Portafolio Andreina


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Portafolio Andreina

  1. 1. INTERIOR DESIGN MIRABAL KITCHEN 2006For this project I had theliberty to modify thearchitecture of the house tofit the clients needs.We decided to eliminate thewall that divided the kitchenand the pantry area tointegrate both spaces.Because of the new size ofthe kitchen I was able tohave a central island withthe cook hob and a smallsink. On one side of theisland a low and long workspace only had a double This kitchen was designed and made withsink and a completely POGENPOHL furniture. Featuring beige high-integrated dishwasher. On gloss lacquer fronts, integrated handles and athe other wall, we had two LED light wall.solid vertical modules thatcontained the mainappliances and storagearea, in the middle of thesevertical modules I proposed3 lower storage units sothat we would have aworktop between thesemodules, we completed thiswall by adding 3 wall unitsover the lower units and inbetween a glass LED lightwall.The central island was theheart of the kitchen that iswhy the worktop extends tobecome an integrated table.ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / MIRABAL KITCHEN - COLLECTANIA 1
  2. 2. INTERIOR DESIGN FERRARI KITCHEN 2007The main aspect of thiskitchen project is it´shorizontality. The main ideawas to frame the kitchenwith two tall wall andemphasize its horizontalityby having a very longcentral island in the middle.One wall we concentrate allthe tall units, the result, atall and bulk block, in thiswall we arranged the double This kitchen was designed and made withfridge, the double ovens, POGENPOHL furniture. Featuring oak acrylicand several tall store units. lacquer lacquer fronts, aluminum handles andOn the opposite wall, a glass wall units.lighter touch, a very longlow worktop supported thehob and sink. We decidedto incorporate glass wallunits and a aluminumstorage unit at one end tohide extra appliances.ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / FERRARI KITCHEN - COLLECTANIA 2
  3. 3. INTERIOR DESIGNCASTAÑO KITCHEN 2006The space this kitchen hasto offer was very little, forthat I decided toconcentrate on both largewalls, which were one infront of another. In one wallI arranged the work space,that is, hob, sink,dishwasher unit, and workspace counter. On the otherwall I arranged the bigappliances, fridge, oven andmicrowave, on that side Ialso managed to include asmall pantry table for 3people.To maintain the samelanguage trough out thekitchen I also proposed asmall cabinet by thesecondary entrance of theapartment which lead to thekitchen. And also decidedto incorporate cabinets inthe same wood veneer asthe kitchen in the laundryroom.This kitchen was designedand made with RATIONALkitchen furniture in lightwood veneer with steeldetails.ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / CASTAÑO KITCHEN - COLLECTANIA 3
  4. 4. INTERIOR DESIGN GRATZER KITCHEN 2006For this small kitchen Iproposed a central islandwith Silestone worktopcontaining the hob andspace for informal dinning.On the wall opposite to thehob, we displayed a blockof tall units that containedthe integrated fridge andfreezer, oven and coffeemaker, we also had twolarge pull out storage unitsat both ends.On the other two walls weconcentrated on having lowunits for maximum worktopspace, and only two wallunits with a touch of glassto have a lighter andspacious feel to the kitchen.This kitchen was designedand made with Poggenpohlfurniture in teak decormelamine resin. Allappliances by Míele.ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / GRATZER KITCHEN - COLLECTANIA 4
  5. 5. INTERIOR DESIGNWAIMBERG HOUSE 2006For this interior designproject, I had to furnish thesocial area of a citypenthouse. The social areawas an open and integratedspace. For this reason wedecided to furnish thespaces using the samearchitectonic language bymixing different furniturebrands such as COR,PIERANTONIO BONACINA,and JAB for carpeting, wemanaged to create amodern and warm place bya good use of color andmaterials.White was the main colorfor walls and floors,because of that, wedecided to use contrastingcolors to define the differentspaces of the house. Fo themain room I proposed anArthe sofa by COR in an Dinning Room / 3-D Imageintense orange that wouldcontrast against the Finochairs in mustard leather forthe dinning room. Living Room / 3-D ImageARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / WAIMBERG HOUSE - COLLECTANIA 5
  6. 6. INTERIOR DESIGNWAIMBERG HOUSE 2006When we enter the housewe find and entrance hallwith a wall mount glassstorage unit that is lightfrom the inside, this pieceinvites us to go in anddiscover the living room. Wedefined this space by alarge L shape sofa and asingle cube sofa on theopposite corner, this spaceis completed by a very Floor planspecial custom made arearug in red wool with leatherstripes. Living RoomARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / WAIMBERG HOUSE - COLLECTANIA 6
  7. 7. INTERIOR DESIGNWAIMBERG HOUSE 2006For the TV room witch is atthe end of the entrance hall,we decided on a Lario sofaby BONACINA which has araffia and leather back restaccompanied by an Apollochair by ERIK JORGENSENin green apple. For theterrace we decided insomething more transparent TV Roomso that the great view of thecity wasn’t compromised, aglass table and Miss Bchairs in leather strings byBONACINA over a squarearea carpet defined thisspace.The private office had tohold two separate workspaces, we decided to usethe same furniture for bothwork areas in order tomaintain the sameminimalist language, wearranged the work spacesin front of one another sothat the couple couldinteract while working.For a minimalist andmodern look we usedUNIFOR’s Less desk,design by Jean Nouvel insteel, with VITRA’s 04 chairsin red. Private OfficeARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / WAIMBERG HOUSE - COLLECTANIA 7
  8. 8. INTERIOR DESIGNWAIMBERG HOUSE 2006 Dining RoomThis project was publishedby DecoNews Magazine,edition N. 62.Caracas,Venezuela Living Room / Entrance HallARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / WAIMBERG HOUSE - COLLECTANIA 8
  9. 9. INTERIOR DESIGNMONDOLFI HOUSE 2006The main idea for thisinterior design project wasto give warmth and life tothe house.The architectonic design ofthe house was very modernand minimalist. It isdesigned in differenthorizontal levels, and themain element is a gratestaircase that invites you todiscover each level as youenter the house. Living Room / 3-D ImageWhen you enter the housethe first thing that greetsyou is the main openstaircase, and at the end 2levels down, you findyourself at the main livingroom. We decided to formtwo living areas, a moreprivate area would greet usfirst, in this space wearraigned two red Swan Living Room /chairs by Fritz Hansen over Final layouta round rug.The living room was definedby a large Nuba sofa byCOR in light grey, this piecewas accompanied by twored Egg chairs also by FritzHansen over a large rugorange rug. Living Room / 3-D ImageARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / MONDOLFI HOUSE - COLLECTANIA 9
  10. 10. INTERIOR DESIGNMONDOLFI HOUSE 2006When we descend the stairleading from the main livingroom, we find ourselves in asmall private family roomthat has a direct access tothe garden. The clientswanted to use this spacefor reading and relaxing, weproposed two chairs andfootrests in green with agreen rug so that this spacefelt as a continuance fromthe garden. After manymeetings with the clientsand architects we decided Family Room / 3-D Imagefor a softer look, wedecided on two romanticchairs in white and a rug ingreen.We also proposed for thegarden furniture fromGANDIA BLASCO, thisSpanish brandcharacterizes in minimalistwhite furniture, this wasperfect because of thecontrast with the green ofthe garden area and alsospoke to the architectonicstyle of the house. Family Room / Final LayoutARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / MONDOLFI HOUSE - COLLECTANIA 10
  11. 11. INTERIOR DESIGNMONDOLFI HOUSE 2006The project also involvedthe design of a privateoffice, we covered the backwall with a large bookcasein glossy white lacquer, alarge FLEXFORM dinningtable as a desk and 3 CORchairs in beige leather. Wealso proposed a CARLHANSEN lounge chair in thesame leather color. Study / 3-D ImageThis project was published inDecoNews Magazine, editionN. 61. Caracas,Venezuela Pool Area / 3-D ImageARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / MONDOLFI HOUSE - COLLECTANIA 11
  12. 12. INTERIOR DESIGN LOPEZ FAMILY ROOM 2003This project is based on theneed to add two workingsurfaces to the family room.I proposed a long desk bythe windows to have naturallight in the work space,arranging two equal workspaces each with it’s ownset of drawers.This is complemented by alower unit that will hold allthe multimedia units, andstorage space.ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / LOPEZ PROJECT - KIA’S MUEBLES 12
  13. 13. INTERIOR DESIGN FEBRES PROJECT 2003 A room to sleep, play, study and relax. This is what this project demanded, the solution: a unique bunk bed system that allowed us to have storage space under to top bunk and shelves over the lower bunk. In front of the beds a small desk was proposed with a library unit on one side, this defined the study area. On the other side of the room, a special made module was designed to hold a recreation center, this would hold the TV, DVD player and a game consul.ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / FEBRES PROJECT - KIA’S MUEBLES 13
  14. 14. INTERIOR DESIGN VALENCIA PROJECT 2003For this project I had todesign a guest room, itrequired a double bed, a TVunit, and a unit for a nichemade for a closet. For thisspace I wanted to have afree and light touch. Idecided on wall mountshelves on the right side ofthe niche, and for the nicheit self, a small set ofdrawers, some shelves anda mirror.For the TV unit, a morecomplex unit with multipleshelves and drawers formore store space.ARCHITECT / INTERIOR DESIGNER. ANDREINA ANSELMI / VALENCIA PROJECT - KIA’S MUEBLES 14