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Americans Demand Climate Action


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In the Spring of 2010, nearly 100,000 hand-written letters and petitions demanding climate action were delivered to Congress. Here's what they said.

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Americans Demand Climate Action

  1. 1. 100,000 Letters To Congress Americans Demand Climate Action
  2. 2. In the Spring of 2010, nearly 100,000 hand-written letters and petitions demanding climate action were delivered to Congress. Letters arrived from every state from citizens of all ages. Here are just a few examples of what you demanded . Image of letters in boxes
  3. 3. By Susan & Hubert van Asch van Wyck Washington, CT “ We need to cap carbon pollution and solve our climate crisis.”
  4. 4. By Kori Parr Salem, VA “… think of the melting ice of the poles, know that the clock is ticking.”
  5. 5. By Erum Noman Anchorage, AK “ We should counter global warming… I worried a lot about my beautiful Alaska.”
  6. 6. By Mark Barkan Brightwood, NJ “ It’s time to ignor[e] the lobby groups from Big Oil and Big Coal and listen to Big Voter.”
  7. 7. By Kathleen Snyder Everett, WA “ It seems the window of opportunity for effecting change to minimize global warming is slipping by us.”
  8. 8. By Sue Ordway Flagstaff, AZ “ Please support cap and trade legislation that seeks to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create green jobs.”
  9. 9. By David Dittman Ellicott City, MD “ I have two children ages 13 and 23. I would like both of them to have a world to live in that has a stable environment.”
  10. 10. By Rashad Shalazz Northdale, OH “ I am a young black male and I am concerned about not enough jobs in Ohio.”
  11. 11. By Ellen Sachs Leicher Harvard, MA “ Green jobs are our future and several countries are already ahead of us.”
  12. 12. By Linds Sanders Missoula, MT “ Thank you for your commitment to passing strong cap and trade legislation.”
  13. 13. By Elliott Brown Collins, MS “ I encourage you to evaluate for yourself the overwhelming body of international scientific research that warns of the dangers of climate change.”
  14. 14. By Jeff Bryant Chapel Hill, NC “ My kids deserve to live in a world with clean air, water and abundant natural resources…”
  15. 15. By Cannon Hopey Cincinatti, OH “ I am a student worried about jobs. Clean-energy jobs are diverse, from engineers to construction workers.”
  16. 16. By Anderson Crowley Cape Elizabeth, ME “ We need to stop financially supporting countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations by buying their oil.”
  17. 17. By Myia Parrott Garrad, OH “ I also worr[y] about jobs to take care of my kids. Green jobs fight poverty [&] raise living standards.”
  18. 18. By Caroline Callahan Richmond, VA “ It’s time for a meaningful solution for the loss of American jobs! My father has been out of work for six years…”
  19. 19. By Maya Muir Portland, OR “ I’m writing at the moment to simply urge you to continue your support of the environmental cause by working towards a bill to address climate change…”
  20. 20. “ We want clean energy now!” By Jason Brown Portland, ME
  21. 21. Have you written your Senators to support a strong climate and energy bill?