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Ray copy

  1. 1. Everybody Loves Raymond: VisualRepresentation of The Barone Family on CBS By: Kayla Cotsis
  2. 2. Family CharactersRaymond Barone: Ray is a successful sportswriter for Newsday. He has a nice house inLong Island with his family and lives next tohis parents. He is babied, even as a grownman. He finds himself in daily predicamentsdue to the fact that he lives next door to hisparents. He is known for being whiney andavoiding responsibility.Debra Barone: Debra is Ray’s wife. Sheholds most of the child-rearing responsibility.She bullies Ray into doing things around thehouse. Debra is constantly annoyed by Ray’sfamily being so close. She claims to be anover-worked and under-appreciated womanwho is stressed under pressures from Ray’smother.
  3. 3. Family Characters Frank Barone: Frank is Ray’s Father. Frank has worked as a book keeper. Frank served in the Korean War and brings up stories of his experience, which annoy the family. He has a very stubborn, overly-masculine and lazy personality. Frank has no problem criticizing family members and strangers openly. Marie Barone: Marie is a housewife. Known for her good cooking, she is always out-doing Debra as well as making sure she knows what she did wrong. Marie coddles Raymond because he is the Favored child. She is intrusive and controlling in Ray and Debra’s home.
  4. 4. Family Characters Robert Barone: Robert is Raymond’s older brother. Robert is a New York City police officer. He is frequently seen being jealous of Ray because he is the favored child and also because Ray has a nice professional and family life. His appearance, demeanor, and quirks make him a humorous character. Amy McDougall/Barone: She becomes Robert’s wife. She is also Debra’s best friend. Amy was raised by very religious parents and apologizes for things she doesn’t do wrong. Marie favors Amy over Debra because she is a “good girl”.
  5. 5. Cohesion:Clearly we see that there is some cohesion within the family, but we also see intention forthe characters to be different from one another. I would categorize this family as Cohesivebecause the family “strives for emotional closeness, loyalty, and togetherness with emphasison some individuality.” (Olsen, DeFrain, &Skogard, 2008: p31).
  6. 6. FlexibilityAlthough the family is cohesive, they have a structured flexibility because they do notexperience very high levels of change. They have “limited shared decision making andleadership. They have relatively stable rules and roles” (p 32)“Communication is central to the adaptive function of a family.” (p 33) We can see thatcommunication is many times non-verbal or not shown at all. This is the major cause ofdramatic situations over small matters. these matters hold deeper meaning for the familymembers involved.
  7. 7. Analysis:Within the Barone family, We can see that MarieRay has always been the is a major cause offavored child. We find out any changes or shiftsthat Marie’s pregnancy in cohesion andwith Robert is what forced flexibility. Her pickingher into marriage with of favorites is at theFrank. This allows the base of many conflictsviewer to see why she in the family, but notwould favor Ray over all. All 3 of theRobert. It also gives even marriages have amore reason to why she separate cohesion thatwould favor Amy (Robert’s are each part of awife) over Debra larger one.(Raymond’s wife).Because nobody is godenough for her perfect sonRaymond except for her
  8. 8. Relational Maintenance: Marital/PartnershipDebra and Raymond: Their maritalmaintenance is constantly seen in thehome. They usually communicativelymaintain their relationship throughbeing honest. It is a running themethat they always have a longinteraction before going to bed.Although they are a romantic couple,the one of five that they lack from the“maintenance strategies thatcontribute to romantic relationalmaintenance” (p107) is Openness.There is always a lot of non-verbalaction taking place.
  9. 9. Relational Maintenance: Sibling “Certain adult sibling family relationships are maintained primarily through sharing rituals, such as holiday dinners or weddings.” (p 111) The Barone’s meet for the tradition of having dinner together. Ray and Robert share the tradition of watching sports together on a regular basis. Through the relational maintenance strategy of rituals, Robert and Ray “convey a variety of meanings and messages in emotionally powerful patterns.” (p 113)
  10. 10. Providing for Individual Development “This role function includes those tasks that each individual must fulfill in order to become self sufficient. Family members who do not develop this role function can easily become dependent.” (p 157) Raymond is an example of someone who is still dependent on his relationship with his mother. Even if he is not in need of such nurturing, he accepts it. He always avoids any kind of conflict with her.
  11. 11. Role Expectations Marie holds expectations for Debra to be a good housewife. Shecriticizes her food and cleaning on a regular basis because sheexpects those duties to be taken on by Debra, not Ray. Marie usesherself as a “significant other” (p 163) when she uses her self as anexample for Debra to be a better housewife. She is the model withinher role expectation for Debra.
  12. 12. Family ConflictThe family conflicts often start with avoiding, where at leastone member refuses to engage in the issue due to their role.Then it may move into compromise, where the individuals stillhold concern for their own needs, but they are willing torealize the needs of everyone else.Marie and Debra are always willing to get along for thesake of the family, or put their differences aside becausetheir love for each other is stronger.
  13. 13. Text:Family Communication: Cohesion and Change (Eighth Edition) byKathleen Galvin, Carma Bylu nd, and Bernard Brommel,Allyn and Bacon. 2012.