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If Content is King then Content Distribution is Queen and the Queen is Driving the Bus.

It's become common knowledge that our online visibility is the key to gaining traction is the ultra competitive social media landscape.

Curating quality content has become a must have skill set for all internet marketers.

This Deck provides a high level overview of what's involved in creating a custom content marketing system. [Update] including #hashtags that you have identified are congruent with your niche, should be included in your posts and shares to increase your search quotient on Twitter and Google Plus.

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  • Let's talk! or 424-248-5122 or via any of my social profiles.
  • This is is a 2 part video series on my Custom Content Curation + Syndication System where is the hub in this spoke and wheel model. With this system, you can curate and syndicate 5-10 times more content to your top social profiles; Google+, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to increase your online visibility.
  • Step 1. Create and optimize a social profile on the top 10 social networks and link them to you account so you can syndicate content to each of your social networks Step 2. Create and optimize a social profile on your 2nd Tier social as fast as you can. Measure everything to see which social profile remains and which go dormant.
  • You want to create a browser based social dashboard for your top 10 social profiles and sites and RSS Feedly
  • These are the Top 5 content curation sources used in this Google+ Gmail email listsFeedlyTrap.itSway
  • Once your panels have been created and “trained” the manage sources, the suggestions feed will populate with content specific articles, videos, news and posts from all the sources w/ red arrows in the drop down feed.
  • Feedly is the #1 RSS reader ever since Google reader went away. Feedly will show you socially shared content by # count which will help you ID good content to share/synd (if) you train in properly and segment your content by topic. I use an alpha numeric structure so I can sort by topic quickly and share the articles, videos etc. of those with 100+ shares as per the Feedly community.
  • Google+ must be the center of all your social content marketing. I’ve been active on G+ for over 2 years with 30,000 followers, so my G+ Stream and the posts from my segmented Google+ Circles provide a rich source of quality content I can share with my audience.
  • is a handy source to “train” to scour the web for content specific articles, videos, news etc. The trick is to down vote blogs that are average and upvote those that are awesome.
  • Sway will “match” your social profiles to the content on social networks and show you content that is trending, so you can share socially “active” content quickly to your other social profiles.
  • Install these Bookmarklets (Chrome and Firefox) makes it handy to share “one-off” social shares directly from your web browser.
  • Its important to “always” add your niche market expertise via an Insight into every scooped story you share. The model to follow is to intro the share, why someone should read it and the business value they will get.
  • This is a recentGoogle WMT screen shot showing my panels have acquired over 9,300 links to my flagship site. My goal isn’t to get links per se, but it tells Google what my semantic content map contains and this helps enhance and grow my social authority with the SE bots and perceived expertise with my social connections.
  • At the end of the day, my goal is to get my web pages and my other social profiles to rank at the top of the search engines. All of these are page 1 rankings for the specific long tail KW phrase. Nice! – JNFerree
  • Let's talk! or 424-248-5122 or via any of my social profiles.
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