NFOB Brochure 2011


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Independent Agent Brochure 2011

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NFOB Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Agents Nationwide NETWORK FOB Network F.O.B. one of the fastest growing third party logistics firms in the nation. We have more than 100 highly successful independent agents from coast to coast. The following are many of the reasons why you should consider joining INDEPENDENT AGENT our technologically advanced freight brokerage company, in CAREER INFO PACKET business since 1987. Elite Agent Corps An Easy Transition We recognize that high producers generate the lowest amount of risk and typically consume the least amount of management overhead We are experts in the transition process and per order; we want to recognize that know how to take the stress out of it. We start by by increasing their compensation. That’s why we are now paying up to setting up credit for all of your customers. Then 80% for such producers. It’s an elite the Agency is set up with all logins and group that deserves to be paid passwords, and finally John Kolden VP of Agent accordingly. We are very selective in choosing our agents and quite Services, who was an agent himself for 7 years frankly turn away at least four times with Network FOB, will train you. Once training is as many as we sign on. Therefore if complete you will be able to literally turn the you feel you are one of the best in the industry than you deserve the “switch” on and start running your business best. without losing a
  2. 2. What makes Network FOB the best place for you to develop your Agent Career? AGENT OF RECORD PAPERLESS ARCHIVING FOR Accounts are designated FAST RETIRVAL through the agent-of-record Another service we provide is a fax to policy and are not territorial. e-mail solution, which enables Clients with multiple locations paperless archiving of carrier contracts “Highest can have individual agents of and service confirmation faxes. Once you send out either a Carrier Contract commissions paid record by using our "Point of or Service Confirmation, carriers send it Contact System", which allows in the industry” multiple agents to work with back to a fax to email account that different shipping managers of we provide for you. An archiving large companies at various routine is imbedded in the email. You OUR COMMISSIONS terminals around the country. simply enter a carrier account code or We pay one of the highest a load number, which automatically commissions in the industry: 80% of WE HANDLE ALL saves the document permanently on gross margins, 70% at a minimum to INVOICING our servers making it accessible through an online database. the agent, payable when the load Network FOB does all invoicing is invoiced rather than when the upon authorization of the agent. invoice is paid by the shipper. We will send you a daily listing, NEW CARRIERS & Commissions are available to you via e-mail, of all open loads in SAFERWATCH daily at any time through an online your account. You simply check Agents set up their own new carriers. system with electronic depositing the box on the loads you want to Once our system sees a new carrier on to your checking account. The be invoiced and we take care of a load, we send an interrogation over online system resembles an online the rest. In instances where a the Internet to SaferWatch. If the bank statement with each client requires a POD, we will e- carrier does not meet minimum safety invoiced order representing a mail notify you when that POD is requirements (“conditional” or below), deposit. You can make available. You can then review or if its authority has been revoked -- or withdrawals by electronically the POD and click the button on is pending revocation -- you will transferring funds to your bank the e-mail to queue it up for that receive a system-generated email account, day’s invoicing. All load advising you not to load that carrier. simple as documents are imaged and that instantly available to agents electronically online.www.networkfob.com2 Independent Agent Career
  3. 3. AGENT SUPPORT ULTRA-FAST AGENT SUPPORT FREE ACCESS TO DAT/TRANSCORE & E-mail your requests to INTERNET TRUCKSTOP and an agent support specialist responds. Our system Network FOB has a national account with both converts your e-mail into a web based job “ticket”. Each DAT/Transcore and Internet Truckstop. What this time a Ticket is acted upon it generates the e-mail back means is that you wont have to pay for those to you advising you of the new status. We consider many services as well as things like Carrier Performance agent support items “operational immediate”, meaning Monitoring. (ITS), Carrier Watch and Transcore’s they need near-instantaneous response. Items such as monthly rate survey (DAT) as well as live lead takes credit releases, new credit establishment, Comcheck etc. They will cost you nothing. Transcore’s Carrier requests, and the like, are monitored, and if not acted watch is especially important because it means upon within five minutes, an alarm will sound at the never having to get a certificate of insurance on supervisory level. This assures that your day will not be monitored carriers again. Carrier Watch does that spent waiting for responses for your most critical tasks. for us and automatically updates our computer The tickets reside in an online, agent-accessible system. Rate-Mate is equally important because it database for quality control and staffing requirements. It samples real world open market rates paid by is powerful, accurate and most of all accountable. brokers in lanes all around the country. Transcore’s monthly rate survey is derived from a freight payment company and reflects contract type prices paid by the larger corporate shippers.www.networkfob.com3 Independent Agent Career
  4. 4. LEADING EDGE SOFTWARE LANE HISTORIES/FINDING FAST CREDIT PROCESSING The software we run is from Transcore. CARRIERS Credit processing standards are 15 It is Windows-based and runs via the minutes for requests of $5,000 or less and We also have multiple lane history Internet so there is nothing to install 24 hours on larger requests. Typically the searching options to help you find on your computer. It is integrated with $5,000 will get you started while we run carriers including rates paid. We most Transcore products; notably a more in depth credit review for larger also have the ability to search DAT Carrier Watch, which automatically requests. Again, the credit database is daily posting of equipment in all monitors insurance, among other online, agent- accessible and provides lanes and by specific carriers (and things. This means you no longer have email notification to agents when brokers) so you can check on to get updated certificates, as they changes are made or the file is your competition for changes. expire, from your carriers updated. For example: When we run a credit report on a client, you will receive INSURANCE TIME-SAVING CENTRAL a link to a copy of that file so you can We carry $250,000 of Primary Cargo see exactly what we see. POSTING SITE insurance, including mechanical On our intranet you can breakdown (reefer), $250,000 of CARRIER ACCOUNTS PAYABLE automatically post to the main load Errors and Omissions insurance, and boards, DAT, Internet Truckstop, Post $2 million in contingent auto liability A Carrier Accounts Payable database Everywhere and Get Loaded, from coverage. “lookup” is on our website so if carriers one screen. This saves you time and call, you can refer them to it. On this improves agent-efficiency. database (which you can view as well) CLAIMS are Open, Paid and Unsettled loads Since our authority is “freight MULTIPLE BACKUPS FOR from the past 12 months. We have three forwarder”, we directly process SYSTEMS RELIABILITY methods of payments to carriers: (1) freight claims. If a carrier doesn’t Advancing is 5% up to 50% of the load Our servers are in Atlanta in what we pay us on a valid claim; we pay via Comcheck, (2) Quick Pay payments call a hardened redundant facility your client and worry about are made the same day as the POD is with multiple backup systems. They collecting from the carrier ourselves. presented at 2% or, (3) Our regular pay are monitored 24/7 by a leading All claim information is in an online, is done on the 30th day via direct server facility. There are multiple agent- accessible database with e- deposit or check. We also offer fax paths to the Internet to avoid Internet mail notification to agents upon any settlement so truckers can simply fax or outages. If our physical corporate change in claim status. Our scan us their invoice and the POD for office is not operational due to attorney, who is accessible to all settlement. natural disaster, our systems continue agents via e-mail or phone requiring seamless operation. assistance, handles larger claims and severe carrier issues. GET NEW CLIENTS We support your new-business efforts with a comprehensive database of leads derived from inactive customer list.4 Independent Agent Career
  5. 5. SUMMARY OF BENEFITS • You can review required PODs • Primary Cargo Insurance of prior to issuing with invoices to • Up to 80% Commissions paid $250,000 (great competitive customer online via direct deposit and advantage) • We share the winnings and redeemable daily • Errors and Omissions insurance of share the losses • Our Agent of Record policy, $250,000 • Internet advertising via Google, using the "Point of Contact System", • Contingent Liability Insurance of Yahoo, AOL and others to help you allows multiple agents to work with $2,000,000 (being required by more find new clients and a database of different shipping managers of shippers) past inactive clients to assist in large companies at various • Extensive Lane histories available building your business terminals around the country online • Paid DAT/Transcore National • Our exclusive agent support • Carriers are paid on the 30th day Account Post Everywhwere, system, called "The Ticket System", via direct deposit Internet Truckstop Account as well ensures an agent receives a reply • Up to 50% advancing to your as automatic notification of in minutes. Our agent support carriers via Comcheck substandard Carrier Performance specialists are compensated only • Payment upon presentation of via Internet Truckstop when your request is acted upon POD (quick pay @ 2%) for your • Paid Fax to Email account and completed promptly carriers enables you to receive your faxes • Commissions payable upon • Carriers can view their paid, via e-mail customer invoicing and POD via open, and unsettled accounts • Automatic carrier validation of direct deposit and redeemable online authority and safety via interface 24/7 • Carrier searching database to Carrier 411 • Company retention rate of 100% (Carrier Watch and SaferWatch • Rarely will you need to get since inception of agency program • Credit Guarantee updated insurance from your • We have excellent credit, which truckers. is essential in the current economic • Transcore 360 Logistics Suite environment • Network prepares and sends all platform software via the internet BENEFITS AND • Notification by e-mail of credit TECHNICAL ASPECTS invoices via e-mail to your file changes and always available customer online.5 Independent Agent Career
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY We want agents that can generate $120,000 or more per REQUIREMENTS year in gross profit. We share the Agents need a Windows XP winnings and we share the losses. computer or better, a printer and Those who hire dispatchers and fax (for sending faxes) along with a other brokers are the most high-speed Internet connection. successful agents. For this reason, if Support is both online and over the qualified we also assist you phone. Most tasks, like getting a (financially) in the hiring of Comcheck are just an email away additional staff (for high-performing and if they are not responded to What are you waiting for? agents defined as exceeding within 5 minutes, alarms start to go Call Us Today! off in our office at the supervisory $200,000 gross profit per year.). We do this because we know that level. We recommend at least two once the water table is raised it phone lines. rarely recedes. BROKER REQUIREMENTSOur Office Locations: Agent Career Contact:Network F.O.B. Inc “Executive Offices”837 5th Ave South Joseph TutinoSuite 200 VP SalesNaples FL 34102 239-330-4752239-330-4752 Recruiting@NetworkFOB.com651-846-6745 FaxNetwork F.O.B. Inc “Administrative Offices”2980 Commers Drive, Suite 850Eagan, MN 55121PHONE: (651) 256-1000TOLL-FREE PHONE: 1-800-325-7886FAX: (651) 256-1010