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How to lose weight in a day


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How to lose weight in a day

  1. 1. How to Lose Weight in a Day?Katie V. Adams
  2. 2. There is nothing more fascinating than safelybeing able to lose extra weight in a day! Well, thatstill remains a mystery till now. Losing fat underthe doctors scalpel may be expensive and still failto deal with the root cause of your weight gain-unhealthy food and bad lifestyle. However, thereare natural ways of keeping your weight in check.These natural ways will only work if you areconsistent.
  3. 3. Proper dietFollowing a proper dieting program is the key tolosing those extra calories. The major cause ofobesity has been identified as bad eatingunhealthy foods coupled with lack of exercise. Foryou to achieve any milestone in weight loss, youhave to be consistent with your healthy diet plan.This does not mean that you should abruptly stopeating foods that you previously used to enjoy!
  4. 4. Doing so will only increase the urge to eat thesefoods and when you give in to the urge-becauseyou will surely do, you feel like a failure. If you areinclined to sugary, salty and all kinds of unhealthyfoods, the first step should be to reduce the portionof these foods you consume daily. You should alsotry to eat them less often. Later, you will findyourself craving them less and less until the urgeseizes.
  5. 5. A successful weight loss program also involvesdevising a healthy eating plan, or in other words abalanced diet. A balanced diet should include thefollowing type of foods.Fruits and vegetablesThis includes fresh vegetables as well as canned,dried and pure juices. Beans can also be includedin this category. It is advisable that you choosefruits and vegetables of different colors.
  6. 6. This is because they contain differentphytonutrients. Fruits and vegetables are low incalories and contain low fats or cholesterol.CerealsCereals such as rice, pasta, oats and noodles aswell as bread and potatoes are healthy for you.They contain little cholesterol.
  7. 7. Meat alternativesHealthy alternatives for proteins include poultry,eggs, and fish. Some of the meat products arehealthy as they contain low amounts of fat. Otherhealthy sources of proteins include nuts, kidneybeans, textured vegetable protein andmycoproteins.Milk and milk products such as cheese, fromage,frais and yoghurt are also healthy. However, youshould avoid butter and cream.
  8. 8. Foods high in sugar, salt and fat should beavoided. Soft drinks, ice-cream, sweets, biscuits,cakes and others are high in sugar and should beavoided.ExerciseProper diet is complemented by routine exercise.Prior to taking your breakfast, you should do yourcardio exercises. This is the best time to exercisesince your body has more energy when you wakeup.
  9. 9. You can engage in simple cardio exercises suchas running, walking, cycling and aerobics. Prior totaking your breakfast, the blood sugar is low. Thismeans that your body will acquire energy forexercising from fat stored. Exercising in themorning keeps your metabolism level highthroughout the day hence burning fat.
  10. 10. Build lean muscleLean muscle in the body helps to increase the rateof metabolism in the body, which increases therate of fat burning. Strength training can beimportant in developing lean muscle in your body.The more muscle you gain the more fat you burn.There is no way to lose weight in a day as losingweight takes time, but by following these tips, theycan help you lose weight fast.
  11. 11. Katie V. Adams is a nutritionist and fitness trainerthat has help many individuals lose weightsuccessfully through exercise regime and diet.Want to learn how to shed those impossible"pounds" fast and permanently?Visit: http://www.weightlosstoday.infoArticle Source: