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Join jambo bukoba for children and youth in tanzania
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Join jambo bukoba for children and youth in tanzania


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Jambo Bukoba is a registered NGO in Germany and Tanzania. We support children and youth in Kagera region. We use physical education in School to encrease HIV / AIDS education and to empower girls. We …

Jambo Bukoba is a registered NGO in Germany and Tanzania. We support children and youth in Kagera region. We use physical education in School to encrease HIV / AIDS education and to empower girls. We conduct workshops for physical education teachers for capacity building. By doing this we also improve learning conditions at Schools.

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  • 1. NGO Jambo Bukoba in Tansania: Strengthen Kids through Sports2
  • 2. unequal treatment of girls lack of education AIDS … limit the chances of a whole generation in Tanzania3
  • 3. “In November 2008, children and youth from the banks of Lake Victoria went to great lengths to convince me that sports and games were an important aspect of their lives, helping them to better cope with their everyday living. I wanted to make use of the power of sports to strengthen children and youth, to inform them about HIV and Aids, to promote equal opportunities for girls and to improve education in the schools of the Kagera region. The children and youth of the Kagera region are important to me because some of my roots come from near Bukoba, in Ishozi.” Clemens Mulokozi Founder and First President of Jambo Bukoba NGO4
  • 4. April 2012: Jambo Bukoba e. V. at a glance and reach We focus on Tanzania at their schools! children and teenagersApprox. 2.5 mio people live in 60% of all people who get infected We train teachers as mulitpliers to inform children about HIV/Kagera region n the north-west of by HIV/ AIDS are between 15-24 AIDS. In addition to that, we strive to make girls strong. LIFETanzania. years old. . SKILLS THROUGH GAMES is our concept of special workshops.⅕ of them is 15-24 years old. Every We train teachers as ambassadors and provide them withforth child has lost one or both pedagogic skills.parents due to HIV/ AIDS. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Girls are facing even higher risks: HIV/AIDS 4 out of 5 new infected HIV/ AIDS patients (15 -24 years) are girls. Strengthen girls Lowest level of school education: Every forth person older than 15 years can neither read nor write. Improve learning conditionsWe are proud of what we have achieved so far: 310 155.000 6.510 95,3% of our donations have been schools have trained their Kids have learnt more about (donated) sports sets for used immediately for our teachers in our workshops the risks of HIV/ AIDS. Girls female pupils and teachers work in Tanzania in 2011. so far. are especially encouraged. have been given to schools.JAMBO BUKOBA e. V., Bergerwaldstr. 12, 81825 München, Deutschland, Fon: +49 (0) 173 4 333 202, Internet: und; Jambo Bukoba e.V. istgemeinnützig und im Vereinsregister München unter VR 202007 eingetragen. Jambo Bukoba e.V., Kontonummer: 660531637, BLZ: 70020270, UniCredit Bank – HypoVereinsbank
  • 5. 310 Schools participated in our workshop "LIFE SKILLS THROUGH GAMES" 6
  • 6. 155.000 children are reached with our program 7
  • 7. 6.510 (donated) sports sets have been given to schools8 8
  • 8. 95,3% of our donations have been used immediately for our work in Tanzania in 2011.Costs in Germany Cost report 2011 Equipment 536,14 € 1,3%1. Administration and communication 1,2% Administration and communication (Skype, stamps, account 1,2% Out of pocket maintenance fee, stationery) expenses 1%2. Equipment (Camera, box for 608,12 € 1,3% Workshops and Projects Advertising material donations, …) 17,7% 0,8% Thanks for supporters3. Advertising material (banner, 367,51 € 0,8% 0,4% sticker, …) Travel costs 2,5%4. Thanks for special supporters 173,80 € 0,4% (Jambo Bukoba t-shirts, Rent, electricity, flowers, …) mobility in Tanzania 11,5%5. Out-of-pocket expenses 434,30 € 1,0% (accommodation costs, food, travel costs) Overall costs Germany 2.119,87 € 4,7% Project manager 63,7%Costs in Tanzania according to Jambo Bukoba’s charta1. 1 fulltime project manager 29.009,05 € 63,7% (salary and assurances)2. Costs for rent, electricity, water, 5.241 € 11,5% mobility in Tanzania3. Travel costs 1.152 € 2,5%4. Workshops and projects (EAC,...) 8.043 € 17,7% Overall costs Tanzania 43.445,05 € 95,4% 9
  • 9. Goals 2012/ 2013"LIFE SKILLS THROUGH German-Tanzanian GAMES" Festivals school partnerships 10
  • 10. Our Partners FC Bayern Munichs women’s team Sports and development experts of the German University of Sports in Cologne (DSHS11
  • 11. Supported by the United Nations „… It is my hope that this programme will continue its outstanding efforts and I would like to encourage all potential sponsors and partners to consider their support for the initiative. I wish you every success in your endeavour and all the best in the continuation of your exceptional efforts throughout the coming year.” Geneva, June, 20th 2012 Wilfried Lemke Under-Secretary-General Special Adviser to the Secretary-General12 on Sport for Development and Peace
  • 12. Jambo Bukoba NGO Tanzania Gonzaga Stephen Head of Jambo Bukoba Tanzania P.O. Box 299 Bukoba, Kagera, Tanzania +255 – (0)755 716 615 +255 – (0)784 531 669 www.JamboBukoba.com13
  • 13. Gonzaga Stephen KananuraHead of Jambo Bukoba TanzaniaGonzaga Stephen was born in 1969, in a little village close to Karagwe, Kagera.After the typical seven years of Tanzanian Primary Schools and the unconventional four years of SecondaryEducation, Gonzaga stayed in High School for an additional two years to complete his Advanced SecondaryEducation. In 1992, he began degrees in philosophy and theology in Kibosho and Kipalapala. Despite anadmission from the Vatican to practice as a priest, he decided to serve the community in a different way andthus engaged with the Red Cross to commit himself to work with refugees from other East African countries, such as Burundi orRuanda.To meet the various requirements of his new job, Gonzaga continued his education with a distance-learning course in PersonnelManagement at the Cambridge Tutorial College in 1998 and obtained a teaching degree at a Tanzanian Teacher College withcompetency in Swahili, English, Sports, History and Civics in 2002. With his new degree, Gonzaga started working as EducationOfficer for the South African Extension Unit to continue his interest with community service and refugee aid. While his tasks in hisfirst job were administrative in nature, Gonzaga was given responsibility for a multitude of tasks at his new workplace, such asteaching, staff management, inter-school communication, organizing field trips and school festivities, conducting teacher workshopsand vocational trainings and developing an apprenticeship program for refugee adolescents that focused on enabling integration Seit 1. Juli 2012into the Tanzanian society.Unfortunately, the organization had to close due to insufficient funds in 2007 but given his job experience and qualifications,Gonzaga immediately found an opportunity at the Tanganyikan Christian Refugee Service (TCRS), in which he was assigned similarbut more comprehensive duties, e.g., the coordination of education for an overall number of five different refugee camps.In 2009, he followed the call of the United Nations to work as a community services assistant where he engaged with disabledindividuals and became more familiar with the notion of ‘empowering girls’. Furthermore, he encountered the educational policylevel of sports as well as its implementation in the school curriculum. As a consequence of this experience, he opted to continueworking on this super ordinate level and joined the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Dar-es-Salaam as a researchassistant in the beginning of 2010. During this period, he was strongly involved in issues concerning HIV and AIDS in the East Africancountries. After the research project was completed, he decided to settle down and work as a ’regular’ school teacher until heheard about Jambo Bukoba in the middle of 2011….14
  • 14. Jambo Bukoba e. V. Germany Clemens Mulokozi Andreas Meindl Founder and First Founding Member and President of 2nd Board Mamber of Jambo Bukoba NGO Jambo Bukoba NGO Bergerwaldstr. 12 Blütenweg 2 81825 München 82008 Unterhaching Germany Germany Tel.: +49 173 4 333 202 Fon: +49 89 42 65 68 Bank Account Number: 660531637 Bank Identification Code: 70020270  UniCredit Bank15 – HypoVereinsbank
  • 15. Join us !16