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Sponsorship presentation from FIRST Robotics Team 2220 - Blue Twlight

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  • JOEL
    Talk about how we have a major shortage of STEM jobs (and say what STEM stands for)
    Say that FIRST really is all about raising STEM jobs in the US.
    Explain the numbering of teams (and how we're past 3000 now) and numbers get retired
    Talk how this truly is an international event. Israel has it's own regional. NASA helps simulcast the kickoff worldwide at the exact same time.
  • JOEL
    Ask if anyone knows Dean Kamen. Say he invented the Segway and is going robotic arms for prosthetic needs.
    Say that Dean Kamen founded first with help of an MIT professor (Woody Flowers)
    Say how we are student lead with mentors helping us (the mentors are people that do what we do as students at the professional level). They'll tell us what they know to have worked and not worked.
    All high school students and we do all of our work after school. There isn't a “Robotics class” that we go to. We also need to do our homework and all of our class work.
    We also are non-profit. It's a FIRST rule that the school cannot give us any momentary help. We can only use the school for a place to work.
    We truly operate like a small business. We have a product that needs to be made, fixed, broken, marketed, financed.
    Small sub-teams (build (which we break down into different bot parts depending on the competition), web, finance, business) (EXPLAIN WHAT EACH DOES)
    Given a very small time to build (6 weeks) and everyone is given a common KOP (to have a level playing field).
    Have a regional that we compete in (held in Williams & Mariucci & now Duluth also. Only state to have 3 different regionals)
    Another major thing we do doesn't even have to do with the robot, it's outreach to all the schools in the surrounding area
    Emphasize we went into debt 2 years ago to keep the price per student down
    Emphasize we mentor FLL teams (and host a mini-regional)
  • ALEX S.
    MAJORLY EMPHASIZE Mentoring FLL teams with our students
    MAJORLY EMPHASIZE Summer camps (paying job for students. Helps expose students to STEM. Feeder program for our team and FLL team.)
    Presented to Math & Science nights at an elementary school, a safety day at a different one
  • ALEX S.
    School isn't allowed to help at all
    $6,000 just to start a team + $3,000 more to put on the robot + $5,000 an additional regional + travel costs
    EMPHASIZE most students wouldn't be able to go to the places we go on their own.
    The team pays for everything for the students during travel
  • ALEX S.
    MAJORLY Emphasize Travel (many students wouldn’t be able to go to these places w/o our team paying)
    EMPHASIZE Outreach = Lego kits & FLL
  • ALEX A.
    Explain that their Logo goes on our robot, posters, EVERYTHING
    Can say that Thomson Reuters sponsored us and through the connections w/ them some of our students were able to get their summer internships
    Emphasize how giving us money = us to do more outreach and can continue to function (without sponsors none of this is possible)
  • ALEX A.
  • 2010presentation

    1. 1. 1
    2. 2. “Student Led- Mentor Driven” Eagan High School Robotics Blue Twilight Team 2220
    3. 3. FIRST Robotics “For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology” 250,000 Students!11 Countries! $12 Million in Scholarships!All Ages!
    4. 4. "To create a world where science and technology are celebrated... where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes” ~Dean Kamen The Mission of FIRST
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. We Are… TeachersStudents Mentors Dreamers Programmers Businessmen Thinkers Designers
    7. 7. Our Team Small Business Sub-Teams Accomplish Goals Finances, Imagines, Designs, Builds, Programs, and Fixes a New Robot Every Year! High School Students Outreach
    8. 8. 2010 Team Goals Go to “Nationals” Remain financially Sound Expand Outreach Keep Students Safe! Draft ALL Designs Ensure ALL Students Access
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. Team Outreach! Mentoring 7 Teams FIRST Lego League Teams Summer Camps Presentations Service Demonstrations
    11. 11. Why We Need Support Financially Independent Materials & Parts Transportation Outreach Participation Fees
    12. 12.   Revenue Source Amount Lockheed $6,000 Thomson Reuters $6,000 Lancet $1,500 3M $2,000 Individual Sponsorships $1,300 Participation Fees $2,500 Student Travel Fees $5,700 CORE TOTAL $25,000 New Sponsorships $15,000 Student Fundraising $7,000 STRETCH GOAL $47,000 Expenses Source Amount Competition Fee/KOP $9,000 Robot Expansion $3,500 Building Materials/Tools $3,200 Outreach $2,000 Marketing/Consumable $600 Travel $9,600 CORE TOTAL $27,900 National Competition $19,000 STRETCH GOAL $46,900 Simplified Budget
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. Benefits For You •Public Relations •Inspiration of technical awareness in youth •FIRST = Future employees Benefits for Blue Twilight •Connections with businesses •Enables team to be creative and independent •Provides more outreach Benefits
    15. 15. How You Can Get Involved! Monetary Contributions Donating Materials Services & Product Discounts Adult Mentors
    16. 16. “Student Lead- Mentor Driven” Eagan High School Robotics Blue Twilight Team 2220