KAIROS Advent - First Sunday 2012


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KAIROS’ new Advent 2012 resource, 'Seeking Shelter: An ecumenical Advent justice journey', is now available! Inspired by Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter, the resource is based on Las Posadas, a Central American and Mexican tradition in which actors playing Mary and Joseph walk through town searching for shelter, accompanied by local church members singing and carrying bright lanterns. Turned away again and again, they finally find householders who welcome them in. Today, that search for shelter is a reality for many in our world, whether the shelter people seek is fair wages, land rights, or clean water. What is our response?

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KAIROS Advent - First Sunday 2012

  1. 1. First Sunday inAdvent, 2012Our Advent journeythrough Hope,Peace, Joy and Lovecan also carry usalong on a search forjustice and rightrelations. KAIROSinvites you to anAdvent search forthat shelter in thespirit of Mary andJoseph’s journey.
  2. 2. Mary and Joseph relied on the welcome of strangers when they arrived in Bethlehem after a long journey.In today’s world, who is seeking shelter?Who is seeking freedom from fear?Who is seeking freedom from want?Who is offering shelter to our battered Earth, God’s creation and our only home?What is our response to the knock on our doors?
  3. 3. KAIROS member churches believe climate change caused by human action is a reality.Canadians’ energy use per person is almost the highest in the world - higher than many other cold- climate nations.Climate change has a major impact on the poor and on communities near the sea, Northern/polar communities, and agricultural communities.Greenhouse gases are still disproportionally created by wealthy nations. The poor are hardest hit by the impacts of climate change.
  4. 4. Who says justiceisn’t fun?Matawatchan, ON:Ringing the bells forclimate justice in aglobal action begun bythe World Council ofChurches. Faithcommunities rang inthis action and madetheir owncommitments toreducing energy useand pressinggovernments to liveup to the KyotoProtocol on ClimateChange.
  5. 5. In the late 1990’sCanadianchurches pushedhard for the KyotoProtocol, the first-ever globalagreement onscaling backgreenhouse gasemissions. Wherenext? How do weas faithcommunitiesspeak truth topower? How canwe make our owncarbon footprintsmaller?
  6. 6. What are very specific ways your faith community can reduce its carbon footprint?What climate justice local initiatives can your community support?How might you talk elected officials, from a faith perspective, about measures Canada must take to curb greenhouse emissions?
  7. 7. Share your story. KAIROS is gathering stories of hopethat demonstrate how deeply Canadians care aboutclimate change and want to make a difference. Tellus about a local project or local action that you havetaken, individually or as a congregation, to reduce yourcarbon footprint or prepare your community for climatechange. We’ll post many of them online on our “Resilient Communities” blog that will be launching in 2013.
  8. 8. What kind ofworld do wewant ourchildren toenjoy?Guided by thebelief that theEarth is God’s,faithcommunities canbring manypractical andthoughtful ideasto the difficultconversation ofclimate change.
  9. 9. KAIROS is:A network of over 20 global partnersSupportive local churches (KAIROS Communities)Ecumenical and interfaith CommunitiesIndividual CompanionsLocal and regional partnerships
  10. 10.  The Anglican Church of Canada The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops The Canadian Religious Conference The Christian Reformed Church in North America (Canada Corporation) The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada The Mennonite Central Committee Canada The Presbyterian Church in Canada The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) The United Church of Canada
  11. 11. Check the KAIROS website, Facebook group and Twitter feed for resources and perspectives that add to your work for social justice.Bring your faith community’s perspective and energy to the KAIROS ecumenical justice journey.Join us locally and regionally for events, workshops and worship. Contact us at info@kairoscanada.org