How to achieve weight loss by hypnosis


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How to achieve weight loss by hypnosis

  1. 1. How to Achieve Weight Loss by HypnosisKatie V. Adams
  2. 2. Weight loss is usually achieved by dieting,exercising, and undergoing surgery. However,weight loss can also be achieved throughhypnosis. Yes, as weird as it may sound, weightloss by hypnosis is possible. In fact, a lot of peoplefind it safe, easy, and effective. According to theJournal of Clinical Psychology, hypnosis hasproven to be effective in weight loss for somepeople. Many of those desiring to lose weight arestruggling with unhealthy food choices.
  3. 3. Through hypnosis, these people are guided towardchoosing the right options. Their eating patternsare recalibrated; and as a result, they becomemore practical when it comes to choosing whichfood to eat. You should know that the primaryobjective of hypnosis is to change the attitude orperspective of a person in a certain situation.When you choose weight loss by hypnosis, youwill be given a look, feel, and taste of analternative reality.
  4. 4. This is to let your subconscious mind realize thatthere are other options aside from the one that ithas been used to. Your subconscious mind cannottell the difference between reality and fantasy. Sowhen you introduce it to a new perspective, it canbroaden its outlook quickly. However, you shouldkeep in mind that hypnosis is not magic. It issimply psychotherapy. It may or may not work foryou.
  5. 5. If you are submissive, hypnosis will easily work foryou; but if you are resistant, it may not work at all.In addition, even though hypnosis is an excellentaid in weight loss, you should not rely on it alone.According to Dr. David Katz, a professor at YaleUniversity and an ABC medical contributor,hypnosis is not the sole solution for weight lossand weight control. In order for you to achieve yourdesired weight, you should also maintain properdiet and exercise.
  6. 6. Anyway, amongst the major ways that ahypnotherapist starts to alter the perspective of thesubject is through disassociation. Oftentimes,people have this strong inclination to associatethemselves with the images and thoughts that gothrough their minds. Once they undergo hypnosis,they become capable of disassociating themselvesfrom the thoughts. Hence, they begin to realizethat they are the observers of these thoughts andnot the thoughts themselves.
  7. 7. Aside from disassociation, hypnotherapists alsouse reframing. This technique is crucial for peoplewho want to achieve weight loss by hypnosis.Usually, when you associate yourself with yourthoughts, you also believe the things that you tellyourself. So when you say discouraging things toyourself, your mind tends to believe them. If youwant to have a better weight and figure, youshould try to alter the ways on how you tellyourself things.
  8. 8. Then again, you should be very careful when itcomes to choosing a hypnotherapist. You shouldsee to it that you only deal with a hypnotherapistwho is experienced, reliable, and a professional.Also, keep in mind that this method is notrecommended for those with epilepsy, seriouspsychological disorders, and post-traumatic stress.So, if you have any of these conditions, you shouldlook for other ways on how to achieve weight loss.
  9. 9. Katie V. Adams is a nutritionist and fitness trainerthat has help many individuals lose weightsuccessfully through exercise regime and diet.Want to learn how to shed those impossible"pounds" fast and permanently?Visit: http://www.weightlosstoday.infoArticle Source: