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Accountex 2013   the importance of mobile and how it affects accountants how to make your existing website mobile friendly

Accountex 2013 the importance of mobile and how it affects accountants how to make your existing website mobile friendly



Presented live at Accountex 2013, this slideshow covers the key statistics to encourage you that making your website mobile is now vital for every accountancy firm small or large. ...

Presented live at Accountex 2013, this slideshow covers the key statistics to encourage you that making your website mobile is now vital for every accountancy firm small or large.

It also presents options through www.myfirmsapp.co.uk to help you do just this through the use of 'adaptive technology'. In short, that means for most firms you don't need a brand new website but instead can have a solution that recognises the device viewing it; presents your website in the perfect way for that user; and avoids you being one of the sites that 61% of people say they would quickly leave if it is not mobile friendly.

We hope this presentation is both helpful and encouraging for you and if you would like to talk any more about your circumstances, goals, your website and options to best support you - then please look at www.myfirmsapp.co.uk or call Dan Richards direct on +44 (0) 7879 654191 or in our office on 0800 8030826. Best wishes!



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    Accountex 2013   the importance of mobile and how it affects accountants how to make your existing website mobile friendly Accountex 2013 the importance of mobile and how it affects accountants how to make your existing website mobile friendly Presentation Transcript

    • 1.WelcomeThe importance of mobileand how it affectsAccountantswww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 2Who am I?Daniel Richards2
    • 3A balanced approachwww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 4The New Mobile Landscapewww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 5Effective Mobilitywww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 6Global Transformation“How can we gain newcompetitive advantages by usingmobility to transform ourbusiness processes?”www.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 7The Connected Accountant“Using mobile technology enables accountants tomeet the demands of an increasingly connected,always on, faster moving and far more competitivemarketplace.”www.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 824/7 connection to clients24Seven• Tech savvy and cool technology helps attract new clientsand retain employed talent.• Accessing real-time information allows you to service clientsfaster and more efficiently.• Make better use of your time.• More efficient with time in the office.
    • 924/7 connection to clients• Your website made mobile.• Your own Apple and Goole approved app.• 24/7 access to key documents.• Save hours in time.• Differentiate yourself.• Lock clients in.24Seven
    • 10UK Smartphone & Tablet usageOver 60% of the UK population now own a smartphone& nearly a fifth own a tablet device.21% 60%www.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 11Other Statisticswww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.comTablet sales are set to increaseby almost 70% to 197 million units in 201370%
    • 12Other StatisticsYou won’t believe it!The height of 327 Empire StateBuildings=Number of Android phonessold per day when stackedwww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 13Other Statisticswww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.comYou won’t believe it!378,000 iPhones sold per day371,000 babies born per day
    • 14Other StatisticsYou won’t believe it!Last year369,094,500 Smartphoneswere sold19% of those weredropped down the toilet
    • 15The Growth of Mobile95% of allaccountant’s websitesare not mobileenabledwww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.comBy 2014, mobile internet will take over desktop usage.
    • 1650% of local searches are from mobileenabled deviceswww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 17How do we use our phones?64%Access theinternet daily62%Send &receive emails56%For socialmediasites53%Search enginequeries21%Video sharingsiteswww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 18What do mobile users want?74%Get directionsor businesshours64%Contact thecompany61%Find productinformation50%Make apurchase ororder a serviceA recent survey by Google found that they:www.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 19How are Accountants responding?www.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com✓ Considering the issues of ‘Effective Mobility’.✓ Planning for mobile engagement.✓ Mobile websites.✓ Apps.✓ Integrated blogs.
    • 20Your website made mobileDiscover a powerful solution to help your firm engage with mobile visitors.67%www.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.comFriendly = More likely tobuy“A mobile friendly site makes me morelikely to buy a product or use a service.”61%Unfriendly = More likely to leave“If I don’t see what I’m looking for rightaway on a mobile site, I’ll quickly move toanother site.”
    • 21Disadvantages of non mobile enabled sitewww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.comXSlow or very slow to loadContent unreadableNo click to callDifficult or impossible to navigateDirections, contact information hard to findMost forms won’t work, which equals no enquiriesFlash and other content may not be displayedForced to zoom, pinch or scroll many times= unusable for mobile viewers
    • 22Example non-mobile vs mobilewww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 23Your website mobile enabledwww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com✓ Automatic redirection✓ Rapid load times✓ Directions, contact information immediately available✓ Key content instantly available✓ Minimal scroll, pinch and zooming✓ Simple and clear navigation✓ Click to call✓ Mobile forms✓ Auto update with current site
    • 24Responsive Vs Adaptivewww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.comResponsiveAdjusts website to fit any screen.Displaying reduced or expanded content.Requires a complete re-build.Is expensive and time consuming.AdaptiveIdentifies mobile users automatically.Provides mobile visitors with key info.Will work on your existing site.Is low cost and effective.
    • 25www.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.comAdaptive Design
    • 26Key content at a tap of the screenwww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 27Summary of ‘Why mobile?’• Reach out to a growing number of mobile users• Engage with current customers in a modern & effective way• Convert more web visitors into customers• Stay ahead of the competitionBusiness has a siteThen makes it mobileROI
    • 28App or Mobile website?• Both are critical• Do different things• Low cost, high return• Easy and hassle free to obtain• Massive benefits
    • 29Supporters | Promoters | Affiliateswww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com
    • 30
    • 31Chat to us atstand A536...Come and join us atstand A536 to seeApps and Mobile siteslive.Plus our expert teamare on hand to answerany questions, queriesyou might have.31
    • 32What just two of your colleagues thought...We are delighted with our App, which was designed by theteam at MyFirmsApp. The process was simple and the costextremely competitive. It gives us great content in two sections- first the tax tables and really helpful calculators, and secondthe content we can update ourselves, which helps us keepclients and potential clients updated with news and events atAlexander & Co and the different ways we have helped clients.It’s a fantastic marketing tool with links to our blog, website andsocial media.Richard Alexander | Alexander and CoWe have had a successful website for years, but working withInsight has significantly improved our enquiry rate - and wethought that it was good before!Ian Marlow “ HfM Tax & Accounts
    • 33Get In Toucht 0800 80 30 826contact@insight-marketing.comtwitter.com/insight-marketingfacebook.com/insight-marketingplus.google.com/insight-marketingwww.insight-marketing.com
    • 34Thank you : )Insight Marketingwww.myfirmsapp.co.uk ǀ www.salesforaccountants.com ǀ www.insight-marketing.com