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Family com pp

  1. 1. Everybody loves Raymond
  2. 2. Show BackroundEverybody loves Raymond is ashow on TBS about a n Italian-American Sportswriter “RayBorone” who is played by RayRomano. In the show ray isvery whinny and barley keepsany situation serious. Healways has a joke and rarelytakes responsibility.His wife Debra played byPatricia Heaton is a housewifein the show, she takes care ofthe kids, cleans the house anddoes all the chores. Debra is ahard working women who oftenfeels like she is under-appreciated
  3. 3. Show Back round Cont.Marie who is played byDoris Roberts is also ahouse wife married to frank(rays Parents). Marie isdescribed in the show asIntrusive, controlling,manipulative and over-nurturing. This is mostlyseen in her actions toRaymond.Frank played by PeterBoyle is a stubbornmasculine personality. Healways is grumpy andtelling people how it is.
  4. 4. Raymond’sbrother Robertplayed by BradGarrett. In theshow Robert isa police officerfor the NYPD. Inthe show healways inenvious of rayand seems tothink ray is the“favorite”
  5. 5. Types of CurrencyRay and Debra have different Types ofCurrencies. This is one of the biggerproblem in the sitcom because Debrauses Food, service (like making coffee,and carting the kids around everywhere).While ray on the other hand shows it bynon verbal Affect(such as smiling whenDebra enters the room.) and also bydoing small favors for Debra“when Meanings are shared, rewards areexperienced; when meanings aremissed, costs are experienced”.(pg.122)In this show meanings are defiantlymissed and Debra feels underappreciated a lot of the time. This isusually how conflict begins.
  6. 6. Family RolesIn this show the roles of the family is just like the Stereotypicalfamily. The father (Ray) is the working provider for the family whilethe Mother (Debra) is the stay at home mom that cleans and takescare of the kids.
  7. 7. Patterns of family Conflict“Couples develop theirown styles of conflict,which were unique tothem.”(pg.218). This isapparent in how Rayand Debra fight. Debragets very emotionaland ray being the nonserious type still jokesaround even whenDebra is mad.
  8. 8. NarrativeFrank is the mainNarrator for the family.He is a “manly man” anda Korean war vet. He isalways the person tellingold war stories and alsoletting his two sons(although they don’t wantto hear it) how hard lifewas “back then”.
  9. 9. Relational MaintenanceRelationalmaintenance hasfive strategies:PositivityOpennessAssurancesSocial NetworksSharing Tasks
  10. 10. The Power in the family Powercomes from Marie. She isthe dominant one in thefamily that keepseverything in order shecooks family meals andon holidays makes sureeverything is going asplanned.Even Though Frank is astern man, he oftenopenly admits that “yourmother does what shewants” and also said “youtry and stop her” this isclear evidence Marie hasthe power