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John Lennon's life
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  • 1. John Lennon
  • 2. When he Was a chiLd John Winston Lennon Was born on 9th october 1940 in LiverpooL, engLand. When he Was young, his parents separated and he Went to Live With his aunt.
  • 3. He studied atLiverpoolUniversity, but hewas a bad pupil. Hewas always late.
  • 4. .When he was 15 years, he created a rockband with his friends, and his firstcomposition was: “Hello my little girl”. Fiveyears later, a different band sang thissong, and it was in the Top 10.
  • 5. John Lennon, PaulMcCartney, Ringo Starr andGeorge Harrison were TheBeatles.In a short time, they werevery popular in The UnitedKingdom and gave lots ofconcerts.
  • 6. Lennon and the Beatlesstarted taking drugs towithstand the road. Theymade the songs at nightin hotels after theconcerts.
  • 7. When he Was young, heLoved cyntia poWeLL.they had a baby: JuLianand got married. yearsLater, John met yoKo ono.he said that she Was histrue Love, and they
  • 8. yoKo ono YOKO ONO
  • 9. Yoko Ono was an artist and made a lot of exhibitions about contemporary art.Nowadays, from time totime, she sings like John
  • 10. The Beatles had many fights, and finally The group broke up in 1970. Each sang the Beatles had many fights, andfinally the group broke were1970. sorry that separately. People up in veryEachBeatles had split up. the sang separately. Peoplewere very sorry that the Beatleshad split up.
  • 11. Lennon and Ono fought against the war inVietnam and Ono fought part in the Lennon and they took againstdemonstrationsand they took part in war in Vietnam against it many times.They were a symbol ofitpeace, unity, and demonstrations against many times. They were a symbol ofthe hippie movement. peace, unity, and the hippie movement.
  • 12. Lennons death wastragic. He was killedby Mark DavidChapman on 8thDecember 1980.Chapman shot himfive times at theentrance of a hotel.Earlier, Lennon hadsigned him anautograph. Markwas sentenced tolife imprisonment.