India : Electrical machinery Sector Report_August 2013


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India : Electrical machinery Sector Report_August 2013

  1. 1.       
  2. 2. 18.5 75 2011 2022E T & D equipment (USD billion) 5.7 27.5 2011 2022E Generation equipment (USD billion) Source: Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Aranca Research Note: T&D - Transmission & Distribution By 2022, installed power capacity in India is expected to reach 350 GW from 180 GW in 2011 due to increasing industrialisation and economic development Installed capacity is set to increase By 2022, the generation equipment industry in India is expected to increase to USD27.5 billion from USD5.7 billion in 2011 Demand for generation equipment on the rise By 2022, the T&D equipment market in India is expected to increase to USD75 billion from USD18.5 billion in 2011 Increasing power demand to drive T&D equipment market CAGR: 15.4% CAGR: 13.6% 180 350 2011 2022E Installed capacity (GW) CAGR: 6.2%
  3. 3. 460 1180 2011 2022E Coal requirement (million tonnes) 0.6 6.7 FY11 FY22E Generator demand (USD billion) 3.8 11.7 FY11 FY22E Boiler market (USD billion) Source: Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Aranca Research The boiler market in India is expected to increase to USD11.7 billion by FY22 from USD3.8 billion in FY11 Boiler market to almost triple by 2022 Demand for generators is expected to increase to USD6.7 billion by 2022 from USD0.6 billion in FY11 Power backup equipment to witness a eleven-fold rise by 2022 Demand for coal is expected to increase to 1180 million tonnes by 2022 from 460 million tonnes in 2011 Coal demand to remain high CAGR: 24.5% CAGR: 8.9% CAGR: 10.8%
  4. 4. • The engineering sector is delicensed; 100 per cent FDI is allowed in the sector • Due to policy support, there was cumulative FDI of USD14.0 billion into the sector over April 2000 – February 2012, making up 8.6 per cent of total FDI into the country in that period Growing demand Source: Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Aranca Research Notes: FDI - Foreign Direct Investment, FY - Indian Financial Year (April - March), USD - US dollar, EPCG - Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme, EHTP - Electronic Hardware Technology Park, SEZ - Special Economic Zone, CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate Growing demand • Power demand is estimated to reach 350,000 MW by 2022 • Government programmes aimed at providing electricity to over 100,000 rural areas and 22.6 million households below poverty line will also boost demand for power Attractive opportunities • Planned power capacity addition of around 188,500 MW by 2022 will provide significant opportunities • Replacement or brownfield expansion could provide significant opportunities as well Policy support • Electrical machinery sector is de- licensed; 100 per cent FDI is permitted • Significant number of SEZs have been approved for the sector • Due to policy support, cumulative FDI of USD3.2 billion (1.7 per cent of total FDI inflows) has flown into the country between April 2000 to February 2013 Higher investments • The sector has witnessed increasing entry of global players through the JV route • Existing players are planning huge capacity expansion over the next few years 2012 Market Size: USD25 billion 2022E Market Size: USD100 billion Advantage India
  5. 5. Electrical machinery Generation machinery Transmission machinery Distribution machinery Boilers Turbines Generators Transformers Switch gears Control gears
  6. 6. India’s major electrical equipment industry (USD billion) Source: Government of India, Aranca Research Note: CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate The electrical equipment industry was worth USD13.2 billion in FY11 The market expanded at a CAGR of 11.5 per cent over FY07–11 Cables (26 per cent) and transmission lines and conductors (23 per cent) account for a large chunk of the revenue Share of major electrical equipment in the industry (FY11) 23% 21% 15% 10% 4% 1% 26% Transmission lines and conductors Transformers Switchgear Rotating machines Energy meters Capacitors Cables 8.6 11.4 10.2 11.0 13.2 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11
  7. 7. Market size of generation machinery (USD billion) Source: Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Aranca Research Note: CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate The generation equipment segment garnered revenues of USD7.6 billion in FY12 The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.7 per cent over FY12–22 7.6 12.4 25.1 FY12 FY17E FY22E CAGR: 12.7%
  8. 8. Generation machinery market break-up (FY12) Source: Department of Heavy Industry Annual report 2011-12, Aranca Research Notes: DHI - Department of Heavy Industries; BTG - Boiler, Turbine & Generator Boilers is the major segment, accounting for 67.9 per cent of total revenues in FY12 Turbines accounted for 21.3 per cent, while generators constituted the remaining 10.8 per cent 67.9% 21.3% 10.8% Boilers Turbines Generators
  9. 9. Production of transformers (million KVA) Source: Department of Heavy Industry Annual report 2011-12, SIA, Aranca Research Note - * Data for FY12 is up to Feb 2012, HVDC is High Voltage Direct Current, KVA - Kilo Volt Ampere Production of transformers grew at a CAGR of 9.6 per cent during FY08-11 During FY11–22, the market size of the transformers industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 13.7 per cent to USD11.1 billion Domestic transformer industry has the capability to manufacture the whole range of power and distribution transformers including transformers used for HVDC transmission upto 500 KV Transformers market size (USD billion) 2.7 5.9 11.1 FY11 FY17E FY22E 73.3 71.9 85.2 96.6 105.4 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12* CAGR: 9.6% CAGR: 13.7%
  10. 10. 2 4.4 8.2 FY11 FY17E FY22E 18.9 17.8 18.1 23.1 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 Production of switch & control gears (million units) Source: Department of Heavy Industry Annual report 2011-12, Aranca Research The production of switch and control gears has expanded at a CAGR of 6.9 per cent during FY08-11 During FY11–22, market size of the switch & control gears industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 13.7 per cent to USD8.2 billion The switch gear industry in India manufactures entire voltage range from 240 KV to 800 KV Significant advances have been made in control gears due to major developments in the field of technology Market size of switch & control gears (USD billion) CAGR: 6.9% CAGR: 13.7%
  11. 11. Exports of electrical machinery (USD million) Source: Ministry of Commerce, Aranca Research. Note: Export data Includes - Boiler & Parts, Electric Power Equipments & Parts, Electric Wires & cables and Transmission Line Towers & Parts Exports of electrical machinery increased to USD5.09 billion in FY12 from USD5.06 billion in FY11 Transformers and generators were the primary drivers of the increase in exports Indian manufacturers with capacity and advanced technology in industry, export a wide array of equipment, including transformers and cables 5.05 5.09 FY11 FY12
  12. 12. Break-up of exports of electrical machinery and related items by segment (FY12) Source: Engineering Exports Promotion Council ( EEPC), India, Aranca Research Exports of electrical power equipment & parts worth USD3.9 billion in FY12 constituted the largest share Exports of electric wires & cables worth USD524.7 million accounted for 10.0% of total exports Exports of boilers & parts and transmission line towers & parts were worth USD391.9 million and USD222.5 million, respectively 78% 8% 4% 10% Electric power equipment & parts Boilers & Parts Transmission line towers & parts Electric Wires & cables
  13. 13. Upgrading technology • Industry players are upgrading their transmission capacities to the next higher voltage system of 765 kilovolts (KV), and are gearing up to supply transformers and related equipment of this class Increasing R&D expenditure • Indian manufacturers are becoming more competitive with respect to their product designs, manufacturing and testing facilities • Investments in research & development (R&D) in the electrical machinery industry are amongst the largest in India’s corporate sector Diversifying product portfolio • Increasing competitiveness in the industry and changing consumer demands have led to new versions of products being launched in the market • Players are entering into strategic alliances and tie-ups with technology suppliers to upgrade capabilities Source: Department of Heavy Industries Annual Report 2008–09, Aranca Research Adoption of super critical technology • Government of India is encouraging the adoption of super critical technology for thermal power plants due to its efficiency and reduced emissions • During the 12th Five Year Plan, 60 per cent of the total additional power is expected to be generated by supercritical technology
  14. 14. Source: Company Annual Reports, Aranca Research Note: * Revenue for FY12 Company Revenues (FY13) Products Larsen & Toubro USD11.3 billion Engineering & Construction, Cement, Electrical & Electronics Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd USD9.1 billion Power Generation, Transmission, Transportation Siemens India Ltd USD2.5 billion* Power Generation and Distribution equipment, Transportation Systems, Communication and Healthcare Products ABB Ltd USD1.6 billion* Transformers, Switch gears, Control gears Crompton Greaves Ltd USD2.2 billion Power Generation and Transmission Equipment
  15. 15. Source: Aranca Research WEST: Maharashtra and Gujarat host manufacturing units for major players Central: Madhya Pradesh hosts manufacturing units for Crompton Greaves and BHEL SOUTH: Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are hubs for electrical manufacturing in South India NORTH: Delhi, Uttarakhand and Haryana are the main hubs for electrical manufacturing in North India Major Electrical Manufacturing Plant
  16. 16. Growth drivers Demand-side drivers InvestmentPolicy • De-licensing of power • Reduction in Tariff and Customs • Hike in duty on foreign products • Easy fuel linkages and faster regulatory clearance for power projects • Entry of global majors through Joint Venture • Increasing FDI inflow • Easy credit and subsidised loans to power companies • Capacity addition for power generation • Rise in demand for backup equipment • Industrialisation leading to demand for boilers and turbines Source: Aranca Research
  17. 17. Energy requirement (billion units) Source: CEA, Aranca Research Note: CEA - Central Electrical Authority India’s energy requirement expanded at a CAGR of 6.8 per cent over FY06–13 to 998.1 billion units The rising demand for energy has led to increasing capacity addition for power generation 632 691 739 777 831 862 937 998 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 CAGR: 6.8%
  18. 18. Capacity addition for power generation in the recent Five Year Plans (‘000 MW) Source: Ministry of Power Annual report 2011-12, Aranca Research, Central Electricity Authority Note: E - Estimates Increasing investments in capacity has resulted in rising demand for power generation and transmission equipment The government plans to add 885,000 MW and 100,000 MW of capacity by the end of the 12th and 13th Five-Year plans, respectively The increase in capacity during the 11th Five Year Plan (FY07-12) stood at 45.3 thousand MW by the end of 11th Five Year Plan The figure is more than five times the corresponding one in 1990 (8.1 MW) 8.1 12.1 17.1 22.3 45.3 88.5 100 FY90 FY97 FY02 FY07 FY12 FY17E FY22E
  19. 19. De-licensing • The electrical machinery industry has been de-licensed; 100 per cent FDI is allowed in the sector • This facilitated the entry of global majors into the electrical machinery industry in India Tariffs & custom duties • Government has removed tariff protection on capital goods • Government has lowered custom duties on a range of equipments Initiatives to increase power generation • Planned capacity addition of 88.5 GW in the 12th Five-Year Plan • Through the Accelerated Power Development Reform Programme, the government plans to provide reliable, affordable and quality power to all Source: Ministry of Power, Aranca Research National Electricity Policy (NEP) • The government aims to achieve a per capita electricity consumption of 1,000 kWh through its “Power for all by 2012” mission under NEP SEZ • The government has cleared significant number of SEZs for the engineering sector across the country; electrical machinery is a part of the sector • Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor being developed across seven states could boost engineering sector
  20. 20. Vision statement • To make India the country of choice for the production of electrical equipment and reach an output of USD100 billion by balancing exports and imports Focus on industry competitiveness • To focus on technology and R&D and bring it on a par with global benchmark • The government has lowered customs duties on a range of equipment Identify skills to support industry’s requirement • The government plans to set up the Electrical Equipment Skill Development Council (EESDC), which would focus on identifying critical manufacturing skills that are required for the electrical machinery industry Source: Ministry of Power, Aranca Research Develop and strengthen support infrastructure • The government plans to establish electrical equipment industry clusters • Steps to enhance product-testing infrastructure in the country Increase share in export market • The government plans to provide credit support to economically less-developed export markets • To create a dedicated fund for EXIM bank to support exporters in the electrical machinery industry
  21. 21. Source: SEZ India, Aranca Research Developer Location Products M/s Essar Hazira SEZ Hazira, Gujarat Engineering Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (GIDC) Gandhinagar, Gujarat Electronic products N.G. Realty Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad, Gujarat Engineering E. Complex Pvt Ltd Amreli, Gujarat Engineering Dishman Infrastructure Ltd Ahmedabad, Gujarat Engineering Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd Sonepat, Haryana Engineering Raheja Haryana SEZ Developers Pvt Ltd Gurgaon, Haryana Engineering Ansal Kamdhenu Engineering SEZ Ltd Sonepat, Haryana Engineering Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board Shimoga, Karnataka Engineering Suzlon Infrastructure Ltd Mangalore, Karnataka Port-based for high-tech engineering products Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Satara, Maharashtra Engineering Township Developers India Pvt Ltd Pune, Maharashtra Engineering Vividha Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Patiala, Punjab Engineering
  22. 22. Source: SEZ India, Aranca Research Company Revenues (FY13) Products New Chennai Township Pvt Ltd Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu Engineering Perundurai Engineering SEZ by SIPCOT Erode, Tamil Nadu Engineering Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC) Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Engineering
  23. 23. Cumulative FDI inflows from Apr 2000 (USD billion) Source: Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Aranca Research Note: FY08 - Cumulative from April 2000 to March 2008 and so on, * - Data mentioned for FY13 is up to April 2013 Cumulative FDI inflows over FY00–13* stood at USD3.2 billion FDI inflows more than doubled over FY08-12 and expanded at a CAGR of almost 28.5 per cent 1.1 1.5 2.2 2.4 3.0 3.2 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13* CAGR: 28.5%
  24. 24. Major M&A deals Source: Edelweiss Research, Assorted news articles, Aranca Research Companies seek inorganic growth through targeting foreign and domestic players Crompton Greaves acquired the smart grid automation company ZIV Group for EUR150 million In 2011, Schneider Electric bought a 74 per cent stake in Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd for USD290 million In 2010, Legrand acquired the switch gear business of Indo Asian Fusegear for USD127.6 million Target Acquirer Type Year Henikwon Corporation Larsen & Toubro Acquisition 2012 ZIV Group Crompton Greaves Acquisition 2012 Schneider Electric Infra Ltd Energy Grid Automation Ltd Acquisition 2012 Alstom T&D India Ltd Grid Equipments Ltd Acquisition 2012 Indian Hume Pipe Co Ltd ECE Industries Ltd Acquisition 2012 Esab India Ltd Colfax Corporation Acquisition 2012
  25. 25. Boiler capacities planned through JV Companies in JV Capacity (MW) L&T – MHI 4000 BGR – Hitachi 4000 Thermax- Babcock 3000 Bharat Forge - Alstom 2000 Global majors entering through JV Joint Venture Indian Partner Foreign Partner L&T - MHI 51% 49% BGR-Hitachi 70/74% 30/26% Thermax -Babcock 51% 49% Bharat Forge - Alstom 51% 49% Toshiba - JSW 25% 75% GB Engineering - Ansaldo 15% 85% Turbine capacities planned through JV Companies in JV Capacity (MW) Toshiba – JSW 5000 GB Engineering Ansaldo 3000 L&T – MHI 4000 BGR – Hitachi 4000 Source: Edelweiss Research, Aranca Research Notes: JV – Joint Venture, MHI – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  26. 26. 4.1 5.3 6.1 7.2 9.5 10.3 9.1 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 Salient features • One of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies with ‘Maharatna’ status • One of the major integrated power plant equipment (IPPE) manufacturers in the world and references in over 75 countries • Profit-making company since 1971–72 • Installed base of more than 120,000 MW • 15 manufacturing units, two subsidiaries, seven joint ventures, and over 150 project sites • Accounted for over 59 per cent of India's total installed generating capacity in FY12 • Net sales increased by more than 2.2x over FY07–13; this amounted to a CAGR of 17.6 per cent Net sales (USD billion) Source: Company Reports, Aranca Research Note: Maharatna is the title given to nine Public Sector Enterprises by the Government of India having comparative advantages CAGR: 17.6%
  27. 27. Recent Awards and Recognitions • Awarded “Maharatna” status by the Indian government (2013) • Golden Peacock Award 2011 for Occupational Health and Safety (2011) • SCOPE Meritorious Award 2010-11 for Best Practices in Human Resource Management • Intellectual Property Award from the Government of India (2011) • Essar Steel Infrastructure Excellence Award (2011) • DSIJ Gentle Giant Award from the Government of India (2011) • CII-Thompson Reuters Innovation Award (2010) Notes: PLF - Plant Load Factor, ‘Navratna’ is one of the designations given to public sector enterprises based on their profitability and there by granted certain autonomy Boiler efficiency Lower auxiliary power consumption Lower life cycle cost Lower design heat rate Better PLF Key success factors
  28. 28. 7.4 7.8 9.6 11.1 11.2 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 Salient features • India’s largest E&C company, with interests in projects, infrastructure development, manufacturing, IT & financial services • Enjoys AAA rating with stable outlook from CRISIL and LAAA from ICRA • Turnover increased at a CAGR of 15.8 per cent to USD11.2 billion over FY09–13 • In FY13, net sales increased to USD11.2 billion from USD11.1 billion in FY12 Net sales (USD billion) Source: Company Reports, Aranca Research CAGR: 15.8% Notes: E&C – Engineering & Construction
  29. 29. Recent Awards and Recognitions • CNBC TV18 ‘Infrastructure Leader of the Year’ Award (2013) • CNBC TV18 ‘Infrastructure Excellence Award’ (2012) • National Award for Export Excellence (2012) • ICC ‘Corporate Governance and Sustainability Vision Award 2012’ (2012) • Green Business Leadership Award (2011) • Thought Leader Brands in India (2011) • Golden Peacock Award for CSR (2011) • ’India’s Most Respected Company’ in Infrastructure (2011) • ’India Shining Star CSR Award’ (Wockhardt Foundation, 2011) Operational Performance (FY13 ) Notes: CRISIL - Credit Rating and Information Services of India Ltd, ICRA - Investment information and credit rating agency of India CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility Order inflow Sales Order book EBITDA (E&C) Recurring PAT Up 25% Up 5% Up 14% Up 200bps Up 10%
  30. 30. Focused on motors and consumer products Entered into electrical engineering with manufacturing of transformers and power system products Focused on gaining technological edge, global market reach, and wide product portfolio Source: Crompton Greaves Website; Aranca Research Strong presence in the Indian electrical equipment market Europe and the US contributed 33 per cent to FY12 revenue Consolidated revenue expanded at a CAGR of 28% during FY06–11 Revenue base of over USD2.4 billion Focus on R&D Strong brand presence in the consumer electric products market Among the world’s top 10 transformer companies Emerged as one of the leading companies in the Indian electrical engineering market 1937–60 Global leader in offshore wind transformer applications, with 42 per cent market share Made nine acquisitions after 2005, including Pauwels Group 1960-2005 2005-12
  31. 31. Net sales (USD billion) Source: Company Reports, Aranca Research Crompton Greaves established its international manufacturing footprint in 2005 by acquiring Belgium-based Pauwels Group The company’s successful acquisitions include Ganz, Hungary, in 2006; Microsol, Ireland, in 2007; Sonomatra, France; MSE, USA, in 2008; and PTS, UK, in 2011 Overseas market accounts for about 40 per cent of revenues 2.0 2.0 2.3 2.4 2.4 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 Segmental revenue (FY13) Geographical revenue (FY13) 60.2% 17.9% 15.1% 2.2% Asia Europe North America Others 64.9% 16.2% 18.9% Power Systems Industrial Systems Consumer Products
  32. 32. Nuclear power generation • India currently operates 19 atomic reactors which produce 4,780 MW of electricity and has set an ambitious target of generating 63,000 MW nuclear power by 2032 • With many bilateral nuclear agreements in place, India is expected to become a major hub for manufacturing nuclear reactors and associated components • The Indian Government proposes to add 3,380 MW of nuclear power capacity by 2012 as part of its capacity addition programme in the 11th Five-Year Plan Power capacity addition • Market-oriented reforms, such as the target of ‘Power for all’ by 2012 and plans to add 88.5GW of capacity by 2017 and 100 GW by 2022, provide high incentives for capacity addition in power generation, which would increase the demand for electrical machinery • Foreign participation in the development and financing of generation and transmission assets, engineering services, equipment supply and technology collaboration in nuclear and clean coal technologies is expected to increase Source: Aranca Research Notes: KV - Kilo Volts High-voltage technology • Power transmission in India, which is currently carried out largely in the 220 KV and 400 KV range, is expected to move up to a higher range of 765 KV and high-voltage direct current • This presents a significant opportunity to manufacturers with capabilities in high-voltage (HV) to develop technology that can handle the need of such high voltages in the country
  33. 33. Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturer’s Association ( IEEMA) 501, Kakad Chambers, 132, Dr Annie Besant. Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018. Tel: +91-22-2493 0532, +91-22-2493 0532 / 6528 / 6529 Fax: +91-22-2493 2705 Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) ‘Vanijya Bhawan’, 1st Floor International Trade Facilitation Centre, 1/1, Wood Street, Kolkata, West Bengal–700016. Phone: 91-33-22890651, 22890652 Fax: 91-33-22890654 E-mail:
  34. 34. BTG: Boilers, Turbines, Generators BHEL: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited CAGR: Compounded Annual Growth Rate CEA: Central Electrical Authority DHI: Department of Heavy Industries E&C: Engineering & Construction EEPC: Engineering Export Promotion Council FDI: Foreign Direct Investment FY: Indian financial year (April to March) GW: Giga Watt HVDC: High Voltage Direct Current KV: Kilo Volts
  35. 35. KVA: Kilo Volt Ampere L&T: Larsen and Toubro MHI: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries PLF: Plant Load Factor SEZ: Special Economic Zone USD: US Dollar Wherever applicable, numbers have been rounded off to one decimal
  36. 36. Year INR equivalent of one USD 2004-05 44.95 2005-06 44.28 2006-07 45.28 2007-08 40.24 2008-09 45.91 2009-10 47.41 2010-11 45.57 2011-12 47.94 2012-13 54.31 Exchange Rates (Fiscal Year) Year INR equivalent of one USD 2005 45.55 2006 44.34 2007 39.45 2008 49.21 2009 46.76 2010 45.32 2011 45.64 2012 54.69 2013 54.45 Exchange Rates (Calendar Year) Average for the year
  37. 37. India Brand Equity Foundation (“IBEF”) engaged Aranca to prepare this presentation and the same has been prepared by Aranca in consultation with IBEF. All rights reserved. All copyright in this presentation and related works is solely and exclusively owned by IBEF. The same may not be reproduced, wholly or in part in any material form (including photocopying or storing it in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this presentation), modified or in any manner communicated to any third party except with the written approval of IBEF. This presentation is for information purposes only. While due care has been taken during the compilation of this presentation to ensure that the information is accurate to the best of Aranca and IBEF’s knowledge and belief, the content is not to be construed in any manner whatsoever as a substitute for professional advice. Aranca and IBEF neither recommend nor endorse any specific products or services that may have been mentioned in this presentation and nor do they assume any liability or responsibility for the outcome of decisions taken as a result of any reliance placed on this presentation. Neither Aranca nor IBEF shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to any act or omission on the part of the user due to any reliance placed or guidance taken from any portion of this presentation.