Research: Conclusion
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Research: Conclusion



Powerpoint to conclude my 4 deconstructions.

Powerpoint to conclude my 4 deconstructions.



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    Research: Conclusion Research: Conclusion Presentation Transcript

    • •What do the openign 2 minutes of eachof your deconstructions have in common?•What is generally established in the first two minutes?•Can you detect any similarities in the use of the four technical codes?
    • What do the opening two minutes ofyour film deconstructions have incommon? Also on each deconstruction the music used on these all relate to whats happening in the clip, they use a variety of faced paced, slow, honourable or more. All of these types of music are included to set the atmosphere.
    • What is generally established in the first twominutes?In the first 2 minutes, the setting is established, this is done bymany types of camera work, such as a extreme long shot where itshows the whole place and what type of place it is this can helpintroduce the whole theme of the movie as where its set candetermine this.The story line is also established, as you get a generalunderstanding of what the film will consist of, this can be done inthe 1st scene, whether this is a boxing ring as seen in the film‘Bloodsport’ or a war film as seen in ‘The terminator 3’.The main characters are usually established in this, as theintroducing scene, normally will have the main characters in, this isdone by showing the viewer what role the character has to play inthe film by making him stand out better than the rest.The genre of the film is also established in the first 2 minutes, theydo this by using the opening scene to really emphasise it, forexample it being action, and consisting of fight scenes.
    • Can you detect any similarities inthe use of the four technical codes?The similarities within my 4 deconstruction, using the technicalcodes are, that the sound used in most of them is used to set thescene, whether this is used to emphasise on the brutality of a fightas seen in ‘bloodsport’ or the soundtrack used in ‘Thor’ whichuses bold, honourable music, which emphasise that he is the godof thunder and hes in charge of everyone else.Another similarity which I noticed is that most films use a extremelong shot or a long shot on the setting, to show the viewer whereits set and to get a good understanding of the surroundings.In the films ‘Bloodsport’ and ‘Bloodfist 2’ they use a lot of matchon action, to emphasis on the pace and tempo of the fight.The mise on scene used in each of these films, are all generalised by what the film isabout, each one of the films all have the similarities between how they are used torefer to the film, but all in different ways, whether on the films ‘Bloodfist2’ and‘bloodsport’ they use regional identity to present these characters from differentcountries, to have something relating to there country. In ‘Terminator 3’ They havethe characters dressed as if they had just come out of battle, they use the Americanflag to show that the human race has won, but also this flag is ripped, showing thatthey had gone through a hard battle to get there.