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Unlocking linked in your free report


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Unlocking linked in your free report

  1. 1. Your free reportUnlocking the Power of LinkedIn IBLE F 25 IG O EL CPD R Yrs TRUSTED F P S C OR OVER D T POIN
  2. 2. Thank you Thank you For taking the time to request this free report. It’s been written to help companies like yours embrace this powerful technology and benefit from the results. Over the past 3 years I have spoken to thousands of delegates about social networking. A few enlightened individuals acknowledge its importance in the current marketing mix, but the vast majority shake their heads and say “It’s for kids. It won’t work for us” or “We don’t know where to start!” But there is one social networking application that very definitely is for professionals – it’s called LinkedIn and it’s a proven way to generate introductions and referrals through online networking – exactly what you have been doing for years successfully offline. James Potter For someone like me it’s encouraging to see that the fundamentals of Know, Like and Trust, the three stepping stones to building profitable relationships, have been dusted off and used once more. People are still doing business with people they like; people like them; people who show a genuine interest in them, and who they trust. Networking groups are thriving. The move towards social business is growing and LinkedIn has been elevated in importance. As some 80% of an average business client base is normally within a 30 mile radius, it makes sense to be actively networking in your local business community; most of your business will be local and will be passed on locally. As the entire business world becomes more ‘connected’, it makes sense to actively put yourself out there and to network, both at face-to-face events and online using LinkedIn. Today. networking is more important than ever, so your firm’s strategy for success must include LinkedIn, or quite simply, you’ll miss out! In this report you’ll discover the powerful potential of LinkedIn and how it can help you’re practice generate more leads and more business. Warm regards, James Potter James Potter Senior networking and LinkedIn advisor P.S. If this report excites you then why not come along and find out more at an exclusive free evening event (see page 18). If it overwhelms you, and you would prefer to get someone to set everything up for you, we can help you with our Managed LinkedIn service, see page 15 for further information.2
  3. 3. Contents4// Everything’s Changed 12// Like A Fish out of Water6// What is LinkedIn? 13// Prospecting7// Facts and Statistics 14// 6 things To Avoid8// The Perfect Place 15// Managed LinkedIn service10// First Impressions 17// Final Thoughts11// Where do you Start? 18// Live Event Invitation by Insight 3
  4. 4. Everything’s Changed The world in which we operate has changed – and most firms need to catch up! Let’s be Frank, communication technology is advancing at break-neck speed and most senior accountants find the use of iPads, iPhones and the concept of Social Media utterly bizzare. When your children or grandchildren ask, “How many children in your class had mobiles and iPads, Daddy?”, your answer, “None!” seems unbelievable to them. Such gadgets were beyond comprehension even twenty years ago but today, the kid without one is an exception to the rule. The world has changed forever. And we still want MORE! Thanks to high-speed broadband through mobile phones, more and more of us will be using smart phones, iPads etc to browse online. The entire experience has changed, and yet most people crave for even more. “Time is a gentle deity,” said Sophocles. It may have been for him, but today ‘time’ is the driving force that cracks the whip, and still we cry for more out of less. It’s in this somewhat overwhelming context of change and flux that this report introduces LinkedIn. Over the next few pages I hope to share with you’ll discover why, as a networking tool, LinkedIn is without comparison – at least for now.4
  5. 5. “When you know how to use LinkedIn well, you’ll save yourself a ton of time. You’ll walk through open doors instead of making cold calls; you’ll enhance your personal reputation and the profile of your practice; you’ll access outstanding information and opportunities that you would previously have missed and, ultimately, you’ll ” increase your revenue. James Potter – by Insight 5
  6. 6. What is LinkedIn? What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a free online networking tool that enables you to be found online and stay connected with others. It’s the world’s largest professional network with over 80 million members and it’s growing rapidly. It connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of like-minded professionals. Not only is it a fantastic tool for networking and referral generation, but it’s also a great way of keeping your database up to date (something we all struggle with). In today’s professional world, people change jobs and locations constantly. By connecting on LinkedIn, your address book will never go out of date. Your contacts update their profiles, keeping you current with their latest jobs, projects and contact info. You’ll stay in closer contact thanks to a range of great tools to communicate and collaborate. For example if your immediate circle can’t resolve a unique business challenge, LinkedIn tools like ‘Answers’ and ‘Groups’ let you locate and interact with experts through trusted introductions. LinkedIn Search lets you explore the broader network by name, title, company, location, and other keywords that will help you find the knowledge you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a career opportunity, winning new clients or building your professional reputation, LinkedIn connects you to jobs, sales leads and ideal business partners. With a powerful search engine, company research tools and a jobs board that shows who you know at listed companies, LinkedIn is the place to turn to for new opportunities. No selling; no crass marketing - just old fashioned networking. As you already know, the most effective tactic to grow your company is networking. Yet there seems to be a disconnect between this understanding and the advantages of using online tools like LinkedIn. If your firm wants to compete in todays ever-changing market, then the very best place to start is LinkedIn. There is no telling how far it will take you and, like most new technologies, it’s the firms who adopt it early on that will gain the most from it. It’s free to join. Simply visit www.linkedin.com6
  7. 7. LinkedIn facts and statisticsLinkedIn facts and statisticsTo be a fully rounded professional in the 21st century, you are expected to be a good networker andan effective business developer. None of the professions recognises the value of networking more thanprofessional service companies. Since mid 2009, LinkedIn has rocketed in importance as a place to engage,a great place to break the ice, raise visibility, showcase your expertise, to start the relationship-buildingprocess and to keep existing relationships alive and warm.At the very least, with over 5 million people in the UK already registered on LinkedIn (around 14% ofthe taxpaying population), it’s essential to have a personal and company profile. ‘Online Networking’ hasemerged, from being ‘just for kids’, to take its seat at the main table of business development. It hasbecome a place where ‘serious’ connections are made and the accountancy profession is starting to takeit seriously. As you can see from the chart above, the number of monthly visitors to LinkedIn UK keepsgrowing every single month. by Insight 7
  8. 8. The Perfect Place to Network LinkedIn is the perfect place for you to network with high earners 1. LinkedIn enables you to connect to your network at work and at home. The percentage of users logging on from home/work (UK): 38% business / 62% home 2. Financial service companies are among the top 4 most connected industry sectors using LinkedIn IT 324,770 Financial Services 188,786 Computer Software 124,785 Marketing/Advertising 119,958 3. Over 75% of the UK’s top professional firms still do not show LinkedIn on their website homepage. That’s great news for firms wanting to use this tool while your competitors sleep! (Research undertaken by Insight March 2011) 4. LinkedIn is also good for firms wanting to reach and network with banks and bank managers. Two banks are in the top 5 most connected UK companies and all major banks are already using LinkedIn. Have a look for a local bank manager you know! NHS 18,140 BT 11,536 Royal Bank of Scotland 11,221 IBM 9,217 HSBC 8,557 5. LinkedIn is dominated by households who earn £50,000 or more College Graduate High School Some College8
  9. 9. The Perfect Place to Network6. 20% of LinkedIn users are senior level executives and managers. What’s more, over 60% are either decision makers in their companies or have direct influence on decision making.High earners on LinkedIn are potentially great prospects for your firmAs a professional firm you should be looking for quality clients, of the right type and profile that suit your firm.We I believe LinkedIn is the perfect place to find these customers and be introduced to them. It allows youto select your target market very precisely, and with a younger base of 25 – 34 year old with high incomes,that’s got to be a great starting place.The February 2011 stats show that there are over 90 million members onLinkedIn worldwide. It represents the largest and most current businessdatabase available in the world today.Source:Global Recruiting roundtable, 2011. Everything you wanted to know about LinkedIn - UK statistics and trends 2011.[online] Available at: <> [Accessed 10 March 2011]. by Insight 9
  10. 10. First Impressions First impressions really do count It’s not just potential clients who can find you on LinkedIn. Your current clients will expect you to be there too! Despite great user statistics and a demographic user-base to die for, some firms still ask “What is the point of having a profile?” If you do not see the networking opportunity, then I would encourage you to think about the perception generated if someone searches for you and you’re not found. Suspicious? Alarming? Why don’t you have a profile? Do you have something to hide? These are typical of the feelings and questions it raises in your potential prospect’s mind. Many of your clients probably expect you to be on LinkedIn already. It is the place to present and manage the professional reputation of your firm and your team, online. It enables you to communicate with, and update your customers on, what you are working on – and it’s free. You can upload your entire customer database into your LinkedIn contacts (up to 3000 records) and then invite them to join you online. The powerful part of this is that over time you can see who they are linked to and ask them politely and professionally for an introduction. Consider these scenarios… Your client tries to find you and struggles. Eventually, they give up and assume you are still in the dark ages. Or you take the first step, upload your customer base and make contact with them, inviting them to join your network. They accept your invitation and see you are pioneering new ground. Better still, you find they are happy to recommend you. As an absolute minimum, even if you do nothing else, please join LinkedIn and create your profile. It’s quick, simple and free!10
  11. 11. Where do you Start?Where do you start?Start with your LinkedIn profileBefore connecting with others you must first set up a profile page at and ensure itachieves a 100% profile score. LinkedIn claims you are 40 times more likely to turn up in a search if youhave a fully completed profile.To achieve this, simply complete the 7 simple steps below or alternatively see page 19 for details of how wecan manage the process for you. (Insight’s Managed LinkedIn service)Make sure your profile is client focusedTake the time to think through your profile carefully. We recommend that you write out the various pointsusing something like Microsoft Word or similar, so you can work on the different aspects of your profileuntil you are happy with it. Your profile needs to be client focused. It’s not a CV or a boring list of all thecompanies you have worked for. It’s all about making connections and to do that effectively, potential clientsneed to be able to see ‘what’s in it for them’. Make sure you have an interesting headline, as this is whatpeople find when they search LinkedIn or when you contribute to a group discussion. 1. Your current job or position 2. Two previous positions 3. Your education 4. The profile summary 5. Your photo A simple, professional head and shoulders photo 6. At least three recommendations Remember, your profile is a modesty-free zone! Tell the prospects what you are great at and encourage them to contact you Specialities section Use this to fill with your keywords to be indexed higher on the search phrases you want. by Insight 11
  12. 12. Like A Fish out of Water Don’t wait like a fish out of water for people to come to you! If you create your LinkedIn profile and don’t reach out to others and join groups that your prospects belong to, then it’s like attending a networking event and standing in the corner, looking at the ground, hoping someone will come and talk to you. You need to get out and engage with others. Here are 8 quick tips: 1. Don’t expect people to accept your invitation to connect without giving them a reason. Tell them what they will get out of the relationship and how they will benefit. 2. Upload your entire customer database into your LinkedIn contacts (up to 3000 records) and then invite them to join you online. 3. Upload your entire email list from Outlook, Gmail or similar 4. Focus on connecting. Every time you get a new contact or business card, link to them using LinkedIn. 5. Recommend people in your network where appropriate and ask for recommendations in return 6. Make LinkedIn the homepage on your browser so you review it regularly. 7. Think about lost sales opportunities over the last 10 years or more, then try to find those people on LinkedIn and get back in touch. Use this as part of your firm’s ‘Keep In Touch’ strategy and it will help you to reach out powerfully to past contacts. 8. Groups are important. Join the right ones, contribute to them or even create one. Find groups within your own industry but also join the groups your prospects belong to. Once you join, ensure you post relevant topical information. And the best way of all is to create your own community of followers who want to hear from you. As proactive accountants, you have a huge amount of important accountancy-related information that’s of huge value to your readers. Remember the powerful part of this process is that you can, over time, see who your network are joined to. At the appropriate time you can then ask them politely and professionally for an introduction, exactly as you would offline.12
  13. 13. ProspectingA prospecting toolOnce you know how, you can find perfect new business prospects who are geographicallysuitable for your firm. It’s easy!The ‘advanced search’ capability within LinkedIn can uncover all the business contacts you’ll ever need,within your geographic location and within the specific sectors that are of interest to your firm. You can evensearch for companies of the size you prefer to approach or for the name of the decision-maker you wish toengage.Gathering competitive intelligence on LinkedIn or finding new staffYou can learn a lot from the competition and LinkedIn makes learning from your competitors pretty easy.If you want to see what your peers are doing to get work, or even who they’re connected with, one usefulbut little known technique when researching a competitor organisation, is to make contact with previousemployees.Simply: • go to advanced people search (the default search option) • insert the company name • select the ‘past not current’ option in the drop down box • hit the Search buttonThis will give you the names of those who used to work there. You’ll notice that it automatically tells you thenumber of results returned by the search and right next to that information is the ‘save’ option enabling you,should you wish, to save the search criteria and to select the update and notification interval that suits you.You’ll also see how they are connected to you, by level (1, 2 or 3) and also through whom you are connected- ‘shared connection’. By clicking the ‘more’ option within the individual profiles, you’ll see expandeddetail, without leaving the page. This, therefore, gives you all the information you’ll need to engage withthe individual and seek their help or guidance, when conducting research. In addition to competitiveintelligence, this is also an excellent way to recruit employees with experience from particular companies. by Insight 13
  14. 14. 6 things to Avoid 6 things you should avoid… I hope you will use LinkedIn as a valuable tool for your practice. However, before you get started, here are a few common mistakes to avoid. 1. Don’t let your staff loose on LinkedIn without a plan and some training LinkedIn can seem like manna from heaven to a firm looking to grow and improve their social media activity. However, it is easy to get things wrong and in serious cases you could be banned from LinkedIn altogether! This includes employees writing profiles without any guidelines. Without some guidelines you will probably end up with a muddle of information, styles, personal profile summaries and conflicting information. 2. It’s not about volume Do not invite the world just to increase your connection list. They are professionals like you and therefore they want to know why they should accept your invitation. Equally, be sensible about who you accept invitations from. We advise common sense here! Some firms will simply accept everyone, but we advise that you only link with people you know, at least to start with. 3. Avoid crazy photos A head and shoulders photo of yourself, smartly dressed, is perfect. Photos of individuals out on the town, singing karaoke or drinking are fine for Facebook but not LinkedIn. 4. Don’t lie or oversell yourself Give a truthful account of where you have worked, what you have done and what you aspire to do. Be truthful and honest without over-hyping what you do. 5. Don’t ignore the update function This is a powerful tool to keep you at the top of your network’s minds. By ‘updating’ your profile, you will show up on their LinkedIn homepage and even their email. Don’t over-do it. A few updates each week is fine and like other updates you can post links to any interesting articles. 6. Don’t ignore your website link and do customise it Make sure your website details are on your LinkedIn profile. You can include it 3 times, so make sure you use them all – this will improve your Google rating. Higher rating, more hits, more clients!14
  15. 15. Managed LinkedInManaged LinkedInSometimes getting it done is the hardest part!Sometimes, even when the facts are clear and you understand the theory, implementing them may still be abarrier that’s tough to remove. It’s not simply an issue of time, its also about understanding what needs tobe done. I always used to laugh when I pulled over to for directions (yes, I was alive before SatNav!) Almostwithout exception, the person would start by saying “It’s easy! You just...”. Boy, it’s easy when you have it 15times, but when you try to follow directions for the first time, it’s far from easy! So, if you prefer us to driveyou there, and provide you with a managed LinkedIn profile - no problem.Let us write your LinkedIn© company profileCompany profiles are the corporate entities of the firm, the organisation and its services which the employeesassociate with. In excess of 1,000,000 companies have profiles within LinkedIn and it is essential that theyreflect the values and value of the brand.We will create your unique profile which will maximise the functionality and provide impact. Making yourpropositions and brand enhance the browsers insight, raise the value perception and capitalise on client’spositive feedback. A good company profile gets you past scrutiny, recognises your position as a marketleader and ultimately gets you the success you want.Your company profile will include the following: • Create a high impact company profile that demonstrates your values, services value and your brand - the value that you share with clients. • Ensure your company profile is secured to prevent unauthorised tampering and amendments. • Add an appropriate professional brand logo (or services logos) from your library. • Embed suitable YouTube videos to products and services. • Create promotional links and contacts, as appropriate. • Work with an internal contact to ensure “invites to recommend” are sent appropriately to endorse products and services. • Link to website pages that reflect the business.This is created for your firm, tailored to your specific marketing messages, themes and content. The costfor the creation of a single company profile on LinkedIn would be £950. by Insight 15
  16. 16. Managed LinkedIn Personal Profiles – Creating profiles to be proud of © The individual’s personal profile is the foundation in the world of LinkedIn . A great personal profile produces the platform to grow from; it underpins you and your personal brand. If someone wants to find your areas of interest or business do you make it easy for them to find you and buy from you? Do you use the right key words? Does your profile reflect your local standing in the community and accountancy profession? If it is not representative of your value it will limit the chances of success by giving the wrong message or worse still no message at all. Using our senior LinkedIn advisor James is an expert on LinkedIn, with over 130 recommendations, and can create profiles with impact, making your values, personal brand and your professional value to clients obvious. A good profile gets you connected, gets you noticed and ultimately enables the success you want. This is a one off service creating an attractive, compelling profile using your existing profile as a starting point and curriculum vitaes (where available) to create profiles within Microsoft Word. This is followed by a telephone interview to collect further insights about you, your brand and your value. Removing the problem of what to say, how to say it and saving the business chargeable time. It will: • Create a high impact profile that enhances your presence. • Demonstrate your values, value and reflect your brand. • Craft sections of your profile that reflect their expertise, skills, your experience and the value that you share with clients. • Add an appropriate professional photograph from your library. • Get your profile towards 100% complete. • Add applications that work for you. • Integrate with Twitter, if appropriate. • Link to website pages that reflect the business. This enables you to broaden your network, work it more efficiently and to get the connections, engagement and business you seek from within LinkedIn. The closure process for each profile will be a telephone coaching session for 30 minutes. You can then use it to populate your LinkedIn profile without exposing any individuals password or login details externally. Cost per LinkedIn profile offsite with a brief telephone interview prior to creation is £600. We also offer an onsite service at additional cost.16
  17. 17. Final Thoughts - and you invitation to join us for freeFinal Thoughts - and your invitation to join us live for freeI do hope that this report has been useful for you and has helped to understand the power of LinkedIn foryour firm. If you use it well, you will save a lot of time but more importantly, it will ensure you are walkingthrough open doors instead of making cold calls. You will enhance your reputation and the profile of yourpractice; you’ll access outstanding information and opportunities that you would previously have missedand ultimately, you’ll win new clients.Networking now has two halves making up the whole: face-to-face networking and online networking.And it will serve you well to be good at both. To derive the full benefits of this new, business networkinglandscape, I encourage you to be regularly and consistently participating in both places. If you want todiscover how to do this more successfully, I would like to invite you to one of our fourth coming events.Come and join us free for 1 hour, plus champagne and canapésI would personally like to invite you to one of our free evening workshops on new ways of marketing for anew economy, exclusively for professional service firms!Thank you for reading,Warm regards,James PotterJames PotterSenior networking and LinkedIn “ I found the day very enjoyable as the content was relevant and the presenters encouraging. It was particularly interesting because it was targeted at professional service firms. ”“Insight have cracked it – seminar that is entertaining and extremelyinsightful - David Oliver and James Potter are worth the time alone. ” by Insight 17
  18. 18. Digital Marketing That Works The must attend evening event of the year for Professional Service Firms Unlock the power of LinkedIn and social networking for professional service firms - Free Event When and Where? 23rd November Marriott Kensington 147 Cromwell Road, SW5 0TH 17:00 Free Champagne, canapés & networking 17:30 – 18:30 Main event Cost: Free Register free By telephone 0800 80 30 826 Or in less than 60 seconds at Attend this special FREE evening event, and you will discover how leading professional firms are using social networking, in the current market. You will hear about proven strategies that are not only easy to implement but will help firms like yours grow and prosper. You’ll see how others that have taken action under our tutelage in the past 12 months are already reaping the rewards. “ Our senior management team first heard the Insight team in Paris with 80 other accountants at an international convention. Their ability to present with passion and inspiration and their ability to combine online and offline marketing for proven results means, I have no hesitation in recommending the Insight team for firms that are looking to grow. ” Rakesh Shaunak18
  19. 19. Digital Marketing That WorksWhy attend?During this content rich, fast paced, one-hour you will; • Discover why LinkedIn gets results for professional service of all sizes • Learn how to leverage the power of Social Media in less than 3 minutes per day • Enjoy 3 top tips for generating a steady stream of referrals • Be shown how to find hundreds of new prospects within 20 miles of your office • Explore how social media can be used to give you personal endorsements before any client or prospect meeting • Learn how to overcome the simple stumbling block that stop most firms benefiting from the proven results social media provides • Take away a proven plan for your firm’s social success • Calculate an ROI on your social mediaPlusYou will hear the UK’s top 3 presenters on this free must attend topic, and we promise that there will be nobig sales pitch from us. The drinks, the canapés, the content, and the entire delegate experience is all onus. It takes less than 60 seconds to register at 0800 80 30 826. 0800 80 30 826 by Insight 9 Common mistakes made by professional services when setting up and using LinkedIn ... © ... and how you can correct them ‘9 common mistakes with LinkedIn’ A 28 page report given to you free on the night, containing material that we believe is essential for all professional services, which we just can’t fit into this exciting event. 25 dmtw Yrs Trusted by A c c o u nt a nt s digital marketing that works by Insight 19
  20. 20. Testimonials “I have heard David Oliver a number of times presenting to lawyers, accountants, and finance professionals. His content is practical, his principles easy to implement, and his delivery inspiring.” “A very informative, thought provoking event. I am leaving here with many ideas that we are looking forward to implementing.” “The session was really helpful in understanding how LinkedIn and Facebook works was not aware of how many pages can be generated automatically and stay empty.” “Very enjoyable and informative event – lots of ideas to take away.” “David Oliver is both a powerful presenter of material but also.... and more importantly to me, his work has made a significant difference to our business. It has depth and can be practically applied... but most of all it produces results.” “An essential and must attend event for any firm looking to grow in the continually evolving digital age.” “I must admit that I was very sceptical to start with but this session was amazing. I have picked up so many nuggets of information. I will definitely be attending more Insight events – thank you for a great workshop.”20
  21. 21. TestimonialsIn addition to working directly with professional service firms we are proud topresent for, exhibit with, or be endorsed by: by Insight 21
  22. 22. Why should you trust us?Our position as the Uk’s leading marketing organisation has been hard won over more than twenty five years throughthe application or core values and behaviours that influence everything we do. Our core values and as a business andas individuals are:HonestyWe believe in being up front, honest and open, even if at times the truth can hurt or lose you customers.GivingEveryone within our business has a giving nature and provides assistance where possible to those less fortunate.DesireWe have a genuine desire to develop win-win relationships with partners.ChallengeWe believe that just as “iron sharpens iron” one man can sharpen another. By positively challenging both the accept-ed norm and the goals, results and strategies used, we believe we can develop market-leading solutions.InspirationWe look to inspire others through the use of creative design.DedicationAppreciating that challenges will come, we are dedicated to our partners and to achieving the goals that we agreetogether.FunWe believe in a philosophy of ‘work hard - play hard’ and enjoy both.ShareWe are an open book and are willing to share our ideas, thoughts and resources freely with others who share ourvalues.ServeUltimately we exist to serve our customers.ExcellenceWe want every customer to be successful and we go the extra mile to ensure that this is achieved.EnvironmentWe are accountable both ethically and commercially for the environment. Therefore we operate with a unique ‘greenpolicy’ working towards being carbon neutral and encouraging others to do so.LearningWe continually learn and improve. We accept that this may cause mistakes – sometimes major ones – that we willtackle and overcome together.VisionWe work with selected partners towards developing and sustaining best-in-class digital marketing solutions, with theaim of generating a regular flow of new business at a controllable rate. UK 0800 803 0826 Europe +44 (0)1256 896239 USA 1-(800)-542-0602 by Insight