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Pureflame brochure

  1. 1. The Art of Fire
  2. 2. A Revolutionary New Concept in Contemporary Vent Free Mobile Fireplaces Pureflame fireplaces unique design and high-quality finish combine the visual beauty and warmth of a real fire in any setting whether indoors or in an outdoor space. Powered by Smartfuels, a premium wholly renewable bio fuel, the energy supplied goes straight into the room instead of being lost through the chimney therefore maximizing efficiency indoors. Pureflame fireplaces need no fixed installation and are fully mobile while the flames natural yellow and orange provide unparalleled design flexibility in contrast to a conventional fireplace. Pureflame fireplaces spread a moderate and pleasant warmth right from the start and in contrast to wood- burning there is nothing to clean once the fire has burnt. When the burner is cool it can be refilled and used again – lighting a fireplace has never been more comfortable and easy. Utilizing the highest quality materials available, Pureflame fireplaces offer a“The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, true versatility ideal for apartments, homes, offices, outdoor rooms, entertainment areas and balconies. the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation.” - Auguste Rodin
  3. 3. Adena SerafinThis inspiring black curved bio What makes the Serafin unique isfireplace will add simplicity to a the design looks very much like acontemporary arranged interior painting on the wall with the imageand will create an instant focal of a warm fire framed in a blackpoint to any room or balcony. background. Even when the SerafinAdding style to an atmosphere with is not being used it is a design that isits dancing and floating flames, the pure simplicity at its finest in a roomwall mounted Adena makes for a or on an outdoor terrace.great conversation piece evenwhen not in use. dimensions dimensionsL|23.2 W|7.5 H|18.9 L|23.6 W|5.7 H|23.6 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 19.7 lbs NW 26.9 lbs
  4. 4. Hestia VestaHestias cubistic design creates a This wall mount contemporarylovely atmosphere as the flickering fireplace encourages creativity.flames remain visible from all angles The elliptically curved steel surfaceand will add simple chic and sophis- is constructed of high-gradeticated geometry to your contem- polished stainless steel allowing forporary interior. You can now realize the flames to exhibit the mostthe warmth and beauty of a real fire enchanting reflections and is beau-in any room or even outdoors if you tiful to the eye both with or without aprefer. fire. dimensions dimensionsL|23.6 W|7.9 H|18.9 L|18.1 W|7.9 H|29.5 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 31.9 lbs NW 14.3 lbs
  5. 5. Half Ellipse VulcanThe Half Ellipse looks absolutely The Vulcan represents a new viewstunning as its exclusive design on fireplace design. With its free-provides a unique touch and standing design, the Vulcan repre-atmosphere to any surrounding. sents a new view on design as it canConstructed of two tempered hard- be easily positioned for optimalened glass sheets on each side of viewing angle and flexibility. Thisthe burner and brushed stainless mobile fireplace is styled to invitesteel and a black powder-coated friends to sit together around a firesteel base weather resistant materi-als make the Half Ellipse equally well whether it is indoors or the outdoorsuited for both in and outdoor use. room. dimensions dimensionsL|27.5 W|10.6 H|16.9 L|19.7 W|11.8 H|40.6 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 38.2 lbs NW 28.3 lbs
  6. 6. Titan Black Window FlameThis contemporary fireplace Rectangular in shape, the Blackencourages creativity as a sensa- Window Flame is a free-standingtional flame is reflected from its floor model which can be locatedelliptically curved beautifully anywhere in a room and can bepolished stainless steel surface. viewed from front as well as theBeing extremely mobile and stand- rear. The black colour of theing atop a beautifully brushed stain- fireplace can make other colours inless steel base the Titan can be your room appear brighter as thiseasily moved indoors or out for the piece can make for a perfect focalultimate vent free fire. point even when unlit. dimensions dimensionsL|18.1 W|11.8 H|38.2 L|30.7 W|9.8 H|22.8 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 31.7 lbs NW 43.9 lbs
  7. 7. Ring of Fire Ellipse of FireThe Ring of Fire is a distinctive piece Add real fire to add a warmth andmade in the highest quality brushed atmosphere with the ultramodernstainless steel. This circular shaped new elliptical stainless steel feature.eco fireplace is fully transportable This mobile fire piece is cleanly andand open on both sides so you can perfectly finished in brushed stain-enjoy the effect of a stunning real less steel with the flame visible fromfire and warmth in every room or both sides ideally suited for indoorsoutside space. or out. dimensions dimensionsL|26.8 W|7.9 H|22.8 L|30.7 W|7.9 H|22.8 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 30.9 lbs NW 30.9 lbs
  8. 8. Silver Window Tower of Fire Flame Open on both sides this fireplace is To make your summer parties more ideally placed in a room to provide memorable, just add fire and water. high level visibility, with flames to The "Tower of Fire" will beautify your view from two sides. In tune to its yard or patio and provide a name, the Silver Window Flame wonderful gathering spot for your offers a “see-through” effect maxi- guests at get-togethers. With its mizing the free flow of space and dramatic combination of flames sense of area without impairing the above water, this fire fountain crea- integrity of a room. tion shimmers in firelight along with beautiful soothing sounds of water. dimensions dimensionsL|30.7 W|9.5 H|22.8 L|23.6 W|19.7 H|45.3 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 43.9 lbs NW 31.6 lbs
  9. 9. Spherical Pipe Glass FireThe Spherical Glass Fire is a half The Pureflame Pipe mobile firesphere of stainless steel and a piece is cleanly and perfectly finished in brushed stainless steeltempered glass tube which with the flame visible from all sides.embraces the flame creating a Put it on a coffee table or outdoorvisually dynamic table top fire. Put it table by the hot tub or pool or ason on your dining table or outside the perfect centerpiece for theon your patio table, in fact you can dining room table. Creating atake it just about anywhere you wish stunning atmosphere in your ownto enjoy the dancing flames. private space can be a lot easier than you think. dimensions dimensionsBody L|7.8 W|7.8 H|8Glass L|5 W|5 H|4 L|11.8 W|6 H|6.5 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 2.9 lbs NW 2.5 lbs
  10. 10. Concave Burner Insert FireThe cool new Concave Fire table- The 55 ounce Pureflame Burner creates a beautiful flame that willtop personal fireplace creates heat a space of over 250 sqaureatmosphere where ever you feet for more than four hours, andchoose to put it. Relax and unwind no flue - means the heat stays inside and is not lost through a chimney.as you watch the fascinating flames Bring your own magic design ideasmaking it a fabulous center piece to life and breathe new energy into an existing old fireplace or even intoon any table. The Concave Fire is your garden or outdoor room. Installthe perfect answer to get the ambi- one, two or more burners into anyance of fire, ideally suited for non-combustible surface to create your own individual style.indoors or outdoors. dimensions dimensionsL|7.8 W|7.8 H|10.2 L|13.4 W|5.5 H|2.8 all dimensions in inches all dimensions in inches NW 3.2 lbs NW 9 lbs
  11. 11. T. 716.200.4959 | F. 289.426.5016 | E. info@pureflame.com | I. www.pureflame.com
  12. 12. www.pureflame.com