AppsNgen Widget-based Software Development for Financial Markets


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HTML5/Java script widget App Store platform for Financial Market Data Mobile and Web Application Development Platform

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AppsNgen Widget-based Software Development for Financial Markets

  1. 1. powered by Developmen t Platfor m Financial Apps
  2. 2. Overview Benefits Experience
  3. 3. Delivery Platform for Web and Mobile Applications Platform to support the rapid development of cloud based financial applications Open platform allows seamless re-use of Apps across web, tablets or smartphones Leverage in-house, 3rd party or community development teams using public and/or private MarketPlace model
  4. 4. Process Widgets MarketPlace App Constructor Final App Dev Tools Data Sources Review Widgets Private Public Branding Structure and Navigation Desktop Mobile Developers make widgets using AppsNgen tools and Data Sources Widgets pass review according to AppsNgen guides and requirements and go to MarketPlace Apps are creating with App Constructor from widgets from Marketplace Final App as result support both Desktop (Web) and Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, WP 01 02 03 04
  5. 5. Product Offering AppsNgen Cloud Private Cloud • Rapidly develop • Publish and deploy • Mobile Apps • Browser-based Apps • Rapidly develop • Publish and deploy • Mobile Apps • Browser-based Apps Deployed behind the client’s firewall Can federate to AppsNgen Cloud
  6. 6. Platform AppsNgen Advantage: Application Widget Library that can be part of an App or a stand along App Publish/Distribute/Version/ Entitle Applications and Widgets Application Security, Entitlement and Authentication Consistent browser JavaScript and native iOS/Android framework for App development and deployment Apps & Dashboards – application assembly from re- usable Widgets Support for native and HTML5 Widgets Usage Statistics Interactive Mobile App Builder to assemble Widgets into Pages and Applications
  7. 7. Mobile Wealth Management Huge Catalog of Widgets – Wealth Mobile Apps
  8. 8. Solution Web Native Web-Sites Native Mobile Apps Widgets Containers
  9. 9. AppsNgen Widget Widget Structure Example:Zip Archived With metadata «application.xml» file in the root Metadata format is based on OpenSocial standart Written in HTML5 and JavaSript or Mobile OS Native Language
  10. 10. AppsNgen FrameWork AppsNgen Platform AppsNgen Main Components Widgets 3rd Party Data Sources Data Source Proxy Vert.x Mashup Engine .NET WCF OData, node.js Data Sources .NET WCF REST
  11. 11. Mashup Engine OData AppsNgen Platform AppsNgen Mashup Engine 3rd Party Data Sources Aggregation Proxy Business Entities Entitlements Data Providers • SOAP • REST/JSON • Proprietary OData Widgets Data Source Proxy Vert.x
  12. 12. Responsive Design for Widgets Wide Range of Layouts: from Smartphones to Desktop
  13. 13. Widgets Customization +
  14. 14. AppsNgen Widgets Widgets form Dashboards. Can Interact with each other and share Business Content.
  15. 15. AppsNgen Applications Dashboards form Application. Can Interact with each other with Events mechanism.
  16. 16. Applications Customization Apps Customization according to Brand Corporate Style: • Widgets Color Themes • Application Color Customization • Logos of the Brand
  17. 17. Mobile Integration - Native Containers Native iOS/Android/WP container: Web and Native widgets Renderer API for Getting Data from AppsNgen Dashboard Renderer Interaction between Widgets and Dashboards with Events Mechanism Wide Customization with Preferences API
  18. 18. Widgets Integration to Web-Sites Standart Integration • Each client is provided with integration secret • Integration url + nonce + timestamp is signed using integration secret at server side • Nonce + timestamp prevents url from being stolen and used somewhere else Simplified Integration • Client provided with integration script. Script inserts iframe with specific url at page • When app renders it checks site url using postMessage mechanism. • Site url is part of application url signed by AppsNgen
  19. 19. Local Development Environment Features: • Based on node.js + grunt (task- based command line build tool for JavaScript projects). • Grunt task to emulate A/X API • Works with stub data (not call real data services) • Publish/Subscribe events Usage: • Generate html page with the developed app using “call grunt.cmd appstore-local” batch command • Open the generated page in a browser and debug the application there
  20. 20. Technology Stack
  21. 21. Thank You!