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An open invitation was placed on Facebook for people to make designs to "dress-a-doll" by Judy M Johnson. Two months were alloted to submit designs. None were judged or critiqued, only enjoyed. We received contributions from ages 4 to 88, and from the USA, Australia, Finland, Denmark, and Estonia.

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Facebook dress-a-doll-project

  1. 1. Facebook Dress-a-Doll Project Hosted by Judy M Johnson <ul><li>As a Facebook member, I placed an open invitation to anyone to come and play dress-up with my pretty “Classy” doll. </li></ul><ul><li>This is the result of the design contributions of people from the U.S. Australia, Estonia, Finland, and Denmark. </li></ul><ul><li>Ages of our contributors are from 4 years to 88 years of age. </li></ul><ul><li>Shown in alphabetical order by Last Name </li></ul><ul><li>You can find over 1,000 paper dolls & art images for crafting on my website www.papergoodies.com </li></ul><ul><li>And other paper doll slide shows at www.slideshare.net Search under name: Judy M Johnson Right: Classy, the Doll to Dress </li></ul>
  2. 2. Designs by Monica Lin Brown serving in the 82 nd Airborne
  3. 3. Cut paper with added art, by Ulla Dahlstedt, Denmark
  4. 4. Design by Cindy Ferguson, USA
  5. 5. Evie Fulingim inspired her whole family to play with us! Her Mom- Anita Walker O’Neal, Her Daughter Emily Fullingim Johnson, And Grand daughters- Maddie & Anna Johnson This page: 2 outfits by Evie. Above R: Evie & Mom Anita
  6. 6. Two more designs by Evie Fullingim
  7. 7. Two more designs by Evie Fullingim & vintage family photos: Top- Mom Anita with children; son David and baby daughter, Evie Right- Evie with daughter Emily
  8. 8. Evie Fullingim painted these outfits with her Mom’s memories and design instructions. Mom- Anita Walker O’Neil, age 88 Above R: Evie & Mom Anita
  9. 9. Evie Fullingim’s daughter Emily Johnson’s designs for Classy. Photo: Emily & daughter, Anna.
  10. 10. Evie Fullingim’s granddaughter, 5 yr old Anna Grace Johnson’s designs. Hula dress (with radio for inspiration,) Angel costume, & Polka dot tutu dress (Stooeyuo Anna = Studio Anna)
  11. 11. Evie Fullingim’s granddaughter, 4 yr old Maddie Rose Johnson’s Hula Dress design.
  12. 12. Designs by Tove Karkkainen, Finland
  13. 13. By Lisa Keller Johnson, USA
  14. 14. By Lisa Keller Johnson, and Her Mom, Jayne Keller (Right)
  15. 15. More designs by Jayne Keller
  16. 16. Designs by Audrey Juanita Kilgore, USA
  17. 17. Designs by Sylvia Fahey Kleindinst, USA
  18. 18. Designs by Corissa Langlais USA
  19. 19. Designs by Corissa Langlais’s daughter, Leah. “ Leah insisted I draw the outlines and was very specific about exactly how she wanted them to look. This many ripples on the bottom of the skirt, the width of the top straps, the length of each piece. I think she had a lot of fun”
  20. 20. Costumes by Liivi Laas of Estonia
  21. 21. More Costumes by Liivi Laas of Estonia
  22. 22. More Costumes by Liivi Laas of Estonia
  23. 23. More Costumes by Liivi Laas of Estonia. Liivi’s cat helps ---
  24. 24. Designs by Beverly Young Miccuci, USA
  25. 25. Designs by Debbie Reynolds, USA & by her Australian friend, Sally Wilson
  26. 26. Designs by Sally Wilson, Australia
  27. 27. Designs by Lise Rasmussen, Denmark
  28. 28. Design by Kathleen Prator Taylor
  29. 29. More clothes designed by Judy M Johnson, for “Classy” (who is part of a set called “Sassy and Classy)
  30. 30. Thank you to all artists who participated! <ul><li>We encourage you to enjoy the art shown here, and to feel free to send the link to your friends to enjoy as well. HOWEVER - </li></ul><ul><li>Copyright is owned by each contributing artist. </li></ul><ul><li>Copying, downloading, printing, publishing, via mechanical or electronic means, or any other method of re-use must be done only with the express approval of each artist whose work is represented here. </li></ul><ul><li>Go to www.facebook.com , and do a search for the name you wish, and make your request for the particular purpose you desire to use the art. </li></ul>