Top Toenail fungus Cures


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compare these toenail fungus cures and find the best treatment for your nail fungus.

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Top Toenail fungus Cures

  1. 1. What’s the best cure for toenail fungus? Compare these treatments to find out.
  2. 2. Home Remedies  For people who want to cure nail fungus naturally, here are some Home remedies. • Tree oil Soak your feet in water add a few drops of tea tree oil and soak 20-30 min. Let feet air dry completely and apply vaporub to toes overnight. Wear soaks. You will start seeing results within a few months if your consistent with this ritual. •Use Vick’s Vapor Rub. Keep Vick's Vapor Rub salve by your bedside and apply a small amount to affected toe or toenails before donning socks. Be sure that the toes are dry before applying the Vick's to avoid sealing moisture in under the rub. This method takes a while, but so do commercial applications and this one is both cheap and reliable. •Use water and vinegar. Soak your toes in a weak solution of water and vinegar for at least half an hour on a nightly basis. This lowers the pH of your toenails so that the fungus can no longer survive. You need to do this regularly, every night, for three to six months. While this is quite a commitment, it works.
  3. 3. Topical medications  Topical medications may be prescribed in certain cases. These are creams and lotions which you will apply as your doctor sees fit. •Drug must be applied to nails daily for a long period •Not effective in all patients because the drug cannot pass into in some patients or through the nail to reach the infection under the nail.
  4. 4. Consult With a Physician  Toenail fungal infections aren't pleasant––you may experience anything from toenail discoloration, awful odor and discharges, to the nail completely dropping off.  It is important to treat the condition as early as possible. This will ensure that the condition is easier to treat, reduce the likelihood of recurrence, and help ensure that you do not need to have the nail removed. This is important: the infection will not go away on its own and home remedies are rarely effective. Free Consultation Call 800-672-0625 (Toll Free) Click Here to Schedule Free Consultation Online
  5. 5. Oral Drugs  Oral medications are also commonly used to fight fungal infections. There are a variety of drugs available but many can cause health complications for those with certain health conditions, so be sure that your doctor is aware of your medical history. •Drug must be taken for 6-12 weeks •Not effective in all patients •Not recommended in some patients who have poor health •Final result seen after nail grows out (4-12 months) •Drug side effects: headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, skin rash, (allergic reaction to drug) •Serious drug side effects: risk of liver damage and heart failure (weekly blood testing may be required to monitor liver/ heart function)
  6. 6. Follow your doctor’s instructions.  Again, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions, as a lapse in treatment can cause the infection to come back or worsen. You should also consult with your doctor before combining different nail fungus treatment methods.
  7. 7. Cure Fungus with Laser  laser nail fungus removal is the fastest way of curing nail fungus. Most patients can receive improvement in 3, 6, 9 and/or 12 months after one treatment session.  New nail grows out with no signs of infection  No significant adverse effects FAQ •How laser works •How long does a laser treatment take? •How much does the Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Cost?
  8. 8. Troubled by toenail fungus? Browse our site for a sampling of laser nail fungus removal before and after photos and videos that illustrate what you can expect from your laser toenail fungus removal procedures. If you’re looking for toenail fungus cure in California area, call us at 800-672- 0625 or click here to book your free consultation today. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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