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Internet Marketing (e-Marketing) Training_Kanaidi, SE., M.Si

  1. 1. e-Marketing Training “ Overview of INTERNETBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284 1
  2. 2. Pengertian Internet Internet : • kependekan dari : interconnected-networking • ialah sistem global dari seluruh jaringan komputer yang saling terhubung menggunakan standar Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) untuk melayani miliaran pengguna di seluruh dunia.By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  3. 3. Internet pada saat iniMemungkinkan utk berkomunikasi secara langsung antara dua pengguna atau lebihmelalui program pengirim pesan instan seperti Camfrog, Pidgin (Gaim), Trilian, Kopete, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger dan Windows Live Messenger By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  4. 4. Budaya Internet From Marketing Sherpa
  5. 5. Budaya Internet • Jml pengguna yg besar  Budaya Internet • Berpengaruh besar atas ilmu dan pandangan dunia • Dengan mesin pencari seperti Google, pengguna di seluruh dunia mempunyai akses Internet yang mudah atas berbagai macam informasi • Dibanding dengan buku dan perpustakaan, Internet melambangkan penyebaran (decentralization) / pengetahuan (knowledge) informasi dan data secara ekstrem. • Internet juga telah memengaruhi perkembangan ekonomi, melalui berbagai transaksi jual beli e-commerce. • memicu tumbuhnya transparansi pelaksanaan pemerintahan melalui e-governmentBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  6. 6. Tata tertib Internet • dikenal dengan nama Nettiquette (netiket) • Selain tata tertib sosial, juga diberlakukan peraturan (UU ITE).By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  7. 7. Akses Internet • Sebagian dari rumah melalui Internet Provider • 42% melalui fasilitas Public Internet Access seperti: warnet , cybercafe, hotspot dll. • Tempat umum lainnya : di kampus dan kantor.By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  8. 8. The Internet is Different • A rare example of a modern functional anarchy • No official censors, no bosses, no board of directors, no stockholders • No one “owns” the Internet, there is no “Internet, Incorporated” • The “Internet” itself, doesn’t even officially exist as an entity • The “Internet” never charges for anything. Each group accessing the internet is responsible for their own machine and accessBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  9. 9. Evolution Of The Internet Phase One: Portals EverywherePhase Two:SimpleTransactionsPhase Three:TheDigital DecadeBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  10. 10. The Internet Grows • 600 million people access the internet worldwide (2002 est.) • 2002 e-commerce 1 trillion dollars (est.) • 68% increase in e-commerce 2000 vs. 2001 • Over 1 billion web pages, 40 million sitesBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  11. 11. What are they doing online? • More time • More money • More services • Fewer sitesBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  12. 12. Impact of Internet on media consumption  23% Watch TV less often  20% Read magazines less often  15% Read newspaper less often  9% Listen to radio less often Source: (USA) Scarborough National Internet StudyBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  13. 13. Reaching consumers throughout their media day TV Print Outdoor Radio Online 7.00am Journey Breakfast News Morning Paper To Work Breakfast Show Check News/ Mail 9.00am 11.00am Messenger 1.00pm Paper/Mags Out for Drive Time Lunch News, Sport, Finance 3.00pm 5.00pm Messenger 7.00pm Leisure Mags Journey Home Drive Time Web Cast 9.00pm News, Ent, Sport 11.00pmBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  14. 14. Jaringan Sosial : facebook
  15. 15. facebook
  16. 16. Facebook in Higher Ed• Out of 220 respondents, 117 were members of Facebook• When asked if they used Facebook for the college, the number dropped to 64 64 156
  17. 17. e-Marketing TrainingWhat is e-Marketing? By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284 17
  18. 18. e-Marketing• Marketing concept• Customer orientation
  19. 19. e-Marketinge-Commerce and e-Business Relationship E B E EM EM EB = EM B a c b
  20. 20. e-Marketing Plan– Situation– Objectives– Strategy– Tactics– Action– Control
  21. 21. e-Marketing• Situation analysis• Demand analysis
  22. 22. Products and BrandsBy Kanaidi, SE., M.SiBy :: Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284 HP. 08122353284 22 22
  23. 23. Product Fundamentals• Product - the market offer of a good, service, idea, or other item of value• Key criteria: buyer and use – Who is the buyer? – How will the product be used?• Most products sold online are identical to offline products• Product is focus for other marketing mix• Many consumers research products online, purchase offline
  24. 24. Product Fundamentals (cont’d) Types of Products Sold OnlineGoods Services• Durables – ex. counseling – ex. washing machines Digitals• Non-durables – ex. Tickets; software; – ex. shampoo news• Disposables Mixed – ex. paper cups – ex. computer and• Perishables downloaded software – ex. frozen foods
  25. 25. Product Fundamentals (cont’d)FOCUS: Digital Products• Core product; license and service / support• Product development process: Open Source? – Linux; Firefox• Product Augmentation – Online news• Your blog: A product ?
  26. 26. Product Fundamentals (cont’d)FOCUS: Digital Products• Standards – Proprietary versus Open• Standards Setting – QWERTY – Railroad Gauge – TCP/IP – WINTEL
  27. 27. Product Fundamentals (cont’d)• The Internet facilitates product mass customization• Large quantities of customized products semiproduced in advance of sale• Well-suited to Internet marketing, interactive environment• Examples: cosmetics, cereal, apparel, music, shoes
  28. 28. Product Fundamentals (cont’d) Purchasing Products Online Advantages Disadvantages • Greater product assortment • Security and privacy risk • Availability • Purchasing process breakdown • Comparisons • Delivery risk • Lack of sensory contact • Information access • Poor quality product pictures, • Sales (mostly) untaxed distorted colors • Access for shoppers in remote • S&h costs areas • Complicated returnsBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  29. 29. Consumer Products Classified by Buyer Habits, View of Process Convenience Shopping • Staples • Best suited to online sales – Frequent Repurchase Specialty • Emergency • Less well suited – Crisis Unsought – Non crisis • Some unlikely • Impulse products sold onlineBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si 9–29 HP. 08122353284
  30. 30. Branding• Branding is becoming more critical to online marketing success as competition intensifies• Cyber brands created by Amazon, eBay, AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and others• Bricks and mortar brands extended online - mixed branding strategy• Some cyber brands have also gone offline• Online branding important for both consumer and enterprise products• True cyber brands are frictionless - digital inventory
  31. 31. Branding (cont’d)• The domain name is a branding tool• Should be meaningful, short, descriptive, associated with product characteristics• Domain names identify brands• Creates awareness as well as addresses• Caution: even great domain names can fail
  32. 32. Branding (cont’d)• Must build brand awareness – Online and offline promotions – One line• Must create, maintain, and protect the brand• Risks – Highly visible brand names, bad co-branding matches, complaint sites
  33. 33. PlaceBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284 33 33
  34. 34. Place Fundamentals Figure : Marketing Channels
  35. 35. Place Fundamentals (cont’d)• Supply channels• Deliver upstream value – Provide direct and indirect products• Traditional ways of doing business have worked against emarketplaces – Private emarkets are more widely accepted – Horizontal and vertical exchanges• Supply channels often led by powerful manufacturers or retailers
  36. 36. Place Fundamentals (cont’d)• Eprocurement is saving money• Large corporations dragging their suppliers online• Web-based supply systems also important• More internet business expansions planned• Online automated supply and resupply systems expanding• For more businesses, online supply channels squeeze out costs
  37. 37. Place Fundamentals (cont’d)• Distribution channels• Deliver downstream value to end users• Digital direct distribution• Multichannel distribution• Channel agreements, structure• Types of intermediaries• Logistics/physical distribution• Storage, handling, delivery• Collaboration between producers, sellers, carriers
  38. 38. Place Issues• Internet is changing many place traditions• Some are traditional marketing in a new channel environment• Disintermediation – Collapsing channels – Goal: cost savings – Some industries more threatened than others, particularly travel agents – Infomediaries
  39. 39. Place Issues (cont’d)• Some cyberbrands reintermediating• Threat of cyber channel cannibalization• Metamediaries - or are they portals? – Unique communities – With or without commercial involvement – Affinity, instruction, time/event, aspirational• Automatic replenishment - rebuys• Multilevel marketing
  40. 40. Consumer Channel Strategies• Many online channel strategies are evolutionary, not revolutionary• What consumers want from online storefronts – Convenience, information, speed, privacy and security, service, simplicity, convergence• Etailing - the third significant transformation of the retail industry
  41. 41. Consumer Channel Strategies (cont’d)• Etailer decisions – Service level – Returns – Products and assortment – Trust – Inventory turns – Facilitation – Prices – Aftermarket service• Shopping basket abandonment• Content sites, P2P and auctions
  42. 42. Consumer Channel Strategies• Focus: Digital Products• Music Distribution – Old Model Artist > Label > Retail > Product Bundle – New Model ?
  43. 43. The Promotion MixBy Kanaidi, SE., M.SiBy :: Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284 HP. 08122353284 43 43
  44. 44. Promotion Fundamentals Communicating Promotions Online Sender > Message Channel Receiver Feedback Noise Can Occur Anywhere • Computer crashes • Deletions • Slow downloads • Multitasking • DSL goes down • Viewer leaves computerBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  45. 45. Promotion Fundamentals (cont’d) Internet Promotions Goals Types • Build awareness • Advertising • Brand and rebrand • Sales promotions (incentives) • Position and reposition • Personal selling • Increase traffic • Direct marketing • Sell products • Publicity/public relations • Remind • EntertainBy : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  46. 46. Promotion Fundamentals (cont’d)• Potential for being one-to-one in real time• Pull and push characteristics• Promotion mix used to create cyberbrands• Offline promotions drive traffic online• Online and offline used to remind• Other points of contact also promote
  47. 47. Promotion Fundamentals (cont’d)• Promotion delivery channels• Online pushed to viewer• Offline using traditional promotion channels• Oneline linking online and offline – Internet advertisements in elevators, taxi cabs, other forms• Create buzz (positive word-of-mouth)
  48. 48. Promotion Issues• Consumers exert control – Ignore or close promotion windows – Opt-out of receiving promotions – Purge cookie file – Ad-cutting software• Aggressive tactics can be counterproductive – Spawning pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-behinds – Streaming audio – Trapping
  49. 49. Promotion Issues (cont’d)• Oneline promotion integrates, coordinates online and offline• Focused promotions help cut through growing online promotion clutter• Web clutter makes driving traffic to sites more difficult
  50. 50. Promotion Issues (cont’d)• Search engine advertising – Highly contextual – Early stages means opportunities• Search Engine Optimization – Title tag; Meta tags; keyword integration; update site; network site; all pages• Online promotions criticized – Highly visible, intrusive – Blocks access to a web site – Slows download times – Children, other vulnerable targets
  51. 51. Advertising Applications• Banner ads still most commonly used• Search engine advertising gaining ground• Other forms: sponsorships, rich media, minimovies (cybermovies), yellow pages, classifieds, webcast ads• Metrics: CTR, CPM, CPC, CPA• Disputes over metrics continue – Standardization beginning to have an effect – Discredited: hits, eyeballs, and other poorly measured metrics
  52. 52. Sales Promotions and Permission Email Marketing• Sales promotions, particularly coupons, popularity growing• Permission email marketing – Can be short-term – Longer term strategy is more desirable – Some states and EU moving against unsolicited email (spam)
  53. 53. Cara PRAKTIS Membuat Blog SPEKTAKULERBandung, 21 -SE.,Juni 2010By : Kanaidi, 23 M.Si By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  54. 54. Blogger• Mungkin banyak orang memanfaatkan Blog hanya untuk kesenangan pribadi. Misal sebagai tempat curhat, menuliskan keluh kesah atau pengalaman yang dia alami.• Atau bisa juga untuk berbagi informasi, menuliskan informasi penting agar banyak orang yang bisa mengetahuinya. Sebagai tempat latihan menulis juga bisa.• Tujuan lainnya, blog bisa pula dipakai untuk tempat menyimpan catatan-catatan penting atau bahkan media bisnis.
  55. 55. Blog SPEKTAKULER• Apapun tujuan anda ngeblog, yang jelas Blog bisa pula mendatangkan keuntungan tak terhingga untuk anda.• Blog bisa mendatangkan uang tanpa henti masuk ke kantong anda.• Yang pasti Anda HARUS PUNYA Blog terlebih dahulu (Cara Praktis dapat di baca pada Buku “Cara Praktis Membuat Blog” oleh Kanaidi.Agar Spektakuler, Ikuti KIAT berikut :
  56. 56. Agar Blog SPEKTAKULER1. Tetapkan URL yang konsisten2. Pilih topik yang tepat3. Beri nama Blog dgn Menarik4. Tampilkan content berkualitas5. Promosikan blog anda6. Tingkatkan keterampilan teknis7. Lakukan riset dan evaluasi8. Jangan surut langkah9. Berani untuk berkorban
  57. 57. URL yang konsisten• Dalam membuat blog, URL anda harus konsisten. Maksudnya, jangan digonta-ganti. Sekali saja anda mengganti URL blog, berarti anda harus kerja keras mempopulerkannya kembali.• Blog yang sudah mulai akrab dengan search engine, akan hilang begitu saja.• Begitupun koneksi yang telah anda bangun selama ini. Karena itu URL sangat penting.• Dalam menentukan URL, sebaiknya pilih nama yang mudah diingat.
  58. 58. /URL
  59. 59. By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  60. 60. Pilih topik yang tepat• Bekerja di bidang yang dicintai membuat kita lebih mudah sukses. Saat membuat blog, hal ini pun harus menjadi bahan pertimbangan. Jangan memaksakan diri di bidang A kalau anda suka bidang B.• Bekerja di bidang yang anda sukai pasti membuat anda lebih semangat.• Kalau bingung mau memilih topik blog apa? Gampang! Solusinya bisa anda temukan di cara memilih topik blog yang menarik seperti magnet.
  61. 61. Pilihan TOPIK :• PRODUK milik SENDIRI, atau• PRODUK AFFILIASI. BISA dipilih: • Produk NYATA, atau • Produk MAYA • (e-Book/e-Journal, dll).
  62. 62. Nama Blog yang Membawa Hoki• Lakukan Riset kecil-kecilan.• Amati dan buka beberapa Blog lainnya.• Cari tahu berapa pengunjungnya.• Simpulkan Nama Blog anda. Saran utk NAMA BLOG: • Sesuai dengan isi. • Gunakan dua kata. • Coba cari beberapa alternatif. • Tentukan.
  63. 63. Hal-hal yang sebaiknya ada (dimuat) pada Blog Komersial Anda• Setelah membahas dan mempelajari Cara Praktis Membuat Blog beserta Teknik Pemberian Nama Blog yang membawa Hokky, maka kini tibalah saatnya kita mengisi konten pada blog tersebut.• Kiat sukses agar terjadi transaksi yang deras atas produk yang ditawarkan pada Blog Anda, sebaiknya pada konten Blog Anda tersebut dilengkapi dengan hal-hal sebagai berikut :
  64. 64. Content Blog BERKUALITAS1. Produk Anda terbuat dari bahan/material apa? Termasuk apa saja Komposisi bahan/material pada produk Anda?2. Manfaat/kegunaan yang diunggulkan dari produk Anda3. Keunggulan/kelebihan produk Anda4. Harga & Ukuran yang tersedia + Makna dari desain5. Cara Pemesanan & Cara Pembayaran6. Kalimat bujukan
  65. 65. By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  66. 66. Promosikan blog anda• Undang pengunjung sebanyak mungkin untuk datang ke blog anda. Misal, dengan aktif menulis di milis. Bisa juga dengan aktif berkomentar di blog yang ramai pengunjungnya. Bisa pula dengan memanfaatkan social network yang sesuai dengan target pembaca anda. Dan banyak cara lainnya.• Yang penting, anda jangan pernah berhenti mempromosikannya. Memang mungkin menghabiskan banyak waktu. Tapi hasil yang anda tuai pasti sepadan dengan usaha anda.
  67. 67. Tingkatkan keterampilan teknis• Setelah memiliki blog, jangan lupa untuk meningkatkan keterampilan anda mengelola blog. Banyak hal yang bisa dipelajari seperti mengenai SEO, HTML, dan lainnya. Dan mungkin tak akan pernah ada habisnya.• Yang penting, setelah anda pelajari, langsung praktekkan. Biar pengetahuan anda jadi melekat dan bermanfaat. Dengan semakin menguasai hal teknis, blog anda pasti akan tampil unik dan jauh lebih menarik.
  68. 68. Lakukan riset dan evaluasi• Jangan bosan untuk meningkatkan kualitas blog anda.• Untuk itu, lihat blog ‘tetangga’ dan bandingkan dengan blog anda. Serap hal- hal yang menurut anda baik untuk diterapkan pada blog anda.• Dengan selalu melakukan riset dan evaluasi, blog anda pasti akan lebih baik dari hari ke hari.
  69. 69. Jangan surut langkah• Sekali anda memutuskan ngeblog, jangan pernah mundur. Meski mungkin anda menemui kenyataan tak seindah harapan. Seperti meski anda sudah jungkir balik promosi, tapi pengunjungnya cuma segitu saja. Atau page rank blog anda masih ada di urutan terbelakang.• Sekali lagi, jangan pernah surut langkah. Kesulitan itu sesuatu yang wajar. Dan anda harus belajar menyelesaikannya. Hadapi kesulitan anda, bukan dihindari!
  70. 70. Berani berkorban• Orang Jawa bilang “jer besuki mawa bea”. Ini pepatah lama yang tetap cocok sampai kapanpun. Untuk meraih kesuksesan anda harus berkorban lebih dulu.• Jika anda telah memilih membuat blog, kelolalah dengan baik. Jangan sia-siakan. Fokuskan perhatian anda pada blog anda. 
  71. 71. Nine Strategies for Smart Email MarketingBandung, 21 -SE.,Juni 2010By : Kanaidi, 23 M.Si By : Kanaidi, SE., M.Si HP. 08122353284
  72. 72. Smart Email Marketing• How many emails do you get every day? And how many of them do you read?• The in-box has become a fierce battleground for your subscribers attention.• So lets look at effective ways and strategies to keep your email marketing messages from becoming victims of the delete key.
  73. 73. Nine Strategies for Smart Email Marketing1. Attention requires permission.2. Know your subscribers as individuals.3. Personalize your email marketing campaigns.4. Get your timing right.5. Use Subject and Sender Wisely6. Create a clear call to action.7. Make Purchasing Easy8. Test, measure, test, measure . . .9. Be Brave in your email marketing campaigns.
  74. 74. Attention requires permission• You can only get the recipients attention if you have the explicit permission to do so.• The permission doesnt guarantee that your email marketing campaign will be a success, but if you send without permission and your recipients get the feeling that you want to force something down their throat, failure is guaranteed.
  75. 75. Know your subscribers as individuals• Email marketing works best as one-to-one marketing (soon, in fact, this will be the only form of marketing that will work).• The goal is to create a dialogue with your customers through messages tailored to several things: their individual needs and interests, what products they purchesed in the past (up-selling), other related products you offer that they might benefit from (cross-selling), their budget, etc.• Creating this dialogue requires you to know a lot about your members.You can find out by :• tracking and analyzing their behavior, and• asking them.
  76. 76. Personalize your email marketing• Even if one-to-one marketing is beyond your abilities, personalization is a must. Greet recipients by name.• If I get a bulk email, it feels much less bulky if it uses my name -- and Im more likely to read the message and maybe risk a click or two.• Often, youll use the first name only, but for some campaigns the last name will be more appropriate.• Of course, one of the most crucial aspects of personalized marketing is responding to individual requests. If members send you email it means they have investigated and are interested in your conferences.• By failing to reply promptly, you will not only miss an opportunity but you will probably lose a customer for life. So make it a top priority to reply to all incoming mail within 24 hours
  77. 77. Get your timing right• During holidays, people tend to be away from their computers. When they return theyll get your message along with a ton of other mail that has piled up.• Chances are they will delete all but the most important messages in a rush, without a second look. This is why you should avoid conducting major email marketing campaigns during December, January, July, and August.• Whats the best day to send your email? This question is probably overrated. Nevertheless, heres a simple rule of thumb.• If your message is of vocational interest and read at work, send it on Wednesday or Thursday. If its primarily read at home and focuses on spare-time activities, send it on Sunday.
  78. 78. Use Subject and Sender Wisely• The Sender is the easier part. People dont take sweets from strangers, and they dont read mail from <>. So dont use a mere email address; include a real name. You can even send your emails from a (hypothetical) real persons account.• Writing killer subject lines is more difficult. You have only about 40 characters to motivate your members to click and read on.• "Whats in it for me?“• Dont think you can trick recipients into opening your message.• "Want to Attend Widget World Convention at 20% off?"• Avoid anything commonly found in the subject lines of spam
  79. 79. Create a clear call to action• Start by defining the desired action in your own mind. Lets say you want your members to click through to your site, read about your meeting, and sign up by clicking through to your registration form.• Recipients need to know exactly what they should do and what they can expect in return (as in the instruction "Click Here for a 20% Discount on Your Next Seminar"). Do keep the body of your message and call to action short, but make sure the message is long enough to present the core benefits.
  80. 80. Make Purchasing Easy• Design a special landing page for every message you send (or for every call to action, if a message contains more than one). Youve spent a lot of effort to get the recipient there; dont strand them at this point by dumping them into a page that fails to flow clearly from your message to your desired action.• Make purchasing easy at the landing page. For example, if you have the members name, address, and credit card information, prefill the form.
  81. 81. Test, measure, test, measure . . .• Continuous testing allows you to improve your efforts over time. Measuring click-through is a valuable tool, but dont rely on it exclusively. Your goal is not to get clicking customers but rather to generate satisfied customers who repeatedly sign up for your conferences and recommend you to others.• In addition to tracking click-through rates, measure your conversion rate, which tells you how many of the recipients actually took the action you expected.• This still does not track customer satisfaction. Repeat purchases in response to your campaigns can serve as an indicator of customer satisfaction. To get a better understanding of how satisfied your customers are, also conduct independent surveys or focus groups.
  82. 82. Be Brave in your email marketing campaigns• There are a hundred things to keep in mind when designing an email campaign, and every single one has its value.• But if your message goes through too many filters, it may end in the recipients in-box as yet another boring and conventional piece of email, quickly dragged into the Trash folder.• Sometimes, it pays to be brave, be creative, and risk losing some people on your list if it results in a more effective campaign overall.
  83. 83. Contact Us : Ω Mapping Ω Problem Statement Ω Strategic Direction ►►► Conclusion Kanaidi, SE., M.Si (Trainer & Dosen, Penulis, Peneliti, dan PeBisnis) e-mail : atau Telp : 022-2009570 ext.118 Fax : 022-2009568 HP. 0812 2353 284 “Sukses kanaidi”