The New Digital Influencers


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An introduction to the new digital influencers. As more and more people write that "bloggers are dead" because of a kind of Social Media fatigue, it's important to identify new clusters of influence, following 3 main trends: a world of applications; the rise of cluster communities as the main sources of value; the broadcast industry revival thanks to Social Activation.

These new digital influencers lead marketers to think about new tools to better refine a social brand experience.

A presentation by Laurent Francois, Managing Director of French Ideas, a digital boutique agency in London.

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The New Digital Influencers

  1. The NewDigitalInfluencers
  2. Laurent Francois Social media@lilzeon and digital strategistLaurentFrancois Owner of French Ideas Agency in Fashion blogger Co-creator of Hit- Art is long
  3. Good ideas are more and morecomplicated to spread in ourdigital ecosystem. As toolsallow an easy access to publicsphere, they paradoxicallyalso shape stronger bordersand boundaries
  4. More people, morecompetition, less visibility
  5. “My job has been,over the years, toremove barriersthat are preventingpeople from joiningFacebook”Naomi Gleit
  6. But thanks to new digital stakeholders,some ideas avoid the risk to be like shipsin the night.
  7. Digitalinfluencersmatter asmarketsvalue oursocialactivities« my useris rich »
  8. Digital Anyone who has theinfluencer: ability to generate change among one or a short more people through a definition digital action
  9. A bit of history(hum hum)
  10. From the 60s to the early2000s, people were trying tomake networks influential
  11. But for the last 20 years,billions of new small hubs ofinfluence rose and becameeven more important thanthe networks themselves
  12. Iconic bloggersstarted tobecomeworldwideinfluencersSome of themimplementedstrong networks
  13. Very few of these star-bloggers survived; very fewnew star-bloggers emerged
  14. WHY?
  15. 1The day blogging became less attractive
  16. SEOQualityFrequency of publishing WorkloadEditingCommenting © David Armano HatersMonitoringIdeation Fatigue Lack of ideasPleasureSocial design New channelsBenchmarkingPositioningYour other jobYour “real” life
  17. 2The day Tweeting became mainstream
  18. Twitter business is the broadcastFans management industry Sharing placeEvent engagementExperience footprintSocial advertising Live eventsEmotions Access to verticalCrew linking influencersLive sharing (TV/stars…) SocialAlerting hubEscaping your job Random ChatDaily telling FSTR
  19. 3The day visual expression became socialexpression at all
  20. ListsInspirationsHow toAbstractionism Mind browsingMicro feelingMacro perspective Easy publishing Reality + SocialComparing perception ExpressionRecommendingBuying Immediate curatingWandering
  21. 4The day we’ve decided to permanently logto global social interfaces
  22. IDDigital walletAccessibilityParticipation HarmonizingUsagesFSTR Streaming Interfacing StatuslifeComparing real lifeAskingConfirmingFrictionless Following
  23. But it’s not really a bad news.If Twitter business is thebroadcast industry, well thebroadcast industry businesslies in niche communities –who needs niche contents toshare their voice (uh?)
  24. “We’re entering thethird wave of media.The first wave was thebroadcast networks.The second wave wascable networks. Nowit’s about giving peopleexactly what theywant to watch today” Salar Kamangar, CEO YouTube
  25. And Mr Kamangar could have said:…and whatever their preferred channel is
  26. 3 trends which directly impact the way we (are) influence(d) A world of interfaces The New Digital Influencers Niche Broadcast communities world becoming the becoming the main value digital world clusters
  28. InterfacePreferred channel of expression Reciprocity Habits Closed/open communities Transformation Anonymous/Identified Free/Paid Social CRM … Niche Temporary/Permanent topic Authority Digital Genesis Relevance influencer Level of expertise Underground/Mainstream Market maturity .. Broadcast industry Scarcity Pure creation of media Existing media playground Crossmedia/Monomedia Real influencers digitalized A basic map of digital influencers analysis
  29. 3 kinds of new digital influencers Unique Mono- transmedia topic daily teller expert Revenge of real life influencers
  30. A unique positioningA daily emission ofcontents which Uniquedevelop this unique transmediapositioning daily tellerA recognition of thetalent by real peoplefirst
  31. Michelle Lara Lin A unique fashion positioning: her love affair with a dead man, Albert Camus Every content Michelle publishes is related to this story Thousands of followers daily around this pitch on© Demi Chen
  32. J.R. A unique art positioning: making© Mohamed Nanabhay people engage their images for a cause, anywhere on Earth Every content J.R. publishes is related to this positioning. Thousands of followers daily follow J.R. on
  33. A unique topicA core channel ofdiffusion Mono-Other channels are topicempowering the core expertchannelA very verticalapproach
  34. Tiffany D YouTube beauty guru based inAtlantaCentral place: YouTube. Twitter &other networks to support andanswer her communitiesThousands viewers and followers
  35. • Digitalization of classic real life influencers Revenge of• Diverse real life crossmedia influencers strategies
  36. Lolo Jones US track & field championCentral place: Twitter. A way toimprove her relationship withfans & PRThousands viewers and followers
  38. #1 From Conversations’ analysis to clusters understandingIt’s no longer enough tohave an overall reportanalyzing conversationsWe now need to betterdefine gravity centers andhow an individual isrecognized by his peers &followers
  39. #2 From storytelling to daily-tellersIt’s not enough to have agood story to tell, it’s betterto know if a public is ready todaily live itSocial Journey Planning isnow more and moreimportant in the earlycreative process, which thenbecomes user-centric
  40. #3 From open world to the revenge of subculturesAs it becomes more and moreeasy to track individuals at amacro level, micro hiddenspheres riseIt’s no longer important totrack real IDs, but it becomesbetter to establish« personae »
  41. #4 From Influencers’ engagement to Social CRM managementAs real influencers are moreand more below the line, it’simportant to implement astrong Social CRM backofficeIt becomes more and morecrucial to identify the rightZero Moment of Truth at amicro-community level
  42. To go further, contact me!