The Portland Metro Area Smokefree Housing Project
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The Portland Metro Area Smokefree Housing Project



Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Ancillary Session, National Conference on Tobacco or Health, 2007

Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Ancillary Session, National Conference on Tobacco or Health, 2007



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The Portland Metro Area Smokefree Housing Project The Portland Metro Area Smokefree Housing Project Presentation Transcript

  • Portland-Vancouver Metro Area Smokefree Housing Project Thank you to our funders: American Legacy Foundation Kaiser Permanente Community Fund at Northwest Health Foundation Oregon Tobacco Prevention and Education Program Washington Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Steps to a Healthier Clark County/ Community Choices 2010
  • Project Overview
    • “ Systems Change” Approach
    • Smokefree Housing Advisory Board
    • Assessment & Evaluation
    • Materials Development
    • Media Strategies
    • Successes
    • Landlord trade associations endorse & disseminate message
    • Landlord training programs cover “how & why” to go smokefree
    • Commonly available lease forms include “no-smoking” policy check-box
    • “ No-smoking” lease addenda available
    “Systems Change” Approach Change the environment that influences landlords by achieving the following:
    • Smokefree status is amenity category in vacancy listings
    • Fair Housing Council of Oregon handles requests from qualified tenants
    • Property managers/owners adopt voluntary policies
    • Media stories reinforce “trend”
    • The Social Norms change…we get to the “tipping point” and…
    • Public policy is championed by landlord & renter advocates themselves
    “Systems Change” Approach
  • Smokefree Housing Advisory Board
    • We involved key partners from the beginning
    • All are targets for change
      • Landlord trade associations
      • Renter’s advocacy groups
      • Government bureaus that plan & fund housing, or provide training/resources to landlords
    • Coffee meetings: Learned about organizations, Asked advice, Invited to join Board
    • Board meets “as needed”
      • Most advice is sought in one-on-one meetings
      • Annual meetings
      • Low-traffic listserv
  • Assessment & Evaluation
    • Phase 1: Formative Research
      • How big is the SHS problem?
      • What do renters think & want?
      • What do landlords think & want?
      • What messages work?
      • Who should deliver them?
    • Commissioned “market survey”
      • (20% renters have, 76% want smokefree policies)
    • Landlord focus groups & executive interviews
    Reports & assessment tools available at
  • Assessment & Evaluation
    • Phase 2 & 3: Ongoing assessment & evaluation
      • Is the campaign working?
      • Are policies being adopted?
      • Are more renters protected from SHS?
        • Online survey through landlord trade associations
        • BRFSS questions: renter status, smokefree policy, preference
        • Repeat renter survey in 2009
  • Educational Materials Development
    • Compiled examples from national partners & our previously developed materials
    • Got formal input from Advisory Board on needs & preferences
    • Used findings from market research and landlord focus groups to guide messages & format
    • Landlord messages focus on business benefits:
      • Emphasize market demand
      • Reinforce reduced damage & turn-over expenses
      • Mention reduced fire hazard & liabilities
      • (Fair Housing requests, Litigation risks, SHS hazards)
      • Provide practical, easy steps
    Educational Materials Development You can achieve public health goals without always focusing on the health aspects
  • Educational Materials Development
    • Materials include:
      • A Landlord’s Guide to No-Smoking Policies
      • Smokefree building/ property stickers
      • Landlord training curriculum & renter packet under revision
  • Media Strategies
    • Reach landlord audience, not general public , through earned media
    • Submit articles to landlord trade publications & newsletters
    • Pitch stories to business reporters, not health reporters
    • Help landlords publicize policies
  • Successes
    • Monthly front-page articles in local newspaper, The Apartment Manager
    • The 3 major local providers of lease forms include no-smoking check-box & addenda
    • Website count: 923 (as of 10/15/07)
    • Smoke-free policies discussed in landlord training programs
    • Policy adoption by Guardian Management
      • Protects 24,000 renters from SHS!
      • Role-model for other companies
    • Other policies to be announced soon!!
  • Colleen Hermann-Franzen American Lung Association of Oregon [email_address] Diane Laughter, MPH American Lung Association of Oregon Kylie Meiner, MPH Multnomah County Health Department [email_address] Theresa Cross, MS, RD, CD Clark County Public Health [email_address]