Lavante Supplier Information Management


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Lavante Vendor Portal
As organizations are asked to do more with fewer resources, Lavante’s Vendor Portal provides the solution for organizations to
quickly set up new vendors, automatically request required data and documentation, and routinely ask for updates and renewal of
information to ensure vendor compliance. Lavante’s Vendor Portal offers is an on-demand consolidated platform in which to manage complex vendor information globally and gives organizations real-time visibility into the vendor information management

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Lavante Supplier Information Management

  1. 1. ® LAVANTE SIM™ Supplier Information Management Optimizing supplier relationships and ERP system effectiveness Well-maintained supplier data drives system effectiveness, time and resource savings, as well as dollars to the bottom line. Large volumes of data across multiple systems and departments, as well as data decay are significant challenges to maintaining integrity of supplier data. Up-to-date supplier information is more important than ever in maintaining compli- ance with regulations and controls, such as OFAC screening, diversity tracking, SOX reporting and new tax legislation. Lavante SIM: Connecting Companies and Suppliers Lavante SIM is the industry’s most advanced Supplier Information Management application, enabling companies to proactively engage with suppliers and providing real-time visibility into supplier data and relationships. Delivered on-demand, Lavante SIM drives supplier compliance across the entire supplier lifecycle–from initial vendor master file cleansing, to on-boarding, to data capture, validation, and maintenance. Lavante SIM automates the collection and validation of tax information (including TIN matching and collection of W-9s and W-8s), diversity information, certifications, and more. Create an enterprise-wide single source of truth for supplier data with Lavante SIM: • Ensure integrity of supplier data • Drive corporate compliance with new 1099 Tax Legislation • Gain insight into your suppliers and relationships • Reduce supplier risk • Drive compliance with regulations and internal controls • Reduce cost of managing supplier information PRO RISK LAVANTE SIM™ AP TAX PRO PROCUREMENT TAX TAX RISK RISK AP ACCOUNTS PAYABLE COMPANY / SUPPLIERS VF AP Why Lavante SIM? Supplier Compliance: Lavante delivers the highest supplier compliance in the industry, averaging 8X results of alternative methods Ongoing Engagement: Lavante drives ongoing supplier communication to maximize participation and compliance Funded by Recovery: Lavante SIM works seamlessly with Lavante Recovery to identify credit opportunities within the supplier base ® Copyright © 2010 Lavante. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. ® LAVANTE SIM™ Lavante SIM Features: Collection and Management of Supplier Data Lavante SIM captures, validates and manages a robust set of supplier data; ensures ongoing integrity of supplier data across an entire organization and drives ongoing compliance with regulations and internal processes. Supplier data includes: • Core Supplier Data Contacts I Locations I Remit-to I Basic Business Info • Tax Information TIN Collection and Matching I W-9 I W-8 • Ownership & Diversity Ownership & Diversity Information I Diversity Certifications • Supplier Classification UNSPSC I SIC I NAIC • Risk Information Insurance I SAS 70 and ISO Certs I Disaster Recovery • Financial Information Banking I Payment Methods I Payment Terms • Contract Information Contract Uploads I Expiration and Terms Vendor Master File Cleansing Supplier Self-Service Lavante SIM enables clients to load existing vendor Lavante SIM provides suppliers with self-service master file information for validation and cleansing. capabilities to proactively comply with customer Lavante drives outreach and compliance with suppliers, requirements. Suppliers are provided with automated validating and enhancing supplier information, while alerts requesting updated information. Within Lavante identifying duplicate supplier information, SIM, suppliers can manage a list of tasks and outstanding parent/subsidiary relationships, and the like. The resulting requests, update their information and upload required cleansed supplier information can then be used as the certifications and supporting documentation. single source of truth for the vendor master file(s) in ERPs and other systems. Validation Services Lavante SIM supports real-time validation services Supplier On-boarding of supplier data, ensuring the integrity of provided Lavante SIM enables companies to automate the supplier information and certificates. Validation supplier outreach and invitation process, individually services include TIN and legal business name matching or in bulk. Suppliers are notified of the on-boarding with the official IRS database, OFAC screening, and request and guided through a self-service registration USPS address verification. process. A supplier’s information is collected and validated, then routed for approval before the supplier Supplier Reporting and Monitoring becomes active. Lavante SIM provides companies with ongoing visibility and transparency across their suppliers and relationships. Ongoing Supplier Compliance Companies can report on suppliers, compliance level, Lavante SIM supports communication workflow to diversity, and the like, to better understand and analyze maximize supplier participation and compliance. their supplier base and trends. Outreach includes the initial supplier invitation, as well as ongoing request for updates to information based Security and Permissions on regulations and internal processes. Lavante Lavante SIM provides role-based access and views, supports automated outreach by email and fax, as well ensuring that only appropriate information is available to as mail and phone outreach. users across the organization, including Accounts Payable, Procurement, Finance, Sourcing, and others. ® 6800 Santa Teresa Blvd., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95119 I 1.877.lavante I Copyright © 2010 Lavante. All Rights Reserved. Rev. H10