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Research: Conclusion


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Research: Conclusion

  2. 2. WHAT DO MY DECONSTRUCTIONS HAVE INCOMMON? My Deconstructions share many aspects in the first two minutes along with many other Action movies. One of which is they all focus on one main character. In Golden Eye and A View To A Kill it was James Bond, in Sherlock Holmes it was Sherlock and in Black hawk down it begins featuring one of many characters who go on to become key features throughout the film. We know that they are going to be the main character because straight away within the first two minutes they are thrust straight into the action.
  3. 3. CONTINUED Both James bond films also share a lot. They both start of straight into the action and both feature gun fights, they use extreme close ups to establish facial expressions and both use tracking shots of the feet, Skiing in A View To A Kill and running across the top of the dam in Golden Eye. All four films use Diagetic sound, In the Golden eye and Sherlock Holmes it is the sound of running footsteps on Concrete and cobbled streets, A View To A Kill has the ‘swish swash’ noise of the skis’ gliding across the snow and Black Hawk Down has a truck driving along a long bumpy road.
  4. 4. CONTINUED Not only do the films share Diagetic sound some of them use Non diagetic sound aswell. Black Hawk Down uses music, clearly from a African culture to help set the scene. Both James Bond films and Sherlock Holmes use Non diagetic music through out there first two minutes to help establish tension and atmosphere which continues to build up and up through out the clips, the music peaks during the chase scenes in A View To A Kill.
  5. 5. CONTINUED. Last but not least all of the four action movies I deconstructed featured Conflict and violence in one form or another. In Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Cleanly executes an attack on a man using his hands. A View To A Kill and Golden Eye both feature gun fights where James Bond is heavily out numbered in both. In Black Hawk Down you do not see and violence it itself but it’s obvious the violence is not long gone as the first two minutes feature a lot of lifting of dead bodys.
  6. 6. WHAT IS GENERALLY ESTABLISHED IN THEFIRST TWO MINUTES? In all four of my deconstructions the first character you see is either the main character or one of many main characters. It makes the viewer ask the question why is he/she here? E.g Golden Eye James Bond is running across the top of a vast dam with a long rope slung around his body and it makes you ask the question ‘why is he on top of a dam? And ‘why does he have that rope?’ When watching it I was immediately curious. The same applies for A View To A Kill. James bond is alone in a snowy mountain range dressed in all white with a lot of high tech
  7. 7. CONTINUED Gadgets and it yet again makes the viewer ask the question why is he here? A second thing that is established in the first two minutes is also the scene. In Sherlock Holmes the cobbled streets help us understand that perhaps it was set in the 18th century and architecture such as St Pauls Cathedral tells us we are in London. In Black Hawk Down, the scene is set using titles at the bottom however vast deserts give the impression that it is in Africa.
  8. 8. THE FOUR TECHNICAL CODES The Four technical codes are Mise-en- scene, Sound, Camera work and editing. Deconstructing these four movies has made me realize how similar action movies are. They all share similar techniques in the opening two minutes such as non diagetic music to set the scene and help to create a tense atmosphere and extreme close ups to show facial expression.
  9. 9. WHAT HAVE I LEARNT? Doing my research of the action genre I have learnt many things. One of which is how music and sound can help create tension. Another could be how important setting the scene in the first two minutes is to make sure the viewer carrys on watching. A third thing I have learnt in it is how important camera work is to keep to viewer enticed. In Golden Eye man different shots are used in a matter of seconds to see James Bond running along the dam, this makes a very ordinary scene interesting.