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LinkedIn training that works

  1. 1. LinkedIn© Training by Insight “In half a day, we will teach you and your staff how to unlock the power of LinkedIn©.” James Potter Senior LinkedIn© In TrainerHalf day LinkedIn© training exclusively for your firmAs the commercial pressures and workloads Course Overview:tighten it gets increasingly difficult to reachthe person you need. Traditional methods of • LinkedIn© - What is it all about and how tostandalone marketing are losing impact. make it work for you in your role. • Comparison between LinkedIn© and face toWith the constraints of nonchargeable time face networking.and work pressures LinkedIn© is an excellentway to reach the people you need, quickly and • Overview of all of the functionality.professionally. • How to set up your account and make theWorking with the people you know to get to the most of what it offers.people you want to know. • Review of the search functionality on theLinkedIn© gives you another way, a better biggest live database of businesses andway, a way to identify the right person and the professionals.connections you need to get introduced tothem. • How to find and research the people, businesses and connections you need.Let one of our highly professional trainers withyears of experience and a guide you and share • Find work groups of practice tips that will work for your firm. • Participation is the key. IBLE F 25 IG O EL CPD by Insight R Yrs TRUSTED F P S OR C OVER D T POIN
  2. 2. You will learn to • Edit and personalise your profile. • Be recognised as an expert. • Use powerful psychological approaches • Gain or give recommendations. to develop your network and to add • Build your network, to leverage it to develop connections. new relationships, to better understand • Connect – who with and how. colleagues and clients. • Make and receive introductions • Use best practice approaches to social professionally. media and online networking, the etiquette • Search for the businesses and people you and the paths to success. seek. • Have LinkedIn© email you easy to reach • Find, join and work within groups. potential clients.The course empowers you with a broad awareness and understanding of the key functions, thetasks and makes LinkedIn© a high value toolset that affects you, your future and your bottom line.The training is delivered as a half day course in house specifically for up to 20 people.The only prerequisite is that you sign up for a LinkedIn© account before you come. To get the bestfrom the training it is ideal if attendees can access their LinkedIn© account on-line but a set ofnotes are provided.The investment for this exclusive half day session is just £1,850 plus expenses, this includes a shortconversation of around 45 minutes to ensure focus is appropriate and references pertinent, allmaterials and workbooks and notes. It will give you and your team the awareness and understandingyou need to make the most out of LinkedIn© for your practice.Senior LinkedIn© TrainerJames PotterOne of our senior LinkedIn© advisors and networking specialists, James(also known as The LinkedIn© Man) was originally destined for a career inaccountancy when in 1986 he discovered networking and sales. He went on tolearn four different sales methodologies along with a passion for various otherprofessional disciplines. James has a unique understanding of LinkedIn© andits use for accountants. His experience spreads from smaller firms throughto multinational corporations and a number of professional bodies in the UK.James focuses on the tactical skills needed to succeed when networking andhow to get the most out of LinkedIn©, the world’s largest online, professional,business network. by Insight
  3. 3. Let us write your LinkedIn© company profileCompany profiles are the corporate entities of your organisation and its services, which theemployees associate with. In excess of 1,000,000 companies have profiles within LinkedIn© and itis essential that they reflect the values and value of the brand.We will create your unique profile which will maximise the functionality and provide impact. Makingyour propositions and brand enhance the browsers insight, raise the value perception and capitaliseon client’s positive feedback. A good company profile gets you past scrutiny, recognises yourposition as a market leader and ultimately gets you the success you want.Your company profile will include the following: • Create a high impact company profile that demonstrates your values, and your brand - the value that you share with clients. • Ensure your company profile is secured to prevent unauthorised tampering and amendments. • Add an appropriate professional brand logo (or services logos) from your library. • Embed suitable YouTube videos to products and services. • Create promotional links and contacts, as appropriate. • Work with an internal contact to ensure “invites to recommend” are sent appropriately to endorse products and services. • Link to website pages that reflect the business.This is created at your site, tailored to your specific marketing messages, themes and content at ahalf day session. The cost for the creation of a single company profile on LinkedIn© would be £950. IBLE F IG O EL CPD by Insight R P S C D T POIN
  4. 4. Personal Profiles – Creating profiles to be proud ofThe individual’s personal profile is the foundation in the world of LinkedIn©.A great personal profile produces the platform to grow from; it underpins you and your personalbrand. If someone wants to find your areas of interest or business do you make it easy for themto find you and buy from you? Do you use the right key words? Does your profile reflect your localstanding in the community and accountancy profession?If it is not representative of your value it will limit the chances of success by giving the wrongmessage or worse still no message at all.Using our senior LinkedIn advisor James is an expert on LinkedIn©, with over 130 recommendations,and can create profiles with impact, making your values, personal brand and your professionalvalue to clients obvious.A good profile gets you connected, gets you noticed and ultimately enables the success you want.This is a one off service creating an attractive, compelling profile using your existing profile as astarting point and curriculum vitaes (where available) to create profiles within Microsoft Word. Thisis followed by a telephone interview to collect further insights about you, your brand and your value.Removing the problem of what to say, how to say it and saving the business chargeable time.It will: • Create a high impact profile that enhances your presence. • Demonstrate your values, value and reflect your brand. • Craft sections of your profile that reflect their expertise, skills, your experience and the value that you share with clients. • Add an appropriate professional photograph from your library. • Get your profile towards 100% complete. • Add applications that work for you. • Integrate with Twitter, if appropriate. • Link to website pages that reflect the business.This enables you to broaden your network, work it more efficiently and to get the connections, ©engagement and business you seek from within LinkedIn .The closure process for each profile will be a telephone coaching session for 30 minutes. You can ©then use it to populate your LinkedIn profile without exposing any individuals password or logindetails externally.Cost per LinkedIn© profile offsite with a brief telephone interview prior to creation is £600. We alsooffer an onsite service at additional cost. by Insight
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Consultancy & TrainingBespoke training and consultancy for firms looking to develop, strengthen or grow their onlinemarketing efforts. Delivered by the leading expert on digital marketing, your programme will befocused towards your specific requirements and individual situation. It can cover any of the variousinternet marketing channels (including SEO, PPC, Email, Social etc) what the future holds andhow to develop and implement your own digital marketing campaign for your firm. It can cover anycombination of the following: • Digital marketing uncovered • Pay Per Click Marketing • Search engine optimisation (SEO) • Online PR & Brand Reputation • Google Analytics • Future Marketing Trends • Affiliate marketing • Email Marketing • Social media marketing including Facebook, • Digital Marketing Planning LinkedIn and TwitterSenior Digital Marketing TrainerJohn BraithwaiteHead of Digital Marketing, John is a leading authority on how professionalservice firms can maximise the impact of web-based marketing. John leadspioneering new approaches to digital marketing and social networkingfor accountancy firms. He has embraced and developed unique designconcepts, effective PPC campaigns, LinkedIn© and much more. He is highlyregarded by many successful firms as someone with great experience.He offers a unique insight into generating great quality customers online. “Our senior management team first heard David Oliver and the Insight team in Paris with 80 other accountants at an international convention. Their ability to present with passion and inspiration and their ability to combine online and offline marketing for proven results means, I have no hesitation in recommending David Oliver & the Insight team for firms that are looking to grow.” Rakesh Shaunak - Principal MacIntyre Hudson by Insight
  6. 6. “I have heard David Oliver a number of times presenting to lawyers, accountants, and finance professionals. His content is practical, his principles easy to implement, and his delivery inspiring.” “A very informative, thought provoking event. I am leaving here with many ideas that we are looking forward to implementing.” “The session was really helpful in understanding how LinkedIn and Facebook works was not aware of how many pages can be generated automatically and stay empty.” “Very enjoyable and informative event – lots of ideas to take away.” “David Oliver is both a powerful presenter of material but also.... and more importantly to me, his work has made a significant difference to our business. It has depth and can be practically applied... but most of all it produces results.” “An essential and must attend event for any firm looking to grow in the continually evolving digital age.” “I must admit that I was very sceptical to start with but this session was amazing. I have picked up so many nuggets of information. I will definitely be attending more Insight events – thank you for a great workshop.”Contact us UK 0800 803 0826 Europe +44 (0)1256 896239 USA 1-(800)-542-0602 by Insight