, synthetic biology • Neurosimulations, neurotechnologies, Virtual Reality • Research on Life Extension • Advanced nanotechnologies • Suspended animation, cryonics, hypothermia treatment
  7. 7. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Transhumanism raises old questions in new contexts • What is life? • What is death? • What makes us human? • What is identity? • What distinguishes humans from objects and other animals? • What should we do and what not in face of growing possibilities? • Should non-human entities be granted rights? • How to manage technological and societal risks?
  8. 8. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Human wishes (Emerging) Technologies  Long, healthy life  Prevention/cure of disease & disabilities  Improved capabilities  New capabilities  Better quality of life ...  Life extension  Regenerative medicine  Advanced medicine  ICT, robotics, smart machines  Nanotechnologies ...
  9. 9. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Technological Possibility Space: Transhumanist Technologies Transhumanists want to experience the technologies and future they desire and therefore want safety and evironmental and social framwork conditions that make life worth living Depends on societal choices Social, political, economic conditions and willingness?
  10. 10. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Life as “hardship test” for a better existence after death Many Religions Existence is limited, cope with it the best you can Secular Humanism You live for the generations after you Sustainability Movement Earth would be better off without humans Eco-Fundamentalism It is our future and we all want to experience it Transhumanism Disconnection form humans and their future on earth!
  11. 11. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun  Environmental Improvement for Humanity  Human and Non-Humn Rights  Global Grand Challenges  Risk Assessment and Prevention  Education for the Future  Research in Healthy Aging/Longevity We want to experience a positive future worth living in
  12. 12. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Over the last few years, transhumanism and related topics are being discussed more prominently and have already become more recognized (no “fringe” anymore), also in regard to providing quality in/outputs, e.g. by: • Rathenau Institute (the Netherlands) • ITAS Technology Assessment (Germany) • European RTOs • Universities (e.g. University of Manchester (UK)) • EU institutions (e.g. European Commission, STOA) • Ministries
  13. 13. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun Source: Faction%2Ffile%2Fdownload%3Ffile_guid%3D1135&rct=j&q=transhumanism%20rafael%20popper&ei=W5-oTKqVF5CYOqDd7ZAM& usg=AFQjCNG7rqz8--RY1a9fZZyasmbSJrE3pg&cad=rja
  14. 14. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun …are experts in a variety of scientific disciplines, are interdisciplinary and bring in a diversity of views ...connect science, technology, society, ethics and foresight ...bring in critical thinking, out of the box thinking, creativity …are concerned about the future of humanity and want to find solutions to Grand Challenges …want to find ways to foster progress and avoid risks ...are up to date and set high scientific and quality standards Transhumanists
  15. 15. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun GET INVOLVED! Thank You Mille Grazie!
  16. 16. TransVision 2010M. Ji Sun