Understanding the Elements of Sound and Moving Image

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  • 2. GENRES OF A MOVINGIMAGEAdventure Documentary PoliceAnimal Educational ThrillerBiographical Family WarChildren’s Fantasy YouthComedy Film noir Science FictionCrime Game RomanceDance Gangster
  • 3. MOVING IMAGEPRODUCTIONCOMPONENTS3D Online GamesMobile Clips SeriesGameConsoles EpisodesFlick Book Stop AnimationIn fills 4DTrailers AdvertLive PodcastVideo Music VideosBlogging
  • 4. SOUNDTRACKCOMPONENTSDiegetic Sound EffectsSound MusicNon DiegeticSound SingingInstruments AccapellaDialogue
  • 5. SOUNDTRACKPRODUCTIONCOMPONENTSMicrophones - Condensing & DynamicInstrumentsElectronic SynthesizerSoftwareRecording Studio
  • 6. WHAT TO LOOK FORIN A SOUNDTRACKInstrumentation: The use of instruments & vocals in a piece, the instruments used.Tempo: The speed at which a piece of music is played, musical terms such as allegro can be used.Dynamics: The volume of which a piece of music is played. Musical terms such as piano meaning quiet, andforte meaning loud are often used.Rhythm: A pattern of sound often used to accompany a main melody as a beat.Melody: The main body of a piece of music, the leading instruments piece.Texture: The quality of a sound, how clear a piece can sound, how music is put together, layers. Oneinstrument playing is monophonic, lots of instruments together would be polyphonic.Harmony/Key: The combination of sounds put together to sound well structured, often used in duets.Structure: The music organised in layers, the intro, verses and choruses, and finally the outro. Solos are oftenin pieces of music too.Technology/SFX: Real or artificial sounds that are added to a piece of music or sound in order to createatmosphere/mood or to support the event occurring.
  • 7. AN ANALYSIS OF SOUNDFROM A MOVING IMAGEThe Thomas Crown Affair Intro -www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3i- Describe what the music sounds like:zOqko80&feature=fvwp&NR=1 • Ambient soundThe instruments/sounds/SFX I can hear are:• Mid range piano key kicks in • Xylophone, piano, strings• Building to create a short repetitive tune • Briefcase opening rustling of a bag• Diagetic dialogue • Indoor ambiance• Major • Mumbling or conversation• Layers of texture build • Clapping in rhythmic Spanish pattern• Tune carried by a violin• Short motif What does the music suggest about the tone/characters in the film:• Brass, introduction of percussion • Soundtrack reflects level of stress• Woodwind • Impression of sarcasm and quick wit • Popular and successful
  • 8. AN ANALYSIS OF SOUND FROM A MOVING IMAGE ADVERTThe Dark Knight Rises Trailer- http://www.thedarkknightrises.comDescribe what the music sounds like:The music sounds very dramatic, as if its determing the coming of a hero. Turns to dark andmysterious, leaving with a steady uplifting orchestrated melody.The instruments/sounds/SFX I can hear are:• Cheering• Star Spangled Banner (American national anthem)• Dialogue• Echoing swooping effects• Explosions• Crashing• Rioters• Synthesiser• Electric Guitar• Heavy beats• Uplifting music
  • 9. EVIDENCE OF MYWORKINGSMaking the midi track
  • 10. Syncing the midi with the moving image.