Introducing 9 popular study destinations


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Hotcourses Malaysia is proudly to introduce you to 9 popular study destinations in the world.
At Hotcourses Malaysia you can find all the study related information from these 9 countries.

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Introducing 9 popular study destinations

  1. 1. 9 popular studydestinations:Hotcourses Malaysia isproudly to introduce youto 9 popular studydestinations in theworld.At Hotcourses Malaysiayou can find all the studyrelated information fromthese 9 countries.Let’s find out which 9countries have beenselected by us as themost popular studydestinations......
  2. 2. AustraliaAustralia is a young,exciting and vibrantcountry, frequently listedas one of the top 5places to live in theworld. Higher educationin Australia is marked bytop quality and anexcellent reputationworldwide as well asbeing among the top 10investors in scientificresearch anddevelopment in theworld.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in Australia here.
  3. 3. United KingdomA combination offascinating heritage andcosmopolitan buzz hasmade the UK one of themost populardestinations forinternational students.The high standard ofeducation complementsa package that promisesa rich experience and anexcellent opportunity toenhance your careerprospects.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in the UK here.
  4. 4. United States ofAmericaThe diversity of culturesand cities in the UnitedStates is an invitation toexpand your academichorizons. The prospect ofthis experience and thesheer number of world-class universities andcolleges are key factorsthat make the US thepremiere destination forinternational studentsfrom all over the world.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in USA here.
  5. 5. MalaysiaMalaysia is a country ofcontrasts and aninteresting place tostudy. Quality of livingand affordability makeMalaysia a prime, hassle-free study destination forinternational students.Malaysia is also carving aname as the centre ofacademic excellence inSouth-East Asia, whereeducationalopportunities areabundant. Kuala Lumpur,its capital, is a moderntechnologically-developed hub ofbusiness and trade.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in Malaysia here.
  6. 6. SingaporeMixing cutting-edgeinfrastructure, a world-class education systemand a dynamiccosmopolitan vibe,Singapore combines thebest of Eastern andWestern cultures.Singapores status as aleading finance, businessand education hub witha colourful multi-culturalheritage allows for aunique learningexperience. A number ofinternational institutionsand top-ranked globaluniversities are ready towelcome you with openarms.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in Singaporehere.
  7. 7. NetherlandsSituated in a keygeographic location, TheNetherlands serves asgateway to Europe and ahub for business andinternational politics. Italso offers internationalstudents a welcomingmulticultural society,affordable education anda wide range of degreesavailable in English. TheDutch education systemis interactive and focuseson teamwork in a diverseenvironment, whichmakes it easy for anyoneto meet fellow studentsfrom all backgrounds.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in Netherlandshere.
  8. 8. SwedenOne of the worlds mostmodern nations, Swedenis a beautiful, cutting-edge country with anabundance of naturalbeauty and wildlife, andan inclusive free-thinkingculture. Sweden is thebirthplace of manysuccessful internationalcorporations and is alsohome to the mostrespected academicaward, the Nobel Prize.Its education standardsare widely recognised.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in Sweden here.
  9. 9. IrelandIrelands culturalrichness, breathtakinglandscapes and thewelcoming nature ofIrish people are knownthroughout the world. Ithas a long tradition ofeducating scholars fromabroad, mostly attractedby Irelands establishedtradition of prolificliterature, a truly trueode to love and nature.Growing numbers ofinternational studentschoose Ireland to fulfiltheir potential everyyear.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in Ireland here.
  10. 10. New ZealandCelebrated for itsstunning scenery, Maoriculture andcosmopolitan cities, NewZealand has never beencloser to the rest of theworld. Internationalstudents are able tocombine study andtravel, exploring thegreat outdoors of NewZealand. Many of itsrenowned universitiesfeature in internationaluniversity rankings likethe Times HigherEducation SupplementTop 500 and theShanghai Jiao Tong Top500.Find out more aboutwhat are the coursesoffered in New Zealandhere.