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  • Why do YOU want to sell to USG? – What brings you here? Open door, next door. Make money. Federal: US$396 Billion State & Local US$515 Billion Access public information & process. Build reputation. CHANGE THE WORLD – through shared talent & vision. Most Solutions Antenne participants are strongly positioned with: Export Experience & Market Access Financial Resources for 2-3 year effort Proven Solutions Established Clients (Canada, Global) Potential &/or Contacts with US Government Buyers Relationships with US Partners & Channels You’ve got to have passion. It’s not just any market. Long business cycles Small to mediocre margins, high BD costs + Make a profound difference + Develop high-leverage, long-term growth clientele
  • Research Sources Your own contacts Company web sites Trade press & supplier news Industry associations Major conferences Data Services Shoe leather & hired help Time & Money. You choose.
  • Dateline: Washington D.C. 1972. FOLLOW THE MONEY (and find the primes) All these sources will help do that…but you also realize quickly that it’s not a game for amateurs, particularly if the answer to your question is buried in 800 pages of the Defense Authorization.
  • Guarantees nothing. PRIMES say they use this. Your source of market intelligence and potential partners
  • Micro-Purchase (<$2,500) GSA SmartPay Card Simplified Acquisition (<$100,000) Broad Agency Announcement Invitation for Bid (low price wins) Negotiated Contracting (best value / score wins) Unsolicited Proposals Request for Proposal (RFP): large/complex projects, Government-Wide Acquisition (GWAC), GSA Schedules
  • . For IDIQ – expect to market! . hunting license – not an endorsement or seal of approval! . semi-automatic door-opener . powerful 4th Quarter Deal-closer No guarantee of business
  • Guarantees nothing. PRIMES say they use this. Your source of market intelligence and potential partners
  • Guarantees nothing. PRIMES say they use this. Your source of market intelligence and potential partners
  • Direct Marketing Direct mail White Paper Marketing Telemarketing E-mail marketing Web site(s) Actual sales calls!   Media & Event Marketing Conferences & Trade Shows Print Advertising Online: Media web sites Radio Traditional PR   Process Marketing Agency Outreach & Matchmaking events Pre-Proposal: RFI, Sources Sought, Pre-bid conferences Proposals & debriefings   (More) Relationship Marketing Contact Relationship Management Lobbying (Yes, you!): Enlisting Your Members of Congress Channel Partners and Integrators: What (Not) To Expect Social Media: A Primer for Government Marketing    
  • Free, good & enough
  • Jumpstart v20 for gmu

    1. 1. Government Contracts:Government Contracts:A Jumpstart IntroductionA Jumpstart IntroductionJudy Bradt, CEO
    3. 3. Four Big MythsFour Big Myths ““You just register on SAM.”You just register on SAM.” ““It’s all on FedBizOpps.”It’s all on FedBizOpps.” ““You have to get a GSA Schedule.”You have to get a GSA Schedule.” ““First, you need to get certified.”First, you need to get certified.”
    4. 4. What You’ll LearnWhat You’ll Learn What Your Sweet Spot Reveals and WhyWhat Your Sweet Spot Reveals and Why Seven Steps To SuccessSeven Steps To Success Business Beyond FedBizOppsBusiness Beyond FedBizOpps
    5. 5. STEP 1:STEP 1: STRATEGYSTRATEGYHow Government Business Fits Your CompanyHow Government Business Fits Your Company55Marissa Levin, CEO
    6. 6. Top Reason To PursueTop Reason To PursueGovernment Business?Government Business? Set AsidesSet Asides GrowthGrowth Balanced Business MixBalanced Business Mix Filling A NeedFilling A Need Cash FlowCash FlowThe Right Stuff
    7. 7. Winning Company DriversWinning Company DriversOver 70% either:Over 70% either: Aligned With Growth Plans (39%)Aligned With Growth Plans (39%) Fit A Specific Buyer’s Needs (34%)Fit A Specific Buyer’s Needs (34%) Buffer Business Cycle (only 16%)Buffer Business Cycle (only 16%)
    8. 8. Readiness ChecklistReadiness Checklist Established, Strong BusinessEstablished, Strong Business Strategy Fit & FocusStrategy Fit & Focus Realistic GoalsRealistic Goals Working CapitalWorking Capital CapacityCapacity GritGrit
    9. 9. Steps To SuccessSteps To Success1.1. StrategyStrategy2.2. FocusFocus3.3. ProcessProcess4.4. CompetitionCompetition5.5. TeamingTeaming6.6. RelationshipsRelationships7.7. MarketingMarketing99
    10. 10. Federal Contract Spending:Federal Contract Spending:Under Pressure, Down SomeUnder Pressure, Down Some““Nice To Have” is over.Nice To Have” is over. SequestrationSequestration Deficit ReductionDeficit Reduction Military DrawdownMilitary Drawdown2009 2010 2011 2012$ 541.2 B $ 537.7 B $ 533.5 B $ 515.7 B
    11. 11. 2011 VIP® Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses
    12. 12. Four* TriesFour* TriesTo Your First Prime WinTo Your First Prime Win* Average of Active Small Business. Minority: 6.1; Caucasian: 3.7
    13. 13. Persistence Pays:Persistence Pays:Win Rates Rise WithWin Rates Rise WithExperienceExperience2011 VIP® Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses
    14. 14. Be Selective. Win More.Be Selective. Win More.2011 VIP® Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses
    15. 15. SHARPEN YOUR FOCUSSHARPEN YOUR FOCUSTo Increase Your Win RateTo Increase Your Win Rate1616Neeld Wilson, President
    16. 16. The Next Win: Within A YearThe Next Win: Within A Year2011 VIP® Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses
    17. 17. Where’s The Next Ripple Out?Where’s The Next Ripple Out?Which government prospects are most like the ideal?Profit by focus on selected• Buyers• Products / Services• Regions
    18. 18. Your Sweet Spot ClientYour Sweet Spot ClientWhat areWhat arethe signs?the signs?
    19. 19. PAIR & SHARE:PAIR & SHARE:WHAT’SWHAT’S YOURYOUR SWEETSWEETRIGHT NOW, what’s your most common:RIGHT NOW, what’s your most common:- Contract ValueContract Value- Contract DurationContract Duration- Client LocationClient Location
    20. 20. 1.1. What problem do you solve?What problem do you solve?2.2. What are the symptoms?What are the symptoms?3.3. Which government agenciesWhich government agencieshave those mission-criticalhave those mission-criticalproblems?problems?
    21. 21. USA.GOVUSA.GOV2323
    22. 22. 2011 3-Year Bidding:2011 3-Year Bidding:Down 50% From 2007Down 50% From 20072011 VIP® Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses
    23. 23. 3-Year Win Rates Down3-Year Win Rates Down(Prime(Prime andand Subcontracts)Subcontracts)2011 VIP® Survey: Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses
    24. 24. Who Are Buyers & Vendors?Who Are Buyers & Vendors?www.USASpending.govwww.USASpending.gov
    25. 25. FedBizOpps www.fbo.govBEFORE YOUBID…Look for:RFI’sSources SoughtDraft RFP’s…
    26. 26. Beyond FedBizOppsBeyond FedBizOpps ForecastsForecasts BackcastsBackcasts Agency SitesAgency Sites
    27. 27. Beating FedBiz OppsBeating FedBiz Opps Past Contract DataPast Contract Data Relationships & CallsRelationships & Calls Government/Agency forecasts, reportsGovernment/Agency forecasts, reports Company web sitesCompany web sites Trade press & supplier newsTrade press & supplier news Industry associations & conferencesIndustry associations & conferences Data Services, shoe leather & hired helpData Services, shoe leather & hired help
    28. 28. Finding Forecasts:Finding Forecasts:ExamplesExamples3131
    29. 29. FedBizOpps www.fbo.govBEFORE YOUEVER BID:AGENCYFORECASTS3232
    30. 30. 3333
    31. 31. GSA Small Business AssistanceGSA Small Business Assistance3434
    32. 32. http://bit.ly/aIcvf53535
    33. 33. To The DHS Forecast – A TourTo The DHS Forecast – A Tour3636
    34. 34. 3737
    35. 35. 3838
    36. 36. 3939
    37. 37. Scroll down to link to…4040
    38. 38. http://osdbuforecast.hhs.gov/hhs_services/procurement/operatingAdmin.cfmhttp://osdbuforecast.hhs.gov/hhs_services/procurement/operatingAdmin.cfm4141
    39. 39. AnotherAnotherExample:Example:VeteransVeteransAffairsAffairs4242
    40. 40. Link Via OSDBU CouncilLink Via OSDBU Councilwww.osdbu.gov/members.htmlSmall Business SpecialistsCentral Coordination PointsFor Each AgencyMilitary Services ListedSeparately4343
    41. 41. Prospecting?Prospecting?Classic Backcasting!Classic Backcasting!
    42. 42. USASpending.gov / FFATA.orgUSASpending.gov / FFATA.orgDatabase FeaturesDatabase Features Drill DownDrill Down SortSort GraphGraph Output / ExportOutput / Export Contract DescriptionContract Description Start/ExpiryStart/Expiry Vehicle / typeVehicle / type # Offerors# Offerors Value so farValue so far # Task Orders# Task Orders Point of ContactPoint of Contact
    43. 43. Where Is Your Competitor?Where Is Your Competitor?www.USASpending.govwww.USASpending.gov
    44. 44. Scroll Down& Search ByNAICS.WhichAgencies AreYour TopBuyers?
    45. 45. Details Via DropdownsDetails Via Dropdowns
    46. 46. Competitor SearchCompetitor SearchExampleExample
    47. 47. Other Agency Small Business SitesOther Agency Small Business Sites   Defense Information Systems AgencyDefense Information Systems Agencyhttp://disa.mil/about/offices/osbp.htmlhttp://disa.mil/about/offices/osbp.htmlhttp://disa.mil/conferences/cif/index.htmlhttp://disa.mil/conferences/cif/index.html   Defense Logistics Agency: www.dla.mil/DB/Defense Logistics Agency: www.dla.mil/DB/ National Security Agency: www.nsaarc.netNational Security Agency: www.nsaarc.net Defense Intelligence Agency: www.dia.mil/contracting/small-businessDefense Intelligence Agency: www.dia.mil/contracting/small-business   ArmyArmy– Single Face To Industry (ASFI): https://acquisition.army.mil/asfiSingle Face To Industry (ASFI): https://acquisition.army.mil/asfi– Aberdeen Proving Ground, including Communications & ElectronicsAberdeen Proving Ground, including Communications & ElectronicsCommand (CECOM) Interactive Business Opportunities Page (IBOP)Command (CECOM) Interactive Business Opportunities Page (IBOP)https://abop.monmouth.army.mil/https://abop.monmouth.army.mil/– Army Materiel Command Small Business:Army Materiel Command Small Business:http://www.amc.army.mil/pa/SMALLBUSINESS.asphttp://www.amc.army.mil/pa/SMALLBUSINESS.asp– Army Corps of Engineers Small Business: http://www.mvn.usace.army.mil/sb/Army Corps of Engineers Small Business: http://www.mvn.usace.army.mil/sb/ Navy: Electronic Commerce Online (NECO) https://www.neco.navy.mil/Navy: Electronic Commerce Online (NECO) https://www.neco.navy.mil/ HERBB (HERBB (HHanscom AFBanscom AFB EElectroniclectronic RFPRFP BBulletinulletin BBoard: Air Force Electronic Systems Center)oard: Air Force Electronic Systems Center)http://herbb.hanscom.af.mil/http://herbb.hanscom.af.mil/ 5151
    48. 48. STEP 3:STEP 3: PROCESSPROCESSHow Government Buys What You’ve GotHow Government Buys What You’ve Got5252Untangling:RegistrationsCertificationsGSA Schedules
    49. 49. Registrations, Certifications,Registrations, Certifications,GSA, Other Contract Vehicles…GSA, Other Contract Vehicles……Are just tools.
    50. 50. Key ElementsKey Elements Budget CycleBudget Cycle Rules of the Game (FARS/DFARS/++)Rules of the Game (FARS/DFARS/++) Acquisition StagesAcquisition Stages Buying Options & Contract TypesBuying Options & Contract Types GSA SchedulesGSA Schedules Set AsidesSet Asides
    51. 51. Federal Fiscal Year Begins: ___________________Federal Fiscal Year Begins: ___________________State Fiscal Years Begin: ___________________State Fiscal Years Begin: ___________________ Q1Q1 Funding may not be completeFunding may not be complete Q2Q2 Funding flows beginFunding flows begin Q3Q3 Purchasing acceleratesPurchasing accelerates Q4Q4 Big Use-or-Lose Buying SurgeBig Use-or-Lose Buying SurgeHappy New Year!Happy New Year!Funding AffectsFunding AffectsContract TimingContract Timing5555
    52. 52. 5656Rules of The GameRules of The GameFederal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)www.arnet.gov/far/www.arnet.gov/far/ Competition requirements: Part 6Competition requirements: Part 6 Acquisition of Commercial Items: Part 12Acquisition of Commercial Items: Part 12 Contracting by Negotiation: Part 15Contracting by Negotiation: Part 15 Small Business: Part 19Small Business: Part 19 Defense Federal Acquisition RegulationsDefense Federal Acquisition Regulations((DFAR) http://farsite.hill.af.mil/DFAR) http://farsite.hill.af.mil/ ALWAYS CHANGING.ALWAYS CHANGING.– E.g. WOSB caps; set-aside partnership work sharesE.g. WOSB caps; set-aside partnership work shares
    53. 53. RegisterGetSourcedSystem For Award ManagementSystem For Award ManagementSAM.govSAM.gov
    54. 54. Buyer Options Include:Buyer Options Include: Micro-Purchase (<$3,000)Micro-Purchase (<$3,000) GSA SmartPay CardGSA SmartPay Card Simplified Acquisition (<$150,000)Simplified Acquisition (<$150,000) Invitation for Bid (low price wins)Invitation for Bid (low price wins) Reverse Auction (FedBid.com)Reverse Auction (FedBid.com) Negotiated Contracting (best value / score wins)Negotiated Contracting (best value / score wins)– Unsolicited ProposalsUnsolicited Proposals– Request for Proposal (RFP):Request for Proposal (RFP): large/complex projects,large/complex projects,Government-Wide Acquisition (GWAC),Government-Wide Acquisition (GWAC), GSA SchedulesGSA Schedules
    55. 55. 5959Small Business Certifications: ParitySmall Business Certifications: ParityFor socioeconomically-disadvantaged American owners of small businessesFor socioeconomically-disadvantaged American owners of small businesses Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) http://bit.ly/SBAWOSBWomen-Owned Small Business (WOSB) http://bit.ly/SBAWOSB HUBZoneHUBZone– Small business located in HUBZone (seeSmall business located in HUBZone (see www.sba.gov/hubzone/)www.sba.gov/hubzone/)– 35% or more of employees must reside in HUBZone35% or more of employees must reside in HUBZone 8(a) / SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business)8(a) / SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business)– Qualifications: See http://bit.ly/8aInfoQualifications: See http://bit.ly/8aInfo Service-Disabled / Veteran-Owned Small Business:Service-Disabled / Veteran-Owned Small Business: www.vetbiz.govwww.vetbiz.gov
    56. 56. And Then: State & Local SmallAnd Then: State & Local SmallBusiness Preferences…Business Preferences…Win TRUE Preference.Win TRUE Preference. CapacityCapacity ConnectionsConnections CommitmentCommitment Know-howKnow-how Know-whoKnow-who Buyers: Meet the need.Buyers: Meet the need. Primes: Show them the money.Primes: Show them the money.
    57. 57. The General ServicesThe General ServicesAdministrationAdministration(GSA)(GSA)Schedule ContractSchedule Contract““How do I get a GSAHow do I get a GSASchedule?”Schedule?”
    58. 58. A GSA Schedule Is…A GSA Schedule Is… A negotiated federal contractA negotiated federal contract Used for commercial Goods & servicesUsed for commercial Goods & services Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite QuantityIndefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Open up to 20 yearsOpen up to 20 years Central terms, conditions, pricingCentral terms, conditions, pricing State and Local Government OptionsState and Local Government Options– Information technologyInformation technology– Disaster response & securityDisaster response & security
    59. 59. Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity.Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity.Happy Hunting.2012 Schedule 70: By The Numbers2012 Schedule 70: By The Numbers5690 Contractors: $15.4 B5690 Contractors: $15.4 BTop 100…67% of the dollars…$10.4 BTop 100…67% of the dollars…$10.4 B3,185 firms...34% of the dollars …$ 5 B3,185 firms...34% of the dollars …$ 5 B2,399 firms… 42%... $ 02,399 firms… 42%... $ 0
    60. 60. REVERSE AUCTIONSREVERSE AUCTIONSBut wait…there’s more…But wait…there’s more…
    61. 61. Reverse Auctions OnReverse Auctions OnFedBid.ComFedBid.Com Buyers/Sellers comply with FARSBuyers/Sellers comply with FARS Products & ServicesProducts & Services Micro-purchase through multi-millionsMicro-purchase through multi-millions Buyers can invite a sellerBuyers can invite a seller Sellers can auto-bidSellers can auto-bid
    62. 62. Reverse Auctions OnReverse Auctions OnFedBid.ComFedBid.Com Over 250 Federal Buying CentersOver 250 Federal Buying Centers– Heavy Army, Navy, DHS useHeavy Army, Navy, DHS use– Over 100 other federal buyersOver 100 other federal buyers– Over 50 local, university & commercial buyersOver 50 local, university & commercial buyers Top buyers: Army, DHS, State, JusticeTop buyers: Army, DHS, State, Justice Top items: IT, furniture, office supplies, labTop items: IT, furniture, office supplies, labequipmentequipment About 25% of buys are GSA ScheduleAbout 25% of buys are GSA Scheduleonlyonly
    63. 63. STEP 4. COMPETITIONSTEP 4. COMPETITIONWho’s Winning, And How You Will Stand OutWho’s Winning, And How You Will Stand Out6767Mike Osredker, Founder
    64. 64. The Competition ToolkitThe Competition Toolkit Unique ValueUnique ValuePropositionProposition Capability StatementCapability Statement Capability BriefingCapability Briefing Agency & PrimeAgency & PrimePortal RegistrationPortal Registration
    65. 65. Unique Value PropositionUnique Value Proposition Concise appealConcise appeal In your audience’s language,In your audience’s language, Focused on their needs, problems, issues.Focused on their needs, problems, issues."Our interactive 3D maintenance training aids allowpeople who maintain and repair military equipmentto accelerate learning in complex equipment, thusenabling first-time-right repairs andoptimizing operational readinessat a lower cost."What solutionHelps whoDo whatTo solve whatproblems?
    66. 66. Capability StatementCapability Statement Core CompetenciesCore Competencies Past PerformancePast Performance– Prime, Sub, or CommercialPrime, Sub, or Commercial– Relevant Projects, Value, POCRelevant Projects, Value, POC– Contract VehiclesContract Vehicles DifferentiatorsDifferentiators Company DataCompany Data– Revenue, Employees, Locations, DUNS, Certifications, NAICSRevenue, Employees, Locations, DUNS, Certifications, NAICS Contact InformationContact Information7070
    67. 67. Capability Briefing:Capability Briefing:Six Simple SlidesSix Simple SlidesWho You AreBasic Company InfoCore Capabilities1.2.3.4.The OpportunitySpecificagency, projectUnique ValuePropositionPast PerformanceShow where you’vedone it beforeMeeting ObjectivesGCME p. 128
    68. 68. STEP 5:STEP 5: TEAMINGTEAMINGHow Partners Speed Your WinHow Partners Speed Your Win7272
    69. 69. When Does TheWhen Does TheWinning Team Begin?Winning Team Begin?You Teamed HOW Long Before RFP?Competitor: ___ to ____ monthsIncumbent: ___ to ____ months!
    70. 70. Want Primes To Return YourWant Primes To Return YourCall?Call?
    71. 71. Rivet Primes’ AttentionRivet Primes’ AttentionWhat Primes Tell Subs: Do Your Homework.What Primes Tell Subs: Do Your Homework. ““Know What We Do.”Know What We Do.” ““Define Your Core Strength.”Define Your Core Strength.” ““Tell Us Specifically Where You Fit.”Tell Us Specifically Where You Fit.” ““Bring Business ready-to-win.”Bring Business ready-to-win.” ““Show Your Unique Value.”Show Your Unique Value.”(“I’m a ….small business” isn’t “Unique”.)(“I’m a ….small business” isn’t “Unique”.)
    72. 72. Supplier Portal RegistrationSupplier Portal Registration
    73. 73. SearchforPartnersSystem for Award ManagementSystem for Award ManagementSAM.govSAM.gov
    74. 74. SearchforPartnersSystem for Award ManagementSystem for Award ManagementSAM.govSAM.gov
    75. 75. Where can I find a small partner?Dynamic Small Business Search @ http://web.sba.gov/dsbs7979
    76. 76. Potential Partners Matching Your Criteriahttp://web.sba.gov/dsbsHigh Priority:Veteran-Owned8080
    77. 77. STEP 6:STEP 6: RELATIONSHIPSRELATIONSHIPSThe Five People You Need To MeetThe Five People You Need To Meet8181Deborah Stallings, President & CEO
    78. 78. The Five PeopleThe Five PeopleYou Need To MeetYou Need To Meet The Small Business SpecialistThe Small Business Specialist The Contracting OfficerThe Contracting Officer The Program ManagerThe Program Manager The InfluencerThe Influencer The End UserThe End User
    79. 79. The Small Business SpecialistThe Small Business SpecialistCares About:Cares About: Guiding small companiesGuiding small companies Whether you’ve done yourWhether you’ve done yourhomeworkhomeworkCan Help You With:Can Help You With: Detail on Agency plans andDetail on Agency plans andprocessprocess Introductions within AgencyIntroductions within Agency
    80. 80. Help Small Business SpecialistsHelp Small Business SpecialistsHelp YouHelp YouIf you:If you: Tailor capability statementTailor capability statement Focus on business that fitsFocus on business that fits Keep in touchKeep in touchThen you:Then you: Increase credibilityIncrease credibility Open more doorsOpen more doors Stay top of mindStay top of mind
    81. 81. The Contracting Officer (CO)The Contracting Officer (CO)Cares About:Cares About: Legal, Fair & Proper ProcessLegal, Fair & Proper Process Supplier Base KnowledgeSupplier Base Knowledge Right Vendors for Buyer’s NeedsRight Vendors for Buyer’s Needs Your Readiness To Do BusinessYour Readiness To Do BusinessCan Help You With:Can Help You With: Acquisition PlansAcquisition Plans Program Manager IntroductionsProgram Manager Introductions
    82. 82. The Program Manager (PM)The Program Manager (PM)Cares About:Cares About: How best to deliver Agency MissionHow best to deliver Agency Mission Defining requirementsDefining requirements Your research into their needsYour research into their needs Unique value & past performanceUnique value & past performanceCan Help You With:Can Help You With: Funding for pilot programsFunding for pilot programs Referral to End UserReferral to End User
    83. 83. The InfluencerThe Influencer(Colleague, Reporter, Analyst)(Colleague, Reporter, Analyst)Cares About:Cares About: Leading edge suppliers/expertsLeading edge suppliers/experts Hot stories – good and badHot stories – good and bad Supporting friendsSupporting friendsCan Help You With:Can Help You With: Visibility & CredibilityVisibility & Credibility IntroductionsIntroductions
    84. 84. The End UserThe End UserCares About:Cares About: Getting the job done.Getting the job done. Having the best Stuff to do it.Having the best Stuff to do it. Your Unique Value Proposition.Your Unique Value Proposition.Can Help You With:Can Help You With: Incumbent insightIncumbent insight Receptivity to better ideasReceptivity to better ideas
    85. 85. wwww.carrollpublishing.comwww.leadershipdirectories.comContact Sources
    86. 86. STEP 7:STEP 7:ROI-BASED MARKETINGROI-BASED MARKETINGMost Effective Ways To Reach ProspectsMost Effective Ways To Reach Prospects9191Linda Lazarowich,President
    87. 87. Marketing StreamsMarketing Streams Direct To Buyer/PartnerDirect To Buyer/Partner Media & Event MarketingMedia & Event Marketing Process MarketingProcess Marketing Relationship MarketingRelationship Marketing
    88. 88. ““Direct” MarketingDirect” MarketingIncludes:Includes: Actual Calls On Buyers!Actual Calls On Buyers! Channels / ResellersChannels / Resellers Web SitesWeb Sites Direct MailDirect Mail Email MarketingEmail Marketing White PapersWhite Papers TelemarketingTelemarketing LobbyingLobbying
    89. 89. Easy Web Site Cred Boosters ““Government” TabGovernment” Tab Government ClientsGovernment Clients– List / LogosList / Logos– Case StudiesCase Studies Teaming PartnersTeaming Partners Contract VehiclesContract Vehicles– GSA Schedule, GWACSGSA Schedule, GWACS– NAICSNAICS Downloadable Capability StatementDownloadable Capability Statement
    90. 90. Calls On Government AgenciesCalls On Government Agencies Small Business Specialist: IntroSmall Business Specialist: Intro Contracting Officer: Intro, strong focusContracting Officer: Intro, strong focus Buyers:Buyers:– Capability PresentationCapability Presentation– Pre-Bid ConferencePre-Bid Conference– Proposal PresentationProposal Presentation– Post-Bid DebriefPost-Bid Debrief
    91. 91. Media & Event MarketingMedia & Event Marketing ConferencesConferences– Visit / exhibitVisit / exhibit– You / your client speakYou / your client speak OnlineOnline– Blogging & Social mediaBlogging & Social media Print, Video, RadioPrint, Video, Radio– Editorial coverageEditorial coverage– AdvertisingAdvertising
    92. 92. News RadioNews Radio EditorialEditorial Focus GroupsFocus Groups AdvertisingAdvertisingwww.federalnewsradio.comTom Temin --http://washington.cbslocal.com/station/wnew-99-1-fm/Amy Morris -- @amorriswnew or amorris@wnew.com
    93. 93. Process MarketingProcess Marketing Pre-SolicitationPre-Solicitation– Capability StatementCapability Statement– Online Registration SitesOnline Registration Sites– Industry Outreach DaysIndustry Outreach Days– Agency BriefingsAgency Briefings– RFI, Sources SoughtRFI, Sources Sought– Pre-Bid ConferencesPre-Bid Conferences Proposal & NegotiationProposal & Negotiation GSA Schedule PromotionGSA Schedule Promotion DebriefingDebriefing Performance & Administration!Performance & Administration!
    94. 94. Contact RelationshipContact RelationshipManagement SystemManagement System Intake into system – What’s yours?Intake into system – What’s yours? CategorizationCategorization Initial follow-upInitial follow-up Value assessmentValue assessment Ongoing contact planOngoing contact plan Bringing valueBringing value VerificationVerification
    95. 95. Principles of Social MediaSocial Media is…SOCIAL. Results takeSocial Media is…SOCIAL. Results taketime.time.Build relationshipsBuild relationships– People you knowPeople you know– People you want to meetPeople you want to meetStrengthen visibility / credibilityStrengthen visibility / credibility– When you speak, what you’re doingWhen you speak, what you’re doingCreate / build communityCreate / build community
    96. 96. WHAT’S NEXT?WHAT’S NEXT?Success Secrets & Action Steps You Can Take TodaySuccess Secrets & Action Steps You Can Take Today101101
    97. 97. Advice on GovernmentAdvice on GovernmentContractingContracting FreeFree GoodGood EnoughEnoughPick any two.Pick any two.
    98. 98. Tools For Each StepTools For Each Step1.1. StrategyStrategy2.2. FocusFocus3.3. ProcessProcess4.4. CompetitionCompetition5.5. TeamingTeaming6.6. RelationshipsRelationships7.7. MarketingMarketing103103
    99. 99. Seven Steps To SuccessSeven Steps To Success StrategyStrategy FocusFocus ProcessProcess CompetitionCompetition TeamingTeaming RelationshipsRelationships MarketingMarketing
    100. 100. Follow Up OpportunitiesFollow Up OpportunitiesJudy Bradt, CEO (703) 627 1074Judy.Bradt@SummitInsight.com105105