Almost free Flickr alternative without ads |


Published on allows to share photos with family and friends without nasty ads getting in your way. stores photos in your personal Google Drive, so they won't disappear in case of an unexpected shut down. also allows RAW photo uploads for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus cameras.

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Almost free Flickr alternative without ads |

  1. 1. Almost free Flickr alternative without nasty ads Stored on Google’s servers, in your Google Drive.
  2. 2. PROBLEM: Flickr is here for 10 years now. It is a trusted photo sharing website that gathered a great community of photographers. But... It is spoiled with ads. My experience: I recently opened a Flickr account for vacation photo sharing and saw there were these surreptitious advertisements between every 2 of my uploaded photos. So, I paid the $50 to open an Ad-free account, which I thought meant that no one who viewed my photos would see the Ads. Boy was I wrong--it only means that I can't see the Ads, but everyone else can. And me not seeing Ads is the only feature you get for your $50. “ User MSRG from Washington in comments at
  3. 3. It tries to justify this by providing 1TB storage and a great network of photography communities. But the majority of us doesn’t need so much space. Not now, not even in a 10-year perspective. Also, we share photos with family and photographing friends more often than with strangers on the Internet. That’s why, we believe, will be a much better for many-many snap-heavy photographers.
  4. 4. FAQ “ is pretty new. What if it gets shut down? “How compares to Flickr in functionality? Good question. In that case you will still have access to your photos since they are stored in Google Drive. Google’s servers are as reliable as Yahoo’s. In some cases we provide even more. We allow RAW uploads, for example. See comparison table below.
  5. 5. COMPARISON Yes Yes Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus $150/yr $50 + $50 + $50 = $150 $60/yr $25 + $20 + $15 = $60 No No ads forever No Free: 1TB $200/yr: 2TB Free: 15Gb (3-5 years of vacation photos) $24/yr: 100Gb $120/yr: 1TB Good Google’s servers Good Yahoo’s servers Full on album level Full on collection level STORAGE RELIABIITY PRIVACY CONTROL ADS COST OF AD-FREE PHOTO SHARING FOR A FAMILY* RAW UPLOADS STORAGE AMOUNT & COST * average family consists of three people. So with Flickr you need to buy 3 ad-free plans.
  6. 6. PRICING* First gift: $20 Second: $15 Each next: $15 $0/yr If you constantly upload photos, create and share collections, you can use for free. Your only cost would be the cost of Google Drive’s storage. If you want to use at your own pace and thank us for the great service, just buy a $25/yr subscription. is great for families. We encourage you to buy a subscription for your family member or a friend at a discounted price. $25/yr FREE BASIC PICS.IO AS A GIFT * pricing may change before launch. If pricing changes and you’re already a subscriber, your will be able to renew your subscription on previous terms.
  7. 7. SIGN UP Sign up today & forget about ads spoiling your photo collection.
  8. 8. Sign up today & forget about ads spoiling your photo collection. SIGN UP